Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 37

Buu's Reincarnation

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episodes the draw for the tournament is being held. All 12 fighters have to draw a number. Pan gets laughed at by her opponent, a big strong looking guy who calls himself Wild Tiger. Vegeta 's opponent is trying to insult Vegeta, but Vegeta knocks him out of conscience en goes through the next round before the tournament has started. That's the true Vegeta alright!

Then Goku tells good Fat Buu to use his magic, because Goku wants to fight someone in the first round, whose identity is kept secret by Goku. Then Goku tells this guy is Uub, the skinny little fellow who is really afraid of all those strong man around him in the ring. Uub is very unsure of himself and the reason he signed in for the tournament is that he has to win prizemoney so he can buy food for the people in his village. Goku tells Vegeta that he told Majin Buu that he wanted to fight him another time, when they both could be at full strength, just before he killed Majin Buu. Goku thinks that King Yemma must have heard this and that he has granted Goku 's wish. Also, Goku has done some hard thinking, and our very intelligent hero has come to the following: Uub is Buu spelled backwards. Good thinking, Goku! It seems that the little guy called Uub is Majin Buu, but in a good body. So luckily Uub is not a threat to the world, but just a innocent little boy from a far island, who has been given the enormous powers Majin (Kid) Buu had.

Then the first round finally begins. Pan easily knocks Wild Tiger down and out of the ring: she joins Vegeta in the second round. Next up: Goku and Uub. Picollo and Dende tell eachother that the real final of the tournament lies in this fight. Uub is very afraid and Goku 's saying to himself that is going to be harder than he thought. To make Uub angry and to let him use his powers, Goku tries to tease Uub, by insulting him mother and father. And it seems to work! Goku kicks Uub, still frightened, almost out of the ring, but then Uub is getting very mad and flies towards Goku. And that 's when the episode ends.