Dragon Ball Z

Season 5 Episode 2

Black Fog of Terror

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 15, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Man this sucks!

    As the Blackwater Mist spreads, Gohan has snuck off to Master Roshi's island to join the party, with a worried and angry Chi-Chi in pursuit. Soon the mist affects everyone, except for Gohan, Krillin and Maron. Now they are forced to fight their infected friends for their lives. And when the Spice Boys arrive, they learn they only have twenty four hours to reverse the effects of the mist with the Sacred Water or they will remain that way forever.
  • Goku needs to come back soon...

    With Mr. Popo and Kame held captive by Garlic Jr., he was given the opportunity to unleash the black fog of terror that enables them an army using the earth's population. Everyone that was living turned into a sinister and violence minded being. Even the gang, who were having a ton of fun before a certain fog came by, were victims of the mist. Only Krillin, Maron, Icarus, and Gohan, were unaffected by it. Their former friends started battling Gohan and Krillin, and the two were confused on what their next course of action should be. That's when the Pepper Boys came in, as well as Piccolo to provide some assistance.

    Maybe dragging out the canon parts of the manga is better than creating new filler, because this episode sucked hard. Well, it wasn't totally bad because of all the fanservice, but it still sucked. The scenes with Master Roshi's pervertedness were actually funny, and didn't just serve to please premature boners. I'm a fan for scenes with a bunch of characters just talking and enjoying life, but something just sucked about Master Roshi's party. It felt artificial. Only bright side other than Maron's body was the fighting, which provided a dose of emotion because Gohan was forced to fight against his mother.
  • Oh no, not the BLACK FOG!

    Give me a break. Some little midget dude releases black fog out of a jar and now the world is going to end. Of course it takes 22 minutes to tell me this. Give me a break. This is as silly as it gets. Then again what do you expect, it is DBZ?
  • Black Fog Of Terror

    As the Aquamist spreads over the Earth, Garlic promises his imprisoned father that he will punish those who sealed him and free him with the help of the Dragon Balls. Using the water mirrors, the Demon Clansmen search for Goku and Gohan so that they can seek their revenge. Elsewhere, Chi-Chi notices Gohan has left, so she too leaves for the Kame House, hoping to arrive before Kamesennin's lechery will rub off on Gohan. Speaking of Gohan, he and Haiya Dragon still haven't made it to the Kame House yet. Sensing danger, Haiya Dragon throws Gohan into a small cave and plugs the cave with his body. When the danger has passed, they return to the ground. They are approached by some animals, but there is anger in their eyes. The animals try to attack Gohan, but he and Haiya Dragon fly away in the nick of time. At the Kame House, Kuririn attempts to spear-fish, but isn't very good at it. Maron comes out it in a one-piece swimsuit and says she'll help Kuririn. Suddenly, a plane lands and Chi-Chi comes out and asks for Gohan. They say he isn't here, but Maron has more to say. She calls her an "Auntie" and says she needs to calm down and stop being a wet blanket. Chi-Chi, feeling incredibly insulted, tries to attack Maron, but is held back by Buruma, Yamucha, and Kamesennin. Kuririn tells her that it isn't a good idea to get Chi-Chi mad. Kuririn and Maron go underwater, seconds before the Aquamist passes by and possesses everyone else. Gohan and Haiya Dragon arrive, and Kuririn breaks the bad news to Gohan. Maron volunteers Kuririn to apologize to Chi-Chi, and says he has to do it or she'll leave.
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