Dragon Ball Z

Season 2 Episode 1

Held Captive

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



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      Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z! Bulma, Krillin and Gohan set out on a quest for the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek. But on the way, they ran into some big trouble... literally!
      Bulma: Oh no!
      Krillin: Bulma!
      Narrator: An in-flight collision should have spelled doom for the young travelers, but instead they found themselves mysteriously transported into the belly of an alien vessel, where danger lurked at every turn!
      Little Boy: Don't move!
      Gohan: Don't hurt her!
      Bulma: Just stay there... I don't want to get shot!
      Krillin: Easy now, everyone. We're not trying to hurt anybody.
      Narrator: Now, our heroes have been surrounded by what appears to be a well-equipped army of children! Who will make the first move in this bizarre standoff? Find out next on Dragon Ball Z!

    • Narrator: Bulma believes they have arrived at Planet Namek, though Krillin and Gohan have their doubts. They're about to discover whose hunch is correct as they prepare for their landing. What mysteries await? Find out on the next Dragon Ball Z!

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