Dragon Ball Z

Season 5 Episode 3

Borrowed Powers

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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The new enemy has ensured a messy end for many in Gingertown. One such instance is even witnessed by Piccolo. Being next, obviously, isn't on his agenda. The creature, of course, 'insists' and the fight is soon on. Piccolo's new power gets tested, and he does rather well. However, his adversary not only has power of his own, but he also has powers of others. Can Piccolo overcome an arsenal of moves from himself and his fellow Z Fighters?moreless

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  • Flat out badass.

    Piccolo finally confronts the terror Kami has been sensing. He sucks away the life out of a man that he captured. Suddenly, the other Z Fighters start sensing a wide varied of power levels, such as Frieza, King Cold, Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, etc. Piccolo charges up, and battles the monster in front of him. What's odd though is that he knows Piccolo's name, and knew his move the Special Beam Cannon. Episode ends with him performing the kamehameha wave.

    Wow, that was just intense. The fight was really well done, but it added substance in the form of mystery, such as the multiple power levels everyone was sensing. 16 telling 17 that Piccolo is as strong as him now was also really suspenseful. Though it did feel just a tiny bit dragged out, like Piccolo during his long powering up. The scene with the rich man getting the life sucked out of him was pretty gruesome to watch, much like how Chi Chi's neck was completely destroyed in Goku's nightmare.moreless
Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat

Vegeta/Mr. Popo/Kami/Yamcha

Recurring Role

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Android 16 (Int)

Recurring Role

Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson

Kami (Int)

Recurring Role

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    • Piccolo: You would be wise to let him go, you've done enough already. It's time you picked on someone your own size.

    • (After Kami and Piccolo fuse.)
      Korin: Goodbye, old friend.

    • Piccolo: (to Cell) The Piccolo that you know is gone! I am... the Namek, and as for you... well, you're history.

    • Piccolo: Monster! What kind of twisted mind would think to send you back in the time machine? (yelling) Answer me!
      Cell: I came here of my own accord. The time capsule was too small for me to fit in in my current state. I was forced to regress to my larval form and enclose myself within an egg. Pretty ingenious, don't you think?
      (Piccolo starts to sweat)
      Cell: Yes! You seem to know much, Piccolo! But there's is still much for you to learn!

    • Piccolo: You know, you made one critical mistake: you should never have emptied this city of its entire population!
      Cell: Why is that?
      Piccolo: Because as long as there are no innocent bystanders to get in the way, I'm free to fight you to the best of my ability!
      Cell: So what's stopping you?!
      Piccolo: You know something? That's a very good question!

    • Android 17: I don't suppose you can tell us who it is that's fighting, can you?
      Android 16: No, I cannot. I do not recognize either of these powers. My sensors indicate that one of the fighters is just as strong as you, 17.
      Android 17: What's that?
      Android 16: My sensors indicate...
      Android 17: Quiet! I heard what you said quite clearly the first time. No one is as strong as I am. I am the most powerful fighter there is! (scoffs) Really! As strong as I am!

    • Android 18: What was that?
      Android 17: I don't know. It felt like an explosion, and a pretty big one, too. I wonder what it was? It was much too far away to tell where it came from.
      Android 16: It came from Gingertown. Two enormous powers are fighting there.
      Android 17: You mean your sensors can detect power levels? Why didn't you tell us that before?
      Android 16: Because you did not ask.

    • Piccolo: You keep using that name; you're obviously mistaken. So...allow me to introduce myself! The Piccolo you know is gone! I am "The Namek!"
      Cell: I'm impressed, Namek! Your power is astounding! I'm sure you will prove to be a most satisfying meal!
      Piccolo: Don't count on it!

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