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  • A blast from the past...with a new twist!

    Back in 1998, I saw DBZ for the 1st time when it 1st came to Cartoon Network. There were 53 episodes and the character's voices were done by the Ocean Cast. In 1999, FUNimation themselves took over and got new music, new voices and less editing. It turned out those 1st 53 episodes were actually 67 episodes edited and cut down to 53. It seemed the United States could not truly see all of DBZ…until 2005 that is. In 2005, the early episodes were aired on Cartoon Network in their glorious, full, uncut 67 episode form! All cut footage was back, new music was scored and the FUNimation cast provided the voices for the characters! This was a treat for all U.S. fans to see what they couldn't see before; plus having the show re-dubbed was an extra treat for me. I prefer to watch the FUNimation Dub (U.S. 1999-2003 dub + the 2005 re-dubbed episodes) of Dragonball Z (and its prequel & sequel). I know the dub isn't 100% accurate to the original; but I watch the show for fun, so I can watch it happily. I do recommend the Uncut 67 Episodes over the Edited 53 Episodes.