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Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 8

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (FEATURE MOVIE)

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (FEATURE MOVIE)

The Legendary Super Saiyan who was born on planet Vegeta, the same day as Goku, the day Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta. Broly bore a deep grudge towards Goku, so much that it drove him insane. Arguably and possibly the most powerful character in the series, he was born with a power level of 10,000, a level not seen by any fighter in the entire Raditz saga. His grudge is fueled by the fact Goku wouldn't stop crying in the adjoining infant pod, when they were babies. Broly was right next to Goku, making the sight of Goku bring back all those memories, but how he still remembers them is quite a mystery.
This story takes place when Vegeta is asked to travel to the Planet Vegeta by Paragus, who is a fact a saiyan. So the others travel to the planet to thwart this so-called legendary super saiyan. While they are on the planet, Paragus start feeding Vegeta these lies about the planet and the legendary super saiyan and this is where Broly is first introduced. Broly has pent-up frustration towards Goku and triggers his hidden powers. Once the others realizes who Broly is and who Paragus really is, an all out battles for the universe begins. With Broly powered up to the Ultra form of super Saiyan, even Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo & Vegeta's strength combined are no match for him. But when everyone starts feeding their energy to Goku, they manage to be victorious.


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  • It's definitely a good Dragon Ball movie, but I wouldn't rank it among the very best.

    I was looking forward to this movie, I mean, Broly is quite the hyped up character, Legendary Super Sayan and all, and this is also as far as I know the longest DBZ movie at roughly 70 minutes, while I certainly did enjoy it, I don't think it's up there with the very best films in the series. There's a bigger emphasis on the story this time around, we get a lot of backstory on Broly and his father, it did the job well, making Broly seem more imposing, we see him out of control, destroying cities and punching his father randomly, the man is a psycho, but he's a villain so....great.

    Why don't I just get one thing out of the way, one thing that bothered me. There are a couple of things I can't stand to watch in movies, genital mutilation, painful stuff involving nipples and finally, violence towards infants. There's a scene in here which I found quite tasteless, there's a scene where a baby is held up by his feet and then he is stabbed in the back with a huge knife and we hear him scream in pain. I'm sorry for being a wuss here, but it irked me, to be fair we only see it happen through shadows and there's no blood and the baby even survives, which we knew he would beforehand, but even so I think they could've left the stabbing itself out. There, think I've dedicated, or wasted enough time talking about this? It overall also has a darker feel, which makes the comedy stick out a bit and it doesn't always mesh well with the other material.

    The action scenes, which is what I love about Dragon Ball and the previous movies have really set the stake high, are no quite up to many of the previous battles, I mean, take the Cooler fights, they were a lot more awesome. That's not to say these are bad, they're really cool and intense, it's just that they suffer by comparison, even though it's the longest movie in the series, it's still relatively short at 70 minutes, but even so it manages to drag in spots, and Vegeta acts like a total wimp when Broly truly reveals his power, he sure takes his time getting into the fight. Also, there's a bunch of ugly, mutated baby chickens, I couldn't manage to build up enough sympathy for them, even when their planet is blown up, aside from the wipping scene, I could care less about them. The rock soundtrack in the English dub is also a tad disappointing, not only do I think "Lord Slug" and "Cooler's Revenge" had better soundtracks, but they also incorporated the songs a lot better into the movie, it kicked in at the right times and elevated the action, it doesn't have the same effect here.

    The real star here is Broly and he is what I liked most about the movie, he is a good villain with a great design, even though he's pretty much all muscles, he looks intimidating in a cartoonish sort of way. It's a good movie all in all, certainly better than "Broly - Second Coming" and "Bio Broly".moreless
  • The first appearance of Broly

    Dragon Ball Z movie 8 was the movie that introduced the world to Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan.

    A mysterious saiyan named Paragus comes to Earth and convinces Goku and Vegeta to come with him to A new planet that he calls New Vegeta.When they arrive on New Vegeta they meet Parugus's son Broly who they don't realize is a super saiyan.Broly who is wearing a device on his head to control his power sees Goku and starts to remember that both he and Goku were born on the same day and that it was Goku's crying that drove him crazy.Broly's madness eventually takes over and he is able to destroy the mind device on his head and he is now ready to take his revenge.It is now up to Goku and the rest of the Z fighters to stop Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan.

    This was my favorite of all the DBZ movies and I think it worth A look to any DBZ fan.moreless
  • A great dbz movie. The fight scenes are awesome. Also Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan Vegeta mentioned in the namek saga when Goku defeated Recoome.

    One of the greatest dragonball z movies ever made. Vegeta finds out that there a saiyan named Paragus and his army are trying to rebuild a new Planet Vegeta in honor of King Vegta. Krillin,Master Roshi,and Oolong accidently get taken towards the new planet too.

    There's some humor in the movie that's not really needed. I mean the scene with Master Roshi acting crazy in front of Broly with the human mask was both creepy and random.Anyways I liked the fight scenes with Broly againest Goku,Gohan,Trunks,Piccolo,and Vegeta.

    This is the 1st dbz movie that has Gohan as a super saiyan 1 and has Baby Trunks's 1st dbz movie appearance.

    I thought the interview for the high class school was not really needed. I really didn't want to see another dbz movie where Chi-Chi wanted Gohan to do homework,when he should be saving the world.

    Anyways it's a great dbz movie,minus the negative chi-chi moments. Though the Master Roshi humor is needed to distract you from the fact that Goku's going to have to deal with his no good negative wife when he's done defeating Broly.moreless
  • This movie reveals a couple of new characters, ex. Broly, and Paragus. And it is one of the few times we see flash backs of the day planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza.moreless

    This movie is the first time we see Broly, the legendary super saiyan. It is also the first, and probably the last seen as Broly killed him, time we see Paragas, Broly's father. And it is one of the few times we see King Vegeta, Vegeta's father. Anyways, everything was going ok until Broly seen Goku. He became very angry, I believe it was because Broly and Goku were born on the same day. So their baby carriages were right next to each other, and Goku wouldn't stop crying making baby Broly cry. Although I'm not one hundred percent(100%) sure though, but it did lead me to believe that.moreless
  • Amazing episode. The first appearance of Broly.

    A Saiayn named Paragus takes Vegeta and Trunks to New Vegeta, and Master Roshi, Oolong, Krillin, and Gohan follow. They arrive there and meet Paragus' son, Broly. Meanwhile, King Kai sends Goku on a mission to stop the Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku arrives at the planet. While they are traveling down a hallway, Goku and Broly come face to face, and Broly gets ready to lose his temper. Paragus manages to calm him down, but that night, Broly wakes Goku up, trying to fight him. While outside, Broly begins to power up, but Paragus comes to calm him down again. In the morning, Goku tells Vegeta that Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan. Paragus reveals that he brought Vegeta and Trunks there so that they would be destroyed my a Comet that was on it's way. When Broly sees Goku, he starts to power up again, and he transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Goku, Gohan, and Trunks start to fight Broly, but Vegeta had lost hope and stays out of the battle. Paragus tells Vegeta that he hated King Vegeta because he had said that Broly was too powerful, since he was born with a power level of 10,000. Paragus tried to stop him, but King Vegeta nearly killed Paragus and Broly and threw them out. When Frieza got ready to blow up the planet, Broly saved himself and Paragus and they were another couple of Saiyans that had survived. Paragus wanted revenge on King Vegeta, but Frieza had killed King Vegeta, so he decided to get revenge on his son instead. Goku, Gohan, and Trunks look defeated, but Piccolo arrives and fights alongside them. When he's blown away by Broly, he tries to talk sense into Vegeta, but Vegeta is hopeless and Piccolo leaves without him. Vegeta finally gets the will to fight and he goes to battle Broly, but fails to win. Broly then catches Paragus trying to escape the soon-to-die planet without him, so he decides to crush the spacepod Paragus is in and throw it at the Comet. He then has another showdown with Goku. Goku looks defeated, but he summons the energy of the others and he manages to catch up with Broly's strength. However, it is not enough, and he needs Vegeta's energy to defeat Broly. He finally gets the needed energy and punches Broly incredibly hard, damaging him severely. They manage to escape the dying planet, but so does Broly, and they all head for earth. Broly awakens 7 years later.moreless
Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Additional Voices

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

King Kai (1996-1998)

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Additional Voices (1996)

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Piccolo/Nappa/Jeice (1996-1998)

Vic Mignogna

Vic Mignogna


Guest Star

Sean Teague

Sean Teague


Guest Star

Stephanie Nadolny

Stephanie Nadolny

Young Gohan (1999-2000)/Additional Voices (2001-)

Recurring Role

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey

Kid Trunks (2001-)

Recurring Role

Dameon Clarke

Dameon Clarke

Cell/Adult Gohan/Killa/South Kai/Bora/Paragus

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This is the first time in which someone calls Future Trunks a Prince.

    • Paragas said that planet Vegeta was destroyed 30 years ago by Frieza but in the Frieza Saga.Frieza said that he Vegeta 20 years ago.

    • Piccolo tells Goku that he can hear almost anything in the galaxy, but in the Trunks Saga after Goku talks to Trunks Piccolo says that same thing.

    • An attack by Broly made the back of Goku's clothes set on fire, but when we see him fighting a few minutes later there is no hole or burn mark. However when we see the back of his clothes after he tells Gohan to leave there is a hole.

    • When Broly says "You're all utter wastes of Saiyan blood" he is surrounded by Goku, Gohan, Trunks and Piccolo. Piccolo is Namekian, so Broly probaly didn't see him.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Broly: Do you think three on one is good enough? Do you really believe you have enough power to defeat me?
      Goku: Broly, you surprise me. So I'd say you won the first round... but now it's time for round 2!

    • (Goku kicks Broly in the face, he starts to bleed out of his mouth. Broly smiles, and then licks the blood from the side of his face)
      Goku: Ewww! That was completely unecessary! Disgusting!

    • (Goku teleports to King Kai's planet, though he appears between Bubbles and King Kai, scaring the hell out of them)
      King Kai: Oh. Well, Goku, that was quick. (notices the suit Goku's wearing) Why're you dressed in that suit?
      Goku: Oh yeah. Wait a sec. (leaps into the air without the suit. When he comes down, he's wearing his orange outfit) Ah, that's better. It's so good to be in my regular clothes again.
      King Kai: All right. Now let's get down to business.
      Goku: Yes, of course. (desperate) But can we eat first please?

    • (Regarding Krillin's awful singing)
      Mrs. Brief: He's fantastic.
      Mr. Brief: Well that's one way of putting it.
      Trunks: Can anyone possibly think this is good?
      Master Robi: (Really drunk) Yeah! Sing it! Puppy song!

    • Goku: Uh, King Kai? Could you tell me which way is south again?

    • Goku: Vegeta, GIVE ME YOUR POWER!
      Vegeta: Fine! Just take it! But, Kakarot, FINISH HIM NOW!!!!

    • (Broly's last dialogue)
      Broly: (to Goku) No matter how much energy you absorb from these idiots, it won't be enough to kill me!

    • Broly: (to Goku) Your persistence is annoying!

    • Broly: I just love a dramatic ending.

    • Goku: Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
      Broly is unharmed
      Broly: And what was that supposed to be, Goku?

    • (Broly sees Piccolo for the first time)
      Broly: A little green bug has come to get squashed.

    • Broly: Kakarot, how much do you love your son?

    • Goku: Hey! How about giving us a handicap?!
      Broly: Is that another word for coffin? continues to fire ki shots at Goku

    • Brolli: Slaves we brought here from Planet Shamo.... You used to look up at your world and dream you could go home....
      (Brolli blows up Planet Shamo)

    • Brolli: A monster?.... No I'm the Devil!

    • (Roshi becomes muscular and bulky)
      Goku: Roshi.
      Roshi: Broccolli, just give it up, it's all over.
      Oolong: Very tough, but his name is Brolli.

    • Broly: Why don't you give up?!
      Goku: I...never really learned how to.

    • (Japanese Version)
      Vegeta: Damnit! I'll never give my power to Kakorotto!!

    • Broly: Oh look, the little slaves decide to be brave. I noticed how much you love to stare up to the sky at your precious planet, (Powers up ki ball) I bet you dream of going back there some day? Well its just a dream! (Throws ki ball which curves and destroys the planet) Oops, Did I just blow it up? MMWAHA! HA! HA! HA! HAA!!

  • NOTES (16)

    • When he was born Broly's power level was over 10,000 while Kakarot's (Goku's) power level was 2.

    • In November of 2007, this movie, andBroly: Second Coming, was remastered and uncut on Blu-Ray disc.

    • This is the first movie that Kid Trunks appears in although he's only a baby.

    • This is one of the few times we see King Vegeta in all of Dragonball Z.

    • We are introduced to the character specific SSJ level of Legendary Super Saiyajin. It is similar in appearance to Ultra Super Saiyajin but lacks the drawbacks (lack of speed and energy fatique) and features much greater power. Also it appears to increase the power of the user (Brolly) as the fight goes on.

    • Broly is the first movie villain not to have henchman or assistance.

    • In the original Japanese version, Roshi was drunk during the entire movie.

    • Japanese title: "Burn Your Spirits to the Max!! Close Battle, Violent Battle, Super Bloody Battle"

    • This was the only time Vegeta was scared to fight.

    • ok, there are many ways these movies can fit into the continuity:
      Movie 1: could fit, possibly before the fight with raditz, because gohan hasnt been trained to fight, and also the appearance of the same power he used to injure raditz. It possibly cant fit because gohan never met piccolo till the battle with raditz. then again, its possible that his parents couldve told him that goku fought piccolo.
      Movie 2: Only way this one can fit is if it takes place before the battle with raditz.
      Movie 3: Doesnt fit because gohan doesnt know how to use energy wave techniques until after the battles with vegeta and nappa.
      Movie 4: Doesnt fit, theres too many reasons for this, if anyone can figure out where in the series in fits, please LET ME KNOW!
      Movie 5: Fits, takes place after goku comes back to earth from planet Namek, during the 3 year training period for the androids
      Movie 6: Same as Movie 5, probably more near the end of the 3 year period.
      Movie 7: Possibly during the 10 day training period of the cell games, because that is the only time trunks meets any other pair of androids.
      Movie 8: Also can fit during the 10 day period. (and to that guy who said it dont fit, who says these guys dont take a day off?!)
      Movie 9: Fits, prolly a year after the cell games, cause its up to gohan to save the day, and he has to go to super saiyen 2 to do it, a feat which he originally had trouble doing.
      Movie 10: Fits, before gokus comes back to earth for the world Martial arts tournament.
      Movie 11: Fits, after buu saga, but before he fights uub, because goten and trunks are kids.
      Movie 12: fits during the other world tournament, not the one in the series tho, Vegeta is able to be in other world because the worlds become linked dead can go to earth and vice versa. Not in movie order though considering the events that happened in it.
      Movie 13: Definitely fits, before uub is introduced.

    • Goku and Broly are 30 in this movie and Vegeta is 35.

    • This movie was done in Japanese and has not yet been dubbed in English, but it is subtitled in English.

    • Goku and Broly were born on the same day.

    • In the original Japanese version, Broly was spelled Brolly.

    • The movie takes place sometime during the Cell saga after Trunks, Gohan, Vegeta, and Goku finish their training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

    • This movie does not take place during the Cell saga, nor does it take place anywhere else. All the DBZ movies are filler made by Toei Animation, not the original manga, and they don't fit into the timeline at all, creating many plotholes.


    • Video Gaming: Final Fantasy VII

      Some parts, most notably Comet Camori being summoned to destroy New Planet Vegeta, bears several similarities to Final Fantasy VII, as the main villains had summoned a colossal astronomical projection to destroy the planet (Sephiroth summoned Meteor to destroy the Earth so that the Lifestream could try and repair the wound and then have himself placed at the center and ascend to Godhood, whileas Paragus summoned Comet Camori to destroy New Planet Vegeta in order to get revenge on Vegeta as well as leave Earth defenseless and then conquer it easily.), and the manner in which Broly exploded heavily resembles how Sephiroth's death from his mind battle with Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII was animated (Both had a closeup of their face with cuts formed on it, as well as reeling back as energy is bursting out and twitching while exploding/fading away.)