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  • Love this show

  • My favourite show 10

    Hey, plz start the dbz in India .there are many fans of am a big we want dbz gt on our tv
  • A Classic Show

    What can I say? This show aired on Toonami for a long time, and really popularized it as well as helped popularize Cartoon Network. I watched the show when I was little, yet I didn't really know all that much about it. I knew Goku and I knew Piccolo, but that was about it. Little did I know, it would be one of the main reasons I enjoy anime. So sometime in mid 2005 I was sitting on my butt watching Cartoon Network (my favorite network at the time, and it still is). My parents weren't home so I could stay up late. I stayed up to watch Dragonball Z (Uncut) at 10:30, and the episode was "A New Friend". It really impressed me, since I didn't really know much about Gohan, and it really made me like the show. I stayed up until 11:30 that night, and went to bed after Futurama (which my mom wouldn't let me watch), because I got really tired. I stayed up the next day to watch the next one. And I later ended up taping the show on VHS, because I was extremely hooked. My parents and sister were somewhat concerned with me watching it because of the mild language, violence, and nudity. But I didn't really care. So, I ended up getting the uncut DVDs when they were released, and I was a huge fan. I realise a lot of flaws the show had now with the pacing, and how it got less exciting after the Frieza Saga, but this show still stands as a great one, and one I would watch again and again.
  • A blast from the past...with a new twist!

    Back in 1998, I saw DBZ for the 1st time when it 1st came to Cartoon Network. There were 53 episodes and the character's voices were done by the Ocean Cast. In 1999, FUNimation themselves took over and got new music, new voices and less editing. It turned out those 1st 53 episodes were actually 67 episodes edited and cut down to 53. It seemed the United States could not truly see all of DBZ…until 2005 that is. In 2005, the early episodes were aired on Cartoon Network in their glorious, full, uncut 67 episode form! All cut footage was back, new music was scored and the FUNimation cast provided the voices for the characters! This was a treat for all U.S. fans to see what they couldn't see before; plus having the show re-dubbed was an extra treat for me. I prefer to watch the FUNimation Dub (U.S. 1999-2003 dub + the 2005 re-dubbed episodes) of Dragonball Z (and its prequel & sequel). I know the dub isn't 100% accurate to the original; but I watch the show for fun, so I can watch it happily. I do recommend the Uncut 67 Episodes over the Edited 53 Episodes.
  • Awesome

    All I can say is, this was my childhood.
  • This is great

    I grew up watching this show and Who ever said this was a waste of time is gayer than three fat ***s stuck in a stole in the bathroom on tuesday this show also had the best movies in the worl like bo jack and ledgendary super sayian series
  • You gotta see the episode when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in front of Android's 20 and 19.

    Anyone who thinks Dragon Ball Z is mindless fighting is.....right! Dragon Ball Z starts off with a great storyline. DragonBall Z up 2 date has to be thee best raw action anime of all time. Not even Full Metal or Kenshin can touch it in terms of raw action. However, DBZ comes with a serious flaw. The storyline diminishes and gets worse! The Frieza saga had the best storyline but it got worse. The storyline got to the point where a random evil force would just show up and the Z fighters would fight it, struggle and eventually beat it. On top of that the Dialogue could use some work. Even Vegeta gets a little bland and repititive. DBZ has the best villians in terms of powers, and uniqueness of abilities. DBZ features one of the coolest transformations of all time. The legenday Super....Saiyan!! Super Saiyan is probably the best transformation in any anime. But unfortanetly its importance is severly downplayed as every Saiyan is eventually able to go Super Saiyan and beyound that and the other transformations above super Saiyan aren't even that great. But in the end DBZ is a great anime for raw action For its time the animation is pretty good but in some episodes its a little bad. You have to see the episode when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in front of Android's 20 and 19.
  • Anime Trash

    Wait! Before all the Dragon Ball fans start going nuts you might want to know that I used to be a DBZ fan.

    I grew up watching this and I LOVED the show.

    Any now about 6 years later I look back and I think.... WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

    I learned nothing from that moronic show.

    This show is a complete waste of time!

    There are better things to do than watch this rubbish.

    Change the channel and put on a better show e.g. Futurama.

    Hell, I'd rather watch Sesame Street than sit through an episode of DBZ.
  • great more crap anmie

    Well now how do I put this DBZ sucks. maybe like umm... 7 years ago I wouldn't be saying this but I just wonder what little babys still watch this crap. what you should watch is Full Metal Alcamist just stay up til like around 12:00 A.M. on adult swim if you unless you have to go to bed you little babys.now the diffence between Full Metal Alcamist and DBZ is that Full Metal Alcamist doesn't suck so hard that (I can't blielve I'm about to type this)it only taskes it one lick to get to the tooties roll senter of a tooties pop (and if you don't get it that means one of 2 things 1.you not a fagit 2.your stupid)
  • it SUCKS!!!

    it sucks I saw better shows on Irag TV. THE PRODUCER should be fired. The show isn't good and should be put off air for the next hundred years. I just hate it i saw it like 2 times. First time it sucked second time i thought it might be better but I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is an OUTRAGE!

    This show is CRAZY, with uncreative characters, scenery, and the voices. This show is an outrage! This show should go and NEVER come back!!!!! Again this show is an outrage. This show is crazy and a copy from other shows!!!! Why can't they just think of their own ideas, instead of using other peoples ideas!
  • A great new version of an already excellent show.

    The new hard-core DBZ has much more realistic fighting scenes, and gives more depth to the characters. The bad guys are badder, and the good guys are... gooder! It has the same adventurous theme of DBZ, but it also has darker intentions. All in all, its a great show and I would recommend it to any DBZ fan.
  • Awesome

    This is one awesome show, my favorite character is Goku. I like his super saiyan 1, 2, 3. His most powerful attack is Super dragon fist. A hug dragon appaerce out of nowhere going at the opponent, and completly goes through them it is awesome. I am a super big fan of this show you must see it you will like it it's all about Goku and his friends.

    I mean his power is stronge making goku the strongest person in the universe ever opponent he hasd face the fell the same was, to there deaths Dragon ball Z I give you a 10
  • One of the best series ever made.

    Long time fan here.

    Ok, this series is awsome, the characters show some development during the course of the series, sure, now that development looks minimal compared to other charcters from other series, but still, for the time, it was perfect.
    Each character has an excellent charisma, and provides with a few humorous moments [Vegeta: if they find out, we'll just blow them up and problem solved.] and the action scenes are just perfect, the transformations look outstanding and the animation is excellent.
    This anime was one of the first ones, and it's obvious that it affected and inspired a lot of current anime, as you can see Goku's character on many other anime characters like Naruto or Luffy.
  • Simply amazing!!!!

    Featuring an incredible array of colorful and unusual heroes and villains, Dragon Ball Z follows the exploits of Goku, a powerful Super Saiyan warrior. Teaming together with some of the Earth's greatest fighters, including his own son Gohan and one-time enemy Piccolo, Goku and the Z Warriors protect Earth from an endless string of bloodthirsty villains bent on domination of the universe. The name of the series, Dragon Ball Z, refers to seven mystical objects of incredible power. Along with fighting and training, the Z Warriors spend much of their time keeping the Dragon Balls out of the wrong hands.
  • I just have to give this a 10.

    I guess Everybody knows about DBZ, so i'll Keep it short. Goku is a Powerful Saiyan Warrior, who was Originally sent here to Destroy Earth But something happened and he started loving The people of this planet. He along with some Other Great fighters Defend the Earth from Power Hungry Supervillains. If you haven't heard of DBZ, you've been living under a rock, it's simple as that. If you talk Anime, DBZ is the first thing that comes to mind in Most people's minds. The Popularity Of DBZ is unrivaled. DBZ is easy to follow and fun to watch. Anyone can like DBZ. Love it or hate it, There's simply no denying the influence of DBZ on Many other anime. Characters Such As Goku Have inspired many other Protagonists of many other Great serie. The Characters are a joy and There are many intense and entertaining Episodes and Battles. With a few Twists and turns. But This Is not a perfect Anime by any means, There are Many Tedious and Pointless battles, fillers and Some cheesy Voice acting, Some rather Funny Looking Supervillains and some annoying characters here and there. There is simply no sense of timing in DBZ. You'll either Love this anime or hate it but there's simply no ignoring it. Adding all the Good and bad parts up I give This is a 10, This Anime has Huge Popularity and Following everywhere in the world, Which makes this is a Legend that still Continues to Amaze The Children of today. Long live DBZ.
  • Dragon Ball Z Story About a saiyan [an alien from Planet Vegeta ] named Goku , who doesn't know about his origin is told by his brother Raditz Then Things get interesting

    This sound is heard at every nook and cranny .....
    The Story is extremely good

    A Simply awesome storyline with comical suspenses
    This Series leaves a mark in the mind whether you are just a 5 year old kid to even 24 year old adults.
    Akira Toriyama has written a extremely amazing series
    DBZ has everything necessar for a anime There are over 1,000,000 people who watch DBZ only in India

    This series is a successor of The Dragonball Series

    It starts with a story where a Saiyan Finally gets to know about his heritage and than things get whizzy....
    Watch this if you like Naruto, Duel Masters, Digimon, Pokemon etc.,

    Emotions + Simply Awesome Storyline + COOL Characters + Diabolical FUN = 10/10

    This is a must watch for everybody
  • My Review on the Remastered DVD Season Sets...

    These DVDs are amazing quality! It completely changed my perception of the beginning of Dragon Ball Z because of the picture & redubs. It's like a completely new experience which FUNimation technically said it is. Starting after the last uncut episode aired, it's very disappointing because there's less and less redubs... Many dubs remain atrocious that were done in the very first FUNi dubs. The quality in Season 2 was bad and a few episodes in Season 3 but everything else, AMAZING! It's the best quality I've seen of anything in existence, especially if you play it upscaled through HDMI/Component on a decent sized HDTV. Even though it's a cartoon/anime, the difference is actually GREATER than going from Standard to HD quality in a movie. The quality of video and audio is beyond imagination and the cropping isn't that bad AT ALL! In fact, I have comparisons on my YouTube account's video descriptions, under this name.

    About these sets: All of the Dragon Ball Z Remastered Sets were captured in 1080p High Definition (widescreen) and put on DVDs. It was brought down to 480p when transferred to the DVDs but it doesn't matter. It doesn't change the detail of the capture. Since the film was made in 480p anyway, manually upscaling the DVDs to 1080p is no different than FUNimation's upscaled capture. These sets are uncut with an additional audio track of 5.1 surround, containing the original Japanese BGM. It's also in the original framerate (24 fps) & with the more natural, intended colors. Finally, it has the Japanese audio and Eng subtitles.

    I don't work for FUNimation so there'd be no reason for me to lie, so, I'll go ahead and say that I love the widescreen because of the cinematic feel it gives and for the fact that in many cases, it really does provide more important picture on the sides than it does take away from top and bottom. Here's an example...

    In terms of quality of the Season Sets, well, it's no different there... I'll make sure to edit this and snapshot a good comparison for you guys. Most comparisons done by other people are the haters of these sets for absolutely no reasons where they show you the worst of the worst where the scene only lasts for half of a second.
  • KAMAHAMAHA!!!!!!!!

    this show is awsome it has every thing sayins blasts martial arts fighting anything a kid could ask for this show maybe went off the air a little to soon thought i meen ending it in the middle of the frezza saga it should atleast go far enough to finish the buu saga well i just love this one the story got changed better a little and it also looks alot better wow this shows awsome cant someone just pinch me if it countinues with the rumored dragon ball af and dargon ball v i cant wait if there annouced also pan gos super saiyan goku and vegeta go ss 56789 and mayby 10 gohan gos ss 4567 and trunks gos ss 2345 its so awsome well this reveiw is done.....
  • Dragonball z is one of the best anime out there. There is no one out there that loves anime and does not now what dragonball z is.

    Dragonball z is one of the best anime out there, it starts out with goku just had a kid and named his son after his grandpa. His son Gohan ended up being stronger that his father becase of his half human self. Even when it gets to a cool part it just keep getting better. They made many shows and alot of movies to the point that they had to bring to the USA the uncut. They are just about to sell the fifth movie and its the cells games. You really need to get your hands on the first season. You wont be sorry it is one of the best classic anime in the world. I give Dragonball z a ten out of ten hands down.
  • How would you love to be a person who can fly around and fight in karate moves (Tang suo Doe) and other mixed martial arts to fight bad guys and with special powers like Goku's Kamehameha wave and Vegeta's Galtic Gun. Sounds interesting huh?

    How would you love to be a person who can fly around and fight in karate moves (Tang suo Doe) and other mixed martial arts to fight bad guys and with special powers like Goku's Kamehameha wave and Vegeta's Galtic Gun. Sounds interesting huh? This is only the beginning of it. Using your power to transform into a super sayan or using the fusion technique to combine your body with your friends body to transform into a super powerful person or have the seven dragon balls to summon Shenron a dragon who grants wishes to give you what ever you want, even to bring someone back to life. But the dragon balls aren't a toy since Omega Shenron will appear if they are used to often. In other words I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
  • who knew the first 68 episodes ok dragonball z were cutO_o

    wow i remember seeing these episodes. they basically have the same things as the original episodes except for a new theme song and stuff that was cut out of certain episodes are shown. the show the nastiest things from gohans thing to people saying curse words. i luved seeing wat dragonball z looked like uncut. alot of people didnt like the theme song but i did. well at first i didnt like it but i got used to it and eventually started to like it lol. so this is basically the same thing as dragonball z except for like i said, they showed things that were cut out and tu hear things that werent heard in the cut version. so if ur wonderin wat dragionball z would be like uncut, watch this!
  • one of the best action cartoons you will ever see!

    The series continues the adventures of Son Goku who, along with his companions, defend the Earth and other fictional planets against various supervillains. While the original Dragon Ball anime followed Goku through childhood into adulthood, Dragon Ball Z parallels his adult life with the maturation of his first child, Son Gohan. The series also gives focus to the evolution of his rivals, Piccolo and Vegeta, from evil to good, with the former's evolution ocurring early in the series and latter's spanning across the entire series. The separation between the series is also significant as the later series takes on a more dramatic and serious tone, with a number of villains either threatening or committing acts of mass murder or outright genocide.

    Uncut version

    In 2003, FUNimation began to redub the first 53 episodes that were dubbed by the Ocean Group voice cast, restoring them to the original 67. The distribution of the redubs on DVD, under the Ultimate Uncut Special Edition title, began in April 2005.[5]

    In the summer of 2005, Cartoon Network aired the uncut version of the first 67 episodes. This version used the original Japanese footage, with the exception of the Japanese opening and closing themes, and has an entirely new score of music. The uncut version also featured many scenes with blood that had been toned down or cut out entirely in the edits before, as well as mild language, profanity, sexual humor, and nudity. Generally, while some lines were maintained from the original dub, several mistranslations were also corrected. The uncut dub was given a TV-PG rating in contrast to the original dub's TV-Y7 rating.

    FUNimation season box sets

    In November 2006, FUNimation announced they would release a remastered form of Dragon Ball Z on DVD beginning in 2007. It was later announced that "Season One" (the entire Vegeta Saga) would be re-released on February 6, 2007. The first 39 episodes of Season One are spread across six discs, and cost $30 USD (the original intention was for 5 discs, but there was a risk of quality reduction). The series has been re-transferred at 1080p resolution with digital restoration technology removing all grain and scratches from FUNimation's original prints of the series. The quality is a far greater than the original, but one flaw is with the digital restoration. Because of the magnitude of the grain and scratch removal, the lines from face features are commonly removed such as the nose and mouth. It is important to note that like many late 80's-early 90's Toei productions (for example, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Marmalade Boy, Ghost Sweeper Mikami and Slam Dunk), the series was produced on 16 millimeter film which tends to be fairly grainy and soft. The new restoration was supervised by colorist Steve Franko. It was reported from FUNimation's online trailer that the series would be presented in widescreen format (1.78:1, cropped from the original full frame) for the first time. This was highly controversial among fans, as this is not how the TV episodes were intended to be seen and this substantially alters them. Many fans launched a letter-writing campaign against the release. The box set contains a revised English track in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound (it contains the original Japanese score by Shunsuke Kikuchi, one such "revision" to the English dialog is FUNimation voice actor Christopher Sabat re-dubbing all of his lines as Vegeta throughout the Captain Ginyu Saga and the Frieza Saga, using his current, gruffer voice for the characters instead of the higher pitched nasally voice he used to imitate Vegeta's Ocean Group voice actor, Brian Drummond, and also changing some of his lines). For the first time ever, there is a choice between having the English dialogue with Toei's original Japanese music in 5.1 Surround Sound, English dialogue with the FUNimation dub's music in 2.0 Stereo or Japanese dialogue with Toei's original Japanese music. Special features that are only included on Season One include a featurette on the remastering of the original Japanese print and a 24-Page booklet with episode summaries, character descriptions and a timeline of DBZ in the US. All other 291 episodes are to be remastered and released in box set form as well. FUNimation releases a new trailer on the DBZ official website with each release to promote the new product.

    Comparison images from the new set show that while there is missing footage on the top and bottom (20%), there is at least additional footage on the right and left (5%) that has not appeared in any prior release, having been taken straight from the original Japanese film master recording. In response to negative fan outcry regarding the release's apparent cropping of the source video, a FUNimation representative has released a document from the team remastering the video, which explains the logistics of the new release.[13] This document details how certain areas of the original film are damaged, and admit that though the video is cropped, this release will eliminate the grain that would be present on prior 4:3 releases. They do not address obtaining clean uncropped 4:3 DVD masters available from other overseas sources without grain, most notably European distributors.

    Season Two, containing the Namek Saga and Captain Ginyu Saga (35 episodes), was released on May 22, 2007. Season Three, containing the Frieza Saga (33 episodes), was released on September 18, 2007. Season Four, containing the Garlic Junior Saga, the Trunks Saga, and the Android Saga (32 episodes), was released on February 19, 2008. Season Five, containing the Imperfect Cell Saga and the Perfect Cell Saga (26 episodes) has been slated for May 27, 2008 in the USA.

    Also on February 19, 2008 FUNimation re-released the two DBZ TV specials as a double feature, Bardock: The Father of Goku and The History of Trunks, just like the Season Box sets it is digitally remastered with the same features.

    Australia saw the release of Season One in PAL on July 18, 2007, for $60 AUD. Releases after that are roughly four months apart with Season Two distributed on October 10, 2007 and Season Three in February 2008


    In the original Japanese version, Dragon Ball Z consists of four main sagas. In the English dub however, they are divided into 16 sub-sagas:

    Japanese * Saiyan Saga * Freeza Saga * Cell Saga * Majin Buu Saga

    English * Saiyan/Vegeta Saga * Namek Saga * Captain Ginyu Saga * Frieza Saga * Garlic Junior Saga * Trunks Saga * Android Saga * Imperfect Cell Saga * Perfect Cell Saga * Cell Games Saga * Great Saiyaman Saga * World Tournament Saga * Babidi Saga * Majin Buu Saga * Fusion Saga * Kid Buu Saga
  • The greatest anime of all time and all other anime shows were influenced by it. The uncut version of DBZ is perfect and is flawless. This is the REAL story of an alien from the race of Saiyans named Goku, who became the most powerful force in history.

    The best anime I have ever seen in my life just got better! This show has excellent voice actors and the fighting and violence are incredible. I grew up watching this show and years later I loved it even more when I saw the uncut version. This show also has humor, good plots and is very entertaining, what more do you want from a TV show? You would have had to live under a rock to have never heard of Dragon Ball Z because it is just that well known and influential. DBZ is a show that can be enjoyed for all ages. Anybody that hates this show really doesn't know what a good anime truly is and you need to open your eyes! In the older version of DBZ it was violent and amazing but a large portion of blood and mature jokes were edited out. In this version all the GOOD stuff is restored and the dialogue mistakes are now corrected. You should really watch all the available uncut episodes on DVD, not just these ones which only go up to 67 episodes. All missing footage and episodes are now restored and I'm glad they're making all 291 episodes since the original Japanese version had 291 but with the older DBZ series we only got 276. Anyways a perfect anime that I will always enjoy and remember forever!
  • Dragon ball Z is the best...

    Dragon ball Z has been one of my favorite anime. I really like the story, it started when a boy named San Goku was delivered to planet called planet earth to destroy the whole planet. But an accident happened and he forgot everything that he should supposed to do, he growed up just like the other kids but in a different way. Because he's a Saiyan ( a group of powwerful people which takes over the universe )...One time I heard that there would be a movie about Dragon ball Z this year...

    I can't wait for that movie I hope the visual effects would be great...

    Dragonball Z Uncut is The Best if you want to download go at www.dbz-planet.110mb.com or www.dbz-media.nl also has a good opening i love it very much its awesome awesome and awesome original japanese audio with funimation voices that rules hahahaha w h a t o t h e r c jk k k k kk k k k k k k kk k a a n n n u i i i i ii ss a aa t y y yy y y y yy y yy y y y y y y yy u uy uu h i i h i i m il i m a i mi ri hihiihih iihi ih h h ad s s f f f
  • Dude this show is the best show on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

    wow this is the most oringenal, most creative, greatist history, show on earth. I mean naruto is cool but no where near dbz. and its the sequel to the funniest show on earth dragon ball. i first started watchin this when i was like 4 and now im 15 and still love it man. i would easily recomend this show to anyone. man this is the best anime or anything genre show ive ever seen. watch this evbery day for the rest of my life. dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox dbz rox.
  • Everything happens to fast. If you come in half way through you get lost.

    This is just my opinion, and there are probably more people that disagree with me than agree. I really cannot not stand this program. Everything is fast and rushed. Well i don't like any Dragonball shows, and this one flows with my view of the others. Not good at all, very head-spinning. You need to be totally engrossed to understand whats going on. The storyline is completly bizarre and i personally dislike it very much. I expect poeple who follow the show will completely disagree. ( which is fine )This is definately 1 of the worst shows i've seen. Not very good !
  • the best animated show thats not just a comedy.

    wow, what can i say about dragon ball z. Well i started watching around when it first aired on cartoon network. Even though i didnt watch every episode during that time i stuck through it till the end. Dragon ball z is the sequel to dragon ball, It follows the story of goku after about ten years or so and whithout having to fight any battles have been living quietly with his family, chi chi, and gohan(his son). but little does he know that a new threat is about to come to earth, this is the beginning of the sayain saga(or vegeta saga)and know goku and the z fighters must work together to stop this new threat. Dragon ball z continues for 4 main saga the saiyan, freeza, cell, and majin buu saga, which includes 276 episodes. well recently ive been watching the the series over on the internet, you can watch all episodes at www.goldfish.com, and am planing to get the new dbz box set cut into about 6 or 7 seasons,each season contains about 36 episodes. And i do recommend them to anyone. you can find them on amazon.com. Dragon ball z is a great show i would recommend for anyone, especially y the uncut version.
  • Dragon Ball Z's first two highly edited seasons have decided to be redone---for the best.

    Dragon Ball Z is great...but just not as good as Dragon Ball.

    Dragon Ball Z is an awesome show that entails the epic battles Son Goku, a supposedly weak Saiyan warrior on Earth, faces against. Main villains are Freeza, Cell and Buu. The Dragon Ball Z saga is a very extensive one:

    - Vegeta Saga
    - Namek Saga
    - Freeza Saga
    - Android Saga
    - Cell Saga
    - Babidi Saga
    - Buu Saga

    Those are a few of the more major ones, with each clocking at about 30-40 episodes. Yep, you get 291 awesome episodes of Dragon Ball Z. But is the show good? I would say so, but the overly amound of filler, repetitiveness and the fading away of seemingly important characters (such as Tien and Chaotzu) in the last sagas, makes Dragon Ball Z a little bit inferior to Dragon Ball. Nothing beats the original!!!
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