Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 31

Call To Action

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Mar 26, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Last time, Vegeta wished the Earth back and told the Goku to make the Spirit Bomb. Meanwhile back on earth everyone is wondering how they did not die and they are all happy. Piccolo, Goten, Trunks and Gohan are wondering what happened. Also the other heroes on the look out were wished back and everyone came back. But Dabura who did many deeds did not come back.
Meanwhile the two Buu's are fighting, Goku is amazed by that a clever idea Vegeta has thought of. Fat Buu had not chance agianst the Evil Buu, Fat Buu tried has Hercule cheered for him, but Fat Buu was not match. While the 2 Buu's fight the other are discussing. Goku said it might not work and Dende is trying to think what should be the 3rd wish. Vegeta said to wish Anything. Then Vegeta asks Kubito-Supreme Kai to be able to talk to the Citizens of earth, then he says it cannot be possible. After that, Grand Kai comes it and says he can make Vegeta talk to the Citizens of Earth. Then Vegeta says that there is another Guy fighting Buu on another Planet and he tells them the chance for winning are slim and tells them to raise their hands towards the sky to give the guy power.
Then Goku goes into the sky and gathers the energy for a Spirit Bomb. Then everyone give the energy and it's being gathered into a bomb. The energy of Gohan and the others, Piccolo,Goten and Trunks, makes the bomb incredibly strong. Back on Namek the others are impressed.
Just while Goku was gathering the energy, the 2 Buu's create a massive blast. Then Vegeta think weather there is enough time for Goku to make the Spirit Bomb.Then suddenly Fat Buu makes 4 of him and they start punching Evil Buu. Then Goku says the energy is not enough, Vegeta goes back to earth and the citizens say Why should we give our strength, it does not concern us. Then Vegeta gets really mad. Then Fat Buu get's beaten fast. Vegeta gets pissed off, the Grand Kai tells him to Cool down and ask them again.
Back in Hell, the Villain are watching the battle. Freeza is laughing at Vegeta and the others. Goku tells Vegeta that there isn't enough strength. Vegeta again tries to tell the earth to give more energy. The Citizens stills ignored Vegeta's command.

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