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Season 1 Episode 2


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Goku and Gohan attend a reunion on Master Roshi's island, where Goku introduces his son to all of his old friends. The smiles quickly fade, however, as an unexpected visitor lands on the island, and for Goku the day becomes a reunion of a different kind. A powerful alien has arrived. It's Raditz: Goku's evil older brother!moreless

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  • episode #2

    goku introduces gohan to krillin, bulma, and master roshi. pretty soon, a mysterious alien with a tail arrives(yes, the one from the last episode). everyone notices that the creature has a tail exactly like gokus before it was cut off. the mysterious creature reveals himself as raditz, and gokus older brother from another planet. and after demonstrating his great power, he captures gohan! see what happens to goku and his son on the next episode of dragonball z.moreless
  • as previous, though more in depth

    Very similar to the previous episode in the sense that there's much character development going on, especially in the area of looking at Goku and Piccolo. There is also a diversion at this point that shifts the story toward Gohan as a main character. His entering into the story and becoming a main character is quite fast. Raditz is apparently the starting villain, so he gets a little focus, explaining the circumstances of why he arrived, why he needs Goku, etc. But the overall action is again kept to a minimum of one kick to Goku, and one tail whip to Krillin, so this isn't a heavily fight driven episode, though it does portray Raditz as a tough enemy in his own right.moreless
  • This episode is one of the best episodes in the world of Dragon Ball Z uncut. Heaps of Comedy and Goku finds out the Secrets of His past.

    Bulma lands at the Master Roshi's House, bearing gifts of food and the news of a feuding relationship with Yamcha.Goku lands at Master Roshi's, drawing everyone outside. Raditz, who is approaching the energy he thought to be Kakarot notes that it has stopped moving. Goku then introduces his four year old son, Gohan, who he has named after his late grandfather. They sit around reminiscing about old times, when Raditz suddenly crashes their get-together!

    Raditz introduces himself, as Goku's older brother, and tells Goku that he is a Saiyan named Kakarot. He tells Goku that he was supposed to have eliminated all life on Earth so that their organization could sell the planet to a neighboring race, and that he was one of the four surviving Saiyan from Planet Vegeta. Goku claims that he is an earthling, but it is here that Master Roshi tells him that his grandfather, Gohan, had told him that he had found him in a crater in the forest, and how he was a rambunctious child. Goku also learns that he had fallen down into a canyon and injured his head, which is how he "forgot" his mission.

    Krillin boldly approaches Raditz and asks him to leave. Raditz smacks Krillin with his tail, sending him flying through the Master Roshi's House Raditz notices that Goku doesn't have a tail, the distinguishing part of a Saiyan. Goku tells him that he had it permanently removed and Raditz flips out. Raditz then approaches Goku, and knees him in the chest. Raditz forcefully takes Gohan and tells a wounded Goku that he must execute 100 earthlings or Gohan will be killed. Raditz flies off with Gohan leaving everyone in shock.

  • cool

    This episode is very important to the series. In it, Goku introduces his friends to Gohan. It is then that Raditz arrives and explains to Goku of his Saiyan heritage. The episode ends with Raditz taking Gohan. The episode is mainly canon so it will be good, although there isn't much fighting in it.
  • This is the episode where Goku learns of his Saiyan heritage. It is mostly canon, but there is still no real fighting except for Raditz attacking Krillin and Goku.

    This episode is very important to the series. In it, Goku introduces his friends to Gohan. It is then that Raditz arrives and explains to Goku of his Saiyan heritage. The episode ends with Raditz taking Gohan. The episode is mainly canon so it will be good, although there isn't much fighting in it. Just Raditz sending Krillin flying and winding Goku. However, it does show another one of Roshi's perverted moments. I find this to be not one of the better episodes, but still not complete rubbish like some filler episodes to come. That aside, it really kicks off the story.moreless

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    • Goku: This is my home and these are my friends, so it doesn't matter what you say I am! And you sure don't act like any brother I would want to have.

    • Recap
      Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z... With no more battles to fight, Goku has settled into a peaceful life with Chi-Chi and his new son! But peaceful though it may be, life in the countryside is anything but quiet! The woods can be a dangerous place for a young boy alone. Fortunately for Gohan, his father is one of the strongest men in the world! And Goku was there in the nick of time to pull his son from harm's way. But even as father and son braved the perils of the woods, littled did they know, a far greater threat was descending upon the earth! An alien spacecraft fell from the skies, carrying aboard an unexpected and most unwelcome visitor. Piccolo was the first to met this mysterious invader face-to-face. And the extent of the alien's power was revealed. Despite being one of the mightiest fighters on Earth, Piccolo's awesome energy attack had little effect.
      Raditz: You actually managed to singe one of my leg hairs. Impressive.
      Narrator: Though powerless to defend himself against this foe, Piccolo's life was spared when the alien sped away to continue his search, a search for a man named Kakarot.

    • Closing
      Narrator: The unthinkable has happened! Gohan has fallen into the clutches of the evil Raditz! And against his older brother's incredible strength, is there anything Goku can do to rescue his son? The outlook is grim, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

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