Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 23

Saibamen Attack!

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Having completed their year-long journey to Earth, the two snister Saiyans made their presence known with explosive style! Now Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan stand face to face with these saiyan monsters, and the diabolical henchmen they've brought with them. Can they hold out until Goku arrives?

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  • Yamcha Is The First To Die

    Piccolo and Krillin continue to fight the Saibamen as Gohan watches in horror. One of the Saibamen decks him in the face and sends him flying, Piccolo steps in and all six of them freeze. Tienshinhan and Chioutzu arrive, followed shortly by Yamchaa. Vegeta suggests that since there are six on each team, they play a game; fighting one by one
  • The first to die

    Yamcha is the first to die, everytime they die I have tears in my eyes, it's so painful to watch!! I even know the order, first Yamcha, then Chaiotzu, then Tien, Piccolo. It's so tearying! I hope the rest of the episodes are even better! Even my little brother cries.
  • EXCITING! Great Episode

    As the episode starts Gohan is scared of the Saibamen but that is not an option as they start attacking! All of a sudden Tien & Chatzou (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) arrive. Then Yamcha arrives. Vegeta suggests that the Z fighters fight the Saibamen 1 by 1 but Picclo doesn't like the idea but Krillin and Tien do and Tien volunteers to go first. Some more helicopters come by and Nappa destroys one of them. Chi Chi and Ox King arrive at Roshi's and Chi Chi gets worried about Gohan (as usual). Tien easily beats a Saibamen and it is revealed that they have the same power level as Raditz. Since the Saibamen lost the battle Vegeta destroys him as Goku races down Snake Way. Krillin wants to fight but Yamcha does because he can be wished back with the Dragonballs. Yamcha starts the battle with no clear winner yet. Piccolo teaches Gohan how to see and hear people when they are moving fast. Yamcha defeats the Saibamen or so he thinks! It latches onto Yamcha killing him which doesn't settle with Puar & Bulma. As the Episode ends Krillin gets ready to take on the other 4 saibamen.moreless
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Chris Cason


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