Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 22

The Darkest Day

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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The Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa defiantly announce their arrival on Earth with the complete destruction of East City. Sensing their power, Goku, Gohan and Krillin prepare for the worst and meet the Saiyans face to face where Piccolo learns of his origins on the planet Namek. Yajirobe also learns of the Saiyans arrival but uses it merely as an occasion for profit. Our heroes are left facing on onslaught of sprouted Saibamen under the grinning command of Vegetta and Nappamoreless

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  • The Battle Starts Between Gohan Piccolo and Krillin Vs Vegeta and Nappa. But wait Nappa Plants Saibamen What Are They.

    The two Saiyans emerge from their space capsules, startling the townspeople. Nappa, the larger, more muscular Saiyans greets the Earthlings by raising two fingers and obliterating the entire city. Nothing is left but them and their space capsules. All of the earth warriors feel the shock caused by the blast, and realize that the day of doom is finally upon them. Vegeta, the smaller Saiyans, tells Nappa that he was foolish because he could have destroyed a Dragon Ball in the blast. Nappa locates the highest battle power on earth, which happens to be Piccolo and Gohanmoreless
  • The Battle Begins

    Citizens cower as Vegeta & Nappa emerge from the spaceships just to be destroyed by Nappa sending the Z warriors into a state of shock. The Saiyans start searching for the highest power levels which just happen to be Piccolo & Gohan. News of the saiyans are already on TV and Bulma wants to leave but Roshi stops her. Meanwhile Goku is still racing down snake way and everyone else heads for Gohan and Piccolo. Back in East City the police thinks Yajirobie destroyed the city and bribe him with food to tell them info. Krillin shows up but the little reunion is short because Vegeta & Nappa arrive in the sky. Nappa then destroys some airplanes and thinks they are weak because they have low power levels but the warriors are masking their powers. Then Vegeta tells Nappa to plant the Saibamen which he does and they taunt Piccolo, Gohan, & Krillin as the episode ends.moreless
Mike McFarland

Mike McFarland

Master Roshi, Yajirobe

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Bradford Jackson

Bradford Jackson


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John Burgmeier


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