Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 13

Another Super Saiyan?

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 06, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Bcgjnbg

  • A cool guy kicks Friza's and King Cold's butt.

    Trunks looked so handsome when he showed up to fight Friza and his dad. Is it me or does Trunks totally reminds me of Leonardo DeCaprio. It must be his hair, his killer blue eyes, his cool attitude, or maybe...his totally rockin buff body *giggles*. He proves that teens can be strong and smart. I also admire the way he keeps his cool during a battle. I would desribe Trunks as a renaissance boy because he is the perfect mixture of brains, brawn, looks, and attitude. And let's not forget his wardrobe, it makes look like a rebel leader of the resistance. I guess I have a weakness for lone wolves.
  • Frieza's back...but not for long.

    I like this episode because it's cool to see Frieza's dad he's cool I would have liked to see him fight more but he got killed quickly and so did Frieza by who by Trunks, it was also funny to see Vegeta in a pink shirt not giving a **** I was alos laughing beccause Vegeta noticed Trunks immense power but didn't know where he came from but it was from his own sperm.
  • The end of Frieza once and for all.

    Frieza was expecting to beat Goku back to earth and have it all to himself to destroy. It doesn't quiet work out that way because the mysterious youth Trunks, reveals he is a Super Saiyan. He transforms and uses his super cool sword to chop all Frieza and King Cold's minions into itty bitty pieces.

    The power of this new Saiyan leaves the rest of the Z fighters a bit shocked and Vegeta baffled that another Saiyian could exist. Frieza unleashes a his Death Ball attack but Trunks simply catches it. He completly embarces Frieza and King Cold by easily defeating both, slicing Frieza in half.

    Plenty of action and excitment with the new Super Saiyan Trunks on the scene. And Frieza is finally gone once and for all.
  • Summary

    This Episode starts out right where we left off on the last episode, with Trunks saying the same thing he did in the ending of the previous one--"So, you must be Frieza." After he threatens to kill Frieza, Frieza orders his men to go out and kill Trunks. They measure his power level and find it to be level 5. But much to their surprise their lesson in Saiyan french fries is about to begin. While on the attack Trunks is able to slice them all down with that pretty impressive butter knife of his. Frieza still remains unimpressed and begins exchanging a few puns and insults with Trunks. Meanwhile, the Z warriors, who are still out of viewing range, cannot figure out who this new power could be. After listening to Trunks and Frieza saying how one could destroy the other, we finally see one take action. Trunks tells Frieza that he is a Super Saiyan and Frieza just laughs his metal ass off(To further show Frieza what a conceited idiot he is). Trunks transforms into the Super Saiyan he claimed he was, and Frieza's face is bestowed with fear once more and his father remains hardly impressed. Frieza refusing to be beaten by another saiyan launches a beam at Trunks which causes an explosion. At this time the Z warriors cannot believe it, they think that this person is Goku but Vegeta thinks that the power level is too high to be Goku! Trunks is still standing after Frieza's first blast, and after another insult Frieza lays down another card--He gives Trunks his most powerful blast, and Trunks is able to cancle it out by dividing it into several small beams. Frieza's final attempt at defeating Trunks is that BIG deathball that comes out of that tiny finger of his. Again Trunks is able to stop it and as he holds it up in the air, Frieza makes it explode. It looks like Trunks is destroyed but up on a cliff he shouts at Frieza and sends a blast down. King Cold and Frieza fly in the air to dodge the attack and Trunks jumps down screaming with his sword in his hands, and then slices right through Frieza! And that creates such a frustrating way to end the episode heh.(Frieza probably still thinks he is the strongest even as he sees the image of Trunks splitting in two)

    What you didn't see: The part when Trunks cut up all of Frieza's men, he left one alive. As this guys armor came off in pieces you seen him back up to Frieza and get killed. In the unedited version you can see Frieza's hand through that poor chap's abdomen and watch him pull it out! Also there were some pretty weird dialogue changes like in the cut version King Kai said something like "Beat him up kid" or something I forget, but in the uncut version he says "Kick his butt". My god do they think that if we see the word "butt" on tv all the American viewers will go on a killing spree or be scared for life holding our knees in the corner? They also left out Vegeta telling Bulma to ShutUp(As if we never hear our parents say that to us when we tell them we love them ;_;). And also when Frieza was sliced by Trunks, you only saw him staring at trunks and slightly sliding apart, but in the uncut you can see him actually split into two parts.

    The Good and Bad: I would have to say that the music is ok at some parts, and when Trunks is up on the cliff..the music Funimation put in is fairly descent. Trunks voice is probably the best one there and King Cold's snobby attitude fits who he was pretty well (The father of a snotty genderless brat ^_^). There are quite a few bad parts though, when Trunks yelled at Frieza from on top of the cliff, it just didn't seem like he actually..well yelled it! He might as well just said it in a Ben Stein tone! Ok well it wasn't that bad :b

    The Episode Flaws: There was only 1 flaw I could pick out in the Episode that exists in American and Japanese. When Frieza got cut half, through his eyes it looked like trunks was split in two. When in reality your eyes do not only view what the other eye doesn't, they both view the same thing. So if he got cut into two, he would of seen two Trunks, not Trunks splitting into two.

    Final word: I actually enjoyed this episode more then my above complaints show. This episode had a lot more action then yesterday's episode and slighty different/lil better music. It was nice to know that all the American viewers could finally see that SHEman (Frieza) die once again.
  • NOt my fav story line

    The only reason this episode even gets this rating is because of the coolness of Trunks other wise all the talk the filler and unnecesary fights with freeza`s henchman was stupid!!!! The other part of this episode that was bad was the slow action and the quick death of freeza. He didnt just come back to bore us!!!! DBZ is going downhill after explosion of anger...
  • Trunks and Frieza love to talk...

    Trunks destroys more of King Cold and Frieza's goonies. They have a trash talking sequence ensuing for almost the entire episode with some attacks being exchanged occasionally. Though Frieza once again got desperate after Trunks turned into a Super Saiyan, using the same attack that destroyed Namek. However, Trunks held it off, did his signature Burning Attack that got Frieza in the air, and cleaved him in half.

    Almost this entire episode was either Trunks or Frieza scoffing, insulting, or lightly attacking each other. It literally got nowhere for like ten whole minutes, until Trunks decided to turn into a Super Saiyan. Things got a bit more exciting when Frieza was halved, but then the episode ended. All of the talking really spoiled the effects of Trunks being as badass as he was in this episode. Sometimes I feel like paper is just being wasted on this trash that gets exciting in small minutes of spurts, but are wasted on unexciting filler.
  • The Mysterious Youth challenges a confident Frieza. At first, Frieza thinks it will be so easy, that is, until the Youth turns Super Saiyan.

    The second episode with Trunks. His first appearance was short. This time, you get to see him fight, turn Super Saiyan, and basically anhilate Fireza and his father, King Cold. Great episode. The animation is very good. It was cool seeing someone chop through a small army of men with seconds, and then see Frieza get chopped in half. If you watch this episode, then you'll get mad when you don't get to see him chop Frieza into bits, blow him away, and then cruch King Cold. Overall, awesome episode, and has my third favorite Z Warrior ever. Worth watching.
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