Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 11


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  • I will see a haw it is

    And it is okay

    I think

    Or it will be harboe

  • Oh man.

    While the Legendary Super Sayian Broly was feture'd in two movies. there was a third, but it was.......not... well i have no words for it. Im a some what die hard DBZ fan, but i have to say Bio-Broly was not that great.

    Broly was turn'd from a super strong saiyan of legend with massive power, to a big green slob of IKD.
    The intro was cachy with the whole colneing of broly, and the lab thing, but they lost me when he was turnd in to a giant booger.
    they could at leat makem part android, but i guess not. but the end of the movie left me hungry with the whole broly is terring up hell and stuff, i hace yet to seen a part four, i hope its a good one.
  • I Enjoyed the Filler Episodes more than this

    Let's get right to problem(s)

    1. BROLY?! The guy died...TWICE!!!, So how could they make a 3rd movie, Simple, use the most un-cliche thing ever CLONING!!!!, Remember kid's if your Super Saiyan dies just clone another one from it's blood...Just keep it out of the Bio-Liquid, speaking of which that's the next problem, 2. How was Broly cloned?, Simple they had a minor character who was in the previous movie for like 5 minutes collect some blood to give to Jaguar to clone Broly or something like that, I don't know, leave me alone IM' JUST A MAN!!!

    Problem 3, Goten and Trunks.......Goten and Trunks...GOTEN AND TRUNKS?!, Goten and Trunks are the main characters?!, Oh but don't worry the almighty.....Android 18 joins them...yay, Oh but don't worry also there is...Mr.Satan....Lovely, it's already bad, but when you have 2 kid's, an Android and Hercule's "SPECIAL" Cousin taking on the LSSJ, You'd expect them to lose...no matter what you alway's expect them to get the pulp beaten out of them and Goku to show at the las.....oh that's right...NO GOKU!!!...anywhere...not even a damn cameo!!, So how did they beat Broly?, Did Goten use the "Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb)"?, No, Did they throw into the Sun... again?, nope,...so Gohan killed him?, Nope, Gohan is nowhere to be seen, wanna know how they kill him?...Krillen..yes KRILLIN!! Lures him into salt water...which... solidifies his body....and he breaks.....WHAT THE ...

    FINAL ANALYSIS: Terrible movie, Not only the worst DBZ Movie ever, HANDS DOWN the worst animated movie ever, If you want a good Broly movie, Watch movie 8
  • They seriously killed it.

    ok so in this movie, broly's back... for the 3rd time! As much as i love goten and trunks, this movie was terrible. first of all, it was focused on mr. satan, of all people. second, there was no vegeta, goku, piccolo, or any of the major interesting and funny characters. third, broly doesn't even look like broly anymore! He's this big ugly monster. I think they should've just made a new villain if they were going to change him this much! And the way they killed him? Pathetic. Overall, the first broly movie kicked butt, the second one went downhill, and this one was the worst movie ever.
  • What did Broly do to deserve this?

    The Dragon Ball Z Movie Bio Broly was the sad end of to the life of A great Character Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan.

    The story of this movie begins with Jaguar an old rival of Earth's greatest hero the man who defeated Cell! Mr Satan.(yeah I was laughing when I typed that).Jaguar blackmails Mr.Satan to fight his Bio fighters.Trunks,Goten, Krillin and 18 come on the trip to.Jaguar's scientist find some of Broly's blood from when he was injured on Earth and they use that blood to make a Broly clone.The Broly clone is revived and goes crazy (DUH IT'S BROLY!)now Trunks, Goten, 18 and Krillin must somehow stop Bio Broly.

    I would not reccomend this movie to anyone In The Entire UNIVERSE!!! This movie should have a new word to describe it because all of the words that are used to say something is bad are not strong enough so i'll make up one.
    This movie is absolutely ......
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