Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 1

Dead Zone

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  • Behold the mighty.... Garlic Jr.??!!

    Piccolo is attacked by the spice boys & presumably he is killed. The Spice boys collect all the six Dragon balls, however, One is attached to Gohan's hat & the Spice Boys defeat Ox King & Chi chi to get him. After Goku comes to konow all about this he decides to track down Gohan using the Dragon radar, because of the Dragon bsll attached to it [That's why the original Japanese name of the movie is, Doragon Bôru Zetto Ora no Gohan o Kaese!! (Dragon Ball Z: Return my Gohan!!)]. Goku challenges Garlic Jr., who is now immortal because Shenron granted him his wish for immortality. Piccolo (Who is still alive) & Goku team up to defeat him and so, the battle begins... I like this movie, because of the actions and comedy in it. Gohan shows his true powers in this movie. Although, Gohan was able to send Garlic Jr. in the DEAD ZONE, which was opened by Garlic Jr. himself, he would return in the Anime filler season, the "Garlic Jr. Saga" with new spice boys.
  • Great movie

    I liked this movie. Too be the first DBZ movie this wasent bad at all. The music was great the storyline was good. Its a great movie for any DBZ fans. I liked the fact that garlic jr is in this movie. Hes one of the best villins. The action was good too. And the ending was awesome. Gohan beat garlic jr twice. we once again see gohan angry

    And i liked that goku wasent the hero because in most movie goku kills the movie villain with a spirit bomb or somthing. Gohan being the hero is perfect for this movie. This movie has some humor too. like gohan eating an apple but its not a regular apple and it makes him drunk or somthing lol.

    if your a dbz fan i bet you will love this movie
  • The First Dragon Ball z Movie was above average.

    The First Dragon Ball z Movie was above average. It's about garlic junior, who is now plotting to conquer the world by avenging his father. He goes after the dragon balls, which eventually leads his henchman to Chi-Chi, Ox King and Gohan. They knock Chi-Chi and Ox King out and kidnapps gohan and takes the 4 star dragon ball. Goku come's back, horrefied. He goes after the henchman and fights to get gohan back. When arriving Garlic Junior wishes for immortaley which leds to Kami, Krillan and Piccolo appearing. Now they must fight to stop garlic Junior from unleashing the dead zone..........
  • Good fight sequences...although it as a few errors in terms of story timeline.

    "Dead Zone" it was the first Dragon Ball movie that i watched on my old VCR!:)

    The movie starts really well Piccolo gets jumped out of nowhere and so the story starts. Garlic Jr. son of Garlic as come to avenge his father and gain eternal life, in order to do that he tracks the dragon balls down and in the process captures Gohan, Goku young kid, and it's up to Goku to safe his son and put an end to Garlic Jr. plans...will he succeed? Well yes he will:P

    The thing that bothered me about this episode is the fact that it as so many similirities to the Raditz saga: Gohan gets kidnapped (just like when he gets kidnapped by Raditz) Goku and Piccolo team up to fight Garlic Jr. (just like they do with Raditz) and Gohan unleashes his anger (just like he does with Raditz).

    On a brighter note this movie is full of battles, we even see Kami fight:) It really as a lot of action and the fight sequences are really well done.

    Overall it's a great movie and represents all that DB is about, although i wished they were a bit more original with this story.

  • I can't say this is the pilot movie,because krillin would've already known that goku had a son,because he met gohan in garlic jr.'s castle. You should definetly get the uncut theatrical version,because it sounds and feels like a real movie.

    Goku has to save Gohan from Garlic Jr. and the spice boys,and gets the help of piccolo and krillin. Goku soon defeats nicky and ginger,and piccolo defeats sansho. Then goku and piccolo the 2 strongest fighters in the universe face off againest garlic jr. in his super form,and gohan defeats garlic jr. by throwing him into the deadzone and ending him forever,that is until the garlic jr. saga.
  • One of the "Better Movies"

    I won't spoil the plot here but if you don't know it already then shame on you! The story is very good and has that old Dragonball feel to it, probably because of the lack of the overuse of energybeams and the more focus on the style of martial arts rather then just blasting each other every 10 seconds.
  • Not bad, but not great either. Only fans of the anime should even consider watching this movie.

    Piccolo was doing some daily training in order to get revenge on Goku, but was interrupted by a couple of annonymous men. Later, these same men show up at Goku's house, knocking Chi Chi and the Ox King out, while kidnapping Gohan. Goku heads towards Master Roshi's place in order to retrieve a dragon scouter to pin point his son. He finds himself within the mansion of Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr, who found all of the dragon balls, used them to wish for eternal life. Kami also shows up, telling everyone the story of how Garlic, Garlic Jr's father, competed for the throne of Guardian of the Earth, but was too evil, and rebelled. But he was sent to another dimension, and spent all of his time alone.

    Goku, who cared less for the man's background history, went ahead to find Gohan. It appears he ate an apple that made him drunk, and keeps on wandering off. There, he meets three of Garlic Jr's strongest warriors, who are all named after food. Krillin shows up to help Goku out, as did Piccolo, but his intention was to get revenge for what they did to him. The three were taken care of, and Piccolo and Goku head to Garlic Jr. He couldn't beat the two, and created a black hole to suck everyone up but himself. However, Gohan unleashed his fury, and sent only Garlic Jr within the hole to live in an eternal hell. When everything was bright and clear, everyone heads home. Gohan doesn't seem to remember a thing.

    While this supposed movie (only 40 minutes in length) isn't really great, you can't say it was horrible and a waste of time either. It did enough to keep you interested, but it just didn't do enough to make you really satisfied. Though for me, as long as it kept my interest without blowing it, I'm cool. The story really isn't compelling, but the fighting was pretty entertaining, as most of the fights in the entire anime is. What I really liked about this movie was that unlike in Dragonball Z, there wasn't much talking (which is what DBZ is infamous for), and just mostly action with a subpar story.

    Other than that, the sound quality is pretty bad. In fact, it reminded me a lot of those classic 70's movies. Everything from how the music sounds, the quality of it, and just about everything. Plus, Goku was a horrible actor in here. He sounded so unenthusiastic. The animation on the other hand, for a movie that was created the year I was born (89), it really wasn't as bad as I expected. Normally the earliest episodes in an anime series, especially one created in the 80's, generally are mediocre from episode one, but get much better by the end. While the quality of the animation isn't the best, the artwork for it is pretty solid.

    In short, like other anime based movies, this really should only be watched by fans of those anime series. This movie wasn't really bad; it was just lacking overall with the exception of fight scenes.
  • This is why Garlic Jr., is after revenge, over his stupid fathers death...

    This is the story, of what would prob'ly happen if Raditz had never come to Earth in the episode, 'Arrivel of Raditz'! Garlic Junior has come to Earth in search of the Dragons Balls, and to get revenge on Kami for killing Garlic, when they both tried out to be Guardian of the Earth! Well, I won't spoil it for you anymore, so get out there and watch it!
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