Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 4

Fight with Piccolo

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 29, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Umm.........is this supposed to be the wierdest episodes

    Gohan and Krillin are face to face with Garlic Jr.'s new fighter - Piccolo, who has been infected by the Black Water Mist. Mustard and Salt take up the fight, and it seems that they are going to beat the remaining Z-fighters. Krillin is beaten badly, which forces Gohan's power to sky rocket. He finishes off the two Spice Boys, and prepares to face his friend and mentor, Piccolo.
  • Piccolo reverts back to his old ways. Maybe it's better like this...

    Garlic Jr. confronts both Krillin and Gohan. Gohan gives him a little scratch on his cheek when trying to fight him. Two of the Spice Boys decide to battle with Gohan and Krillin. Earth's only heroes seem to be losing, until Krillin uses his body as a shield to protect Gohan from a fierce attack. Gohan goes all out, and kills two of the Spice Boys. Things are different when it's Piccolo charging at him.

    Things weren't any different from the last two episodes, except for the part where Gohan was totally owning those two Ginyu wannabe guys. Everything seems to be incredibly slow paced, and hardly anything is accomplished in a given minute. It doesn't sound much different from the filler dragged out canon, but those moments didn't feel slow paced at all; it was just dragged out. What made this episode more special than the crap of the other recent ones is that Gohan was owning, but it was short lived.
  • Piccolo Vs Gohan and Krillin

    As Piccolo tries to escape the grip of the Demon Clansmen to attack Gohan, Garlic Junior approaches Gohan and asks him where his father is hiding. Gohan says his father isn't hiding, he just doesn't know there are evil people doing evil things, and says that he'll take care of him without his dad's help. His power begins to swell, and he lunges at Garlic. He misses, and Garlic walks away. Suddenly, a cut forms on Garlic's mouth. Gohan had gotten him after all. Just then, the shortest of the Demon Clansmen approaches Gohan and starts beating on him. Kuririn tries to help him, but another Demon confronts him. They ask if they can fight them, and Garlic says that it is fine as long as they don't kill them since he wants the final blow. Gohan and Kuririn are easily beaten by their opponents. Gohan's opponent sends a Ki beam at him, and Kuririn sacrifices his body to save Gohan. Elsewhere, Maron exercises to an exercise tape on Karin-sama's tower. Karin-sama and Yajirobe ask if there is anything they can do, and she says that she'd like some food, so they commit to being her slave and cook her a meal. Back in the Heavenly Realm, the Demon finally ends the beam against Kuririn. Kuririn falls down, motionless. He tells Gohan that he shouldn't have slacked off in his training, and that he has to get the Ultra Holy water in order to save his mother and Piccolo, along with the rest of the world. Kuririn faints, and Gohan swells with anger. The two Demons create a huge Ki ball and fire it at Gohan, who easily blocks it.
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