Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 33

Hero in the Shadows

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Yajirobe watches on as Vegeta slowly crushes Goku in his hands. As he backs away, he convinces himself that Goku won't harbor any grudges against him. After all, there is really nothing he can do to help.

Gohan and Krillin arrive at the site of battle. Krillin recognizes Vegeta's weremonkey form, and rushes himself and Gohan to the ground. There they happen upon Yajirobe's hiding spot. After Yajirobe fills them in, Krillin puts together a plan to cut off Vegeta's tail, returning him to his normal size. As Yajirobe flees the scene, Gohan gets Vegeta's attention long enough for Krillin to form a Kienzan and launch it from behind. Vegeta anticipates this attack, however, and manages to avoid the energy disc!

All seems lost until Yajirobe, having a heroic change of heart, returns. He catches Vegeta unawares, and cleanly severs his tail with his katana! Returning to his original form, an angry Vegeta starts to work Gohan over as Yajirobe once again goes into hiding. Krillin leaps to Gohan's aid, but one roundhouse kick from Vegeta takes him out of action. Vegeta slams his head into Gohan's, drawing blood, the color of which Vegeta takes notice of.

At Kame House, everyone is losing hope. Chi-Chi seems to have lost her senses, when all of a sudden, she encourages Gohan to fight. In a moment of uncharacteristic battlelust, she leaps to her feet and cheers Gohan on to avenge his father, roughing up Oolong a bit in the process.

Vegeta tosses Gohan like a rag doll next to his fallen father. Bloodied, Gohan has all but given up, until he receives a stern yet encouraging lecture from Goku. Vegeta mercilessly starts to work on Goku some more, and it is more than Gohan can stand! He gathers his strength, and once again begins to battle Vegeta. They fight hand-to-hand, and this time Gohan is nearly able to hold his own.

Meanwhile, Goku entrusts the fraction of the energy remaining from his Spirit Bomb to Krillin. He is able to form it into a ball, and Goku cautions him that he must hit Vegeta with it the first time, since he doesn't have the strength to gather energy for another one.