Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 25


Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Tien weeps over Chiaotzu's death, and launches a furious attack against Nappa, but is beaten down even further nonetheless. Piccolo teams up with Gohan and Krillin to challenge Nappa, but Gohan becomes frightened, and the attack fails. Piccolo and Krillin's subsequent assault also misses the mark, and it's all they can do to withstand his vicious counterattack!

Tien summons up the last of his energy, launches a powerful Kikoho blast at Nappa, and then expires. But not even this effort can defeat Nappa! Vegeta then proposes a three-hour truce, to give Goku time to arrive at the battlefield.
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