Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 5

Cooler's Revenge (FEATURE MOVIE)

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • Cooler's Revenge.

    While the Earth is at piece, the Geti Star ship that was owned by Cooler, Frieza's older brother that has decided to take his revenge on the Saya-jins that discrased his family.As everyone knew that Frieza had 4 transformation, they fought against him, but the only one left to stand up against Cooler was Goku as Cooler was in the 4-th transformation.But when Cooler realised that he was no match to Goku, he went into the 5-th transformation.Now it's up to son-Goku to defeat him. This movie is based on the Frieza saga, where Cooler secretly watches the fight with his younger brother and Goku.
  • One of the best movies!

    This is a very good movie. Beggining: Some parts could get boring at the beggining like at the first 10 minutes or so but then it gets interesting

    Soundtrack: Great soundtrack. Its the best of ALL dbz movies too me. (Im talking about the funimation dub) The BGM fits very well espcially when goku turns SSJ or cooler defeats piccolo.

    Fighting: Great fighting. The goku vs Cooler fight is awesome.

    Ending: Goku turns SSJ and kills cooler. The ending was epic. Though i wish SSJ goku could have fought cooler more but it was still very good.

    I give this movie a 10/10. great movie
  • frieza's brother

    frieza had a brother who wants revenge on goku for killing his family. coolers armored squadron attacks gohan but piccolo shows up to defend him. piccolo defeats them while goku fights cooler. cooler is even with goku at first, but it seems he has a transformation. he transforms and beats the hell outta goku. goku turns super saiyan and beats cooler though. the ending was really great. also: cooler had the chance to kill goku when goku was only a day old. but he chose not to clean up frieza's messes. thats what lead to coolers defeat
  • The Orginal Action Show.

    See man , boys should watch this show no matter how old you are. It\'s off the hook. This is one of my favorite dragonballz movies { Besides Broly: The Legendery Super Sayian. All Im saying is even if you are populuar you should still watch this show. I\'ve watched it since i was 4.
  • Frieza has a brother...

    Well, this movie introduces Frieza has a brother named Cooler. First there was Frieza, then King Cold, now Cooler? I wonder what there mother was called... Ice Queen? Anyways, this movie introduced one of my favorite Movie villains of all time! I loved this movie, escpeccialy the ending how Goku beat the crap outta Cooler!
  • Frieza had a brother...

    Is Goku sick? Well Chi-Chi thinks so! Goku wants Gohan to finish his homework so that he can go camping with his father, Krillin, Icarus and Oolong! While they are camping, a band of enemies appear and start attacking everyone and destroy there campsite! But Goku eventually learns the horrible truth...Frieza had a brother, and his name is Cooler!!! can Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan stop Cooler, and put a stop to his plans of avenging his brother, or will they perish and loose all hope for humanity!? Watch to find out! Actual Super Saiyans where harmed in the making of this movie!
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