Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 9

Brief Chance for Victory

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM May 27, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Dead Zone is now reopened and the last chance to defeat Garlic Jr. is to destroy the Makyo Star.

    The Dead Zone has now been reopened because Garlic Jr. was upset that his plan had been foiled. Gohan is protecting the weakened Krillin and Piccolo from being sucked into the Dead Zone. Things aren't going well for Kami either as he is still being attacked by the former guardians of the Earth. Since Kami is being weakened, Piccolo is suffering too. Piccolo tells Gohan that the only way to defeat Garlic Jr. is to destroy the Makyo Star which is the source of the evil fiend's power. However Gohan is hestitant to do this as it might mean that his friends would be sucked into the Dead Zone because he couldn't maintain the force field. Meanwhile the guardians finally let Kami go and send him and Mr. Popo back to the outside of the lookout where Gohan and the others are. Now that Kami is back Piccolo is no longer weakened and can help out. Piccolo and Krillin leave Gohan's protection and launch an attack on Garlic Jr., and tell Gohan to destroy the star. Gohan finally launches a blast that destroys the Makyo Star, therefore making Garlic Jr. weak. Without his source of power Garlic Jr. gets sucked into the Dead Zone, and it closes up. Krillin and Piccolo turn out to be fine, and now everything is back to normal on Earth.

    Overall I think this was a good ending to the Garlic Jr. saga. It may not have been the best episode in the saga, but it was exciting to see how they would defeat Garlic Jr. and save the Earth. The only downside to the episode is that there could've been more actual fighting taking place.
  • Good old Gohan!

    Garlic jr. is sucking everybody into the dead zone! Gohan is the only one standing and doesn't have the courage to attack. But the good news kamis back and piccolo to. So piccolo and Krillen go out of the shield and attack garlic jr. Gohan then attacks with his massivly charged masenko! Boom! the makyo star is gone and so is garlic jr.
  • Oh wow it's finally done.

    Gohan molded a shield around the weakened Krillin and Piccolo to protect them from getting sucked up into the deadzone. Piccolo suggested Gohan to forget about them and destroy the Makio star, but he refuses to leave his friends behind. Piccolo had force him by directly attacking Garlic Jr., and Krillin as well. Kami on the other hand, was finally freed by the grasp of the previous guardians, and was let off even after insulting them. So Gohan had no choice but to destroy the star, and Garlic Jr. was once again sucked into his own attack.

    The bright parts of this episode? Some of the filler--filler in filler, look at that--was actually pretty entertaining to watch, like Vegeta trying to look bad in the capsule corp ship, the random guys eating vegetables in a random guys yard, and Master Roshi on top of stacked furniture with a superman cape on. Oh wait, I left out the best part; this crappy Garlic Jr. arc has finally ended! There's also the time when after Kami was released, he called the guardians of the earth stubborn fools and said he wouldn't forgive them. That's just hardcore. The worse parts are just about everything that I didn't mention above. It took just about 3/4 of this episode for Gohan to decide to blow up the star. Incredibly dragged out.
  • YEY

    Garlic increases the strength of his barrier, as does Gohan. Garlic screams that eventually Gohan won't have enough power to hold up his barrier, and they will all enjoy an eternity of darkness inside the Dead Zone. The ancient Kami-sama's continue to zap the life out of Kami-sama, when Shinsenkai begins to crumble. Kami-sama says that it is the work of Garlic Junior, yet he shouldn't be able to use the Dead Zone technique a second time. The fading Piccolo tells Gohan that their only choice is to blast the Makyo World, so that Garlic's power will instantly drain. Gohan refuses to drop the barrier in order to do so in fear of losing Kuririn and Piccolo. In Shinsenkai, the ancient Kami-sama's stop torturing Kami-sama, and let him fall into the arms of Mister Popo. As Kami-sama's life fades away, Popo begins to cry. The ancient Kami-sama's open up a rift in the skies of Shinsenkai and restore Kami-sama's energy. They had forgiven him for touching the land that was holier than himself. They cast Kami-sama and Popo out of Shinsenkai and return them to the battleground. Piccolo's energy is restored as well, and he leaves the barrier, heading straight for Garlic. Kami-sama and Popo lose their hold on the remainder of the Temple and begin to get sucked into the Dead Zone. Piccolo flies toward them and sends them flying back towards the Temple. The Temple itself begins to tilt as it is pulled closer toward the Dead Zone. All over the world, people continue to be cleansed of the Aquamist. In Space, Vegeta flies onward in his search for Goku, and vows to show him who the true Number One Saiya-jin is.