Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 10

Broly: Second Coming(FEATURE MOVIE)

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • yet again.

    The second movie rocked!
    The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is still alive! :) but now he will have his revange with the next best thing Kakarot's son Gohan. while the feel of the movie is a bit diffrent from the first. Gohan, Videl, Trunks, and Goten find themselfs fighting the saiyan of legend. now broly more powerful than before, he unleashes his fearfil atracks, Videl gets won'd, Trunks and Goten het beat, and gohan gets crushed.

    Gohan gets his last bit of power and sends broly a kamehameha wave but thats not enough to stop broly. soon goten helps out his older brother and goku as well and beat the saiyan of legend.
    again....... i wonder why.
  • if you like broly dont watch this movie

    Ok so the first broly movie i thought it was cool but the second coming gave me my second thoughts, goten, trunks, videl was try to find the dragon balls they didnt even have real reason behind that, they met a village saying there was a monster terrorizing the village and priest was offering a little girl to monster instead trunks wanted to help the village and beat the monster in return for the preist necklace, when the set a trap goten cryed b/c videl wouldnt let him have a apple causing broly to wake up, but why was broly there anyway how did he survive the planet explosion for the 1st movie? none of it make sense especially the part where they get the dragons balls to wish goku was back, he helped them finsih broly with kamehameha but where did he go after that, the revive wish for the dragon isnt temporary anyway there is a lot of plotholes in this movie, so watch it if you are a real fan of broly
  • broly's back!

    7 years after broly was defeated, little trunks (vegeta's son), goten (goku's son/gohan's little brother) and videl are searching for the dragonballs. after defeating a "monster" and saving a village, they receive another dragonball, giving them 6. while searching for the last one, they encounter broly. of course they dont know who this is because they werent in that great battle years ago (trunks from the future was, but this is present-day trunks). trunks and goten are [surprisingly] able to fight broly almost equally. but when all hope seems lost, gohan shows up to fight broly (YAY!). gohan being an adult now has the power to match broly's incredible strength. but it still isnt enough to finish off broly. in the excitement, goten and trunks find the last dragonball. at the end, gohan and goten both shoot kamehameha waves at broly while broly fires an energy blast at them. broly's blast is slightly more powerful than gohan and goten's though. goten wishes that his dad was here, and goku's ghost comes from the sky to help his sons. the ghost uses a kamehameha on broly's attack, and with the combined force of the kamehamehas (and a little help from trunks), broly is sent flying, and goku's ghost dissapears. was it the dragonballs that brought goku back for a short time? or did he choose to come back? one things for sure, if it wasnt for him, earth would have been destroyed
  • all we see is the same as the first broly film really

    i think this film was just for show yes we do see more technicle side of broly but in the end he is after kakkorat but he get goten and trunk but if he was the legendary super sayain why are to kids giving him a run for his money. every one can say that when broly turn to the big man all we see his his strenght and him try to match power to power to testin gohan and all the family but he loses there is no point really things thay could have done make the story line deeper or thing that are differnt
  • This seemed like the most unoriginal episode i have seen. This charecter is just a shameful attempt to show an incredible enemy. The storyline was also very boring.

    This seemed like the most unoriginal episode i have seen. This charecter is just a shameful attempt to show an incredible enemy. The storyline was also very boring.whoa i wouldnt waste my time with this. even thought there is a couple seconds of a good fight the movie is terrible. the plot makes no sense with goku appearing an dissappearing without reason. the charecters are flawed and many things are not explained. just like the first broly movie this is a dissapointment. they should have at least made and effort to explain the origin of the legendery super saiyan and what the heck it was
  • Quite disappointing and rather dull. Same concept that flows through each of the movies, with no real "story-line."

    The movie was very short, as if they rushed to make it. The animation was probably better than the story and the acting. Most of the story was just annoying and repeating itself throughout the series and the movies. It was getting kind of boring, and they needed to add several new twists or even better more of an intense fighting scenes. Everything seemed so poorly constructed. They should've just saved Broly for the series, and spared him out of the movies. It would've made the show a whole lot more interesting. They drew out this whole plot a little bit too long, they shouldn't have brought up Broly again, or at least his anything along the lines of his return.

    For the most part, they should've added more of a storyline to the movie, if they planned making one. It seemed more like a short two-part episode where the bad guy comes back and the good guys blow him away. Just plain and simple, no real flavor or spice in the story at all. It's like they slapped the introduction and the conclusion of an essay together without the body. Your just like "What?" At the end of the story.
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