Dragon Ball Z

Season 8 Episode 18

Final Atonement

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Nov 13, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Vegeta reveals his heart and makes a desperate last ditch attack to take out Majin Buu! :idea:

    By far the character with the most continual character development in "Dragonball Z" was the warrior who craved fights and becoming stronger more than any other person in the series. The Saiyin Prince of pride, known as Vegeta. Coming to Earth, Vegeta had no idea of what would happen to him. The vain, arrogant warrior filled with pride thought the only thing that would matter to him in life would be a wish for immortality and destroying every single life-form he saw. But being handed his first defeat through the efforts of Goku and his friends, started to change Vegeta in ways Vegeta himself would've never thought possible. Vegeta was now aware he was vulnerable and not as perfect as he thought he was. Vegeta also found out there were times he actually did need to have others help him when his strength wasn't enough to defeat an opponent. Vegeta was an individual who desperately fought to become a powerful fighter, but was quickly surpassed by another warrior, because his bad karma always brought a greater evil who would beat Vegeta into the ground. Even marriage and parenthood didn't change Vegeta. All Vegeta could focus on after being beaten by Goku was to surpass Goku's strength and destroying Goku in battle. Just when it seems Vegeta could finally get his wish and take out Goku like he always wanted, Goku decides he desperately needs to fight Majin Buu more than he wants to fight with Vegeta. But the vain Vegeta doesn't want Goku to hog the glory of saving the world again, and decides to knock Goku out to do the job himself. But Vegeta finds himself hopelessly outmatched by Majin Buu as the monstrous pink blob is more than he can handle. Vegeta finally decides it's one thing to live a life of everlasting vengeance, but it's another thing to have a monster destroy everything that has ever had meaning to Vegeta. The full-blooded Saiyan undergoes the unthinkable and sacrifices himself in a blaze of glory, all to destroy Majin Buu! Vegeta finally becomes a hero for good! ;)
  • Not only is it one of the series best episodes, it's also one of Vegeta's finest moments. Vegeta has finally let go of his ego and put the lives of others ahead of his own. A great episode. R.I.P Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans.

    Throughout the series, Vegeta has always done things for himself, and himself alone. He came to Earth in the beginning on the sole purpose of getting a hold of the dragons for his own selfish desires and he was willing to kill all in his way. Then he let Cell absorb Android 18 and thus become complete all to test the his new strength upon the complete form of Cell. In the end, it was Gohan who had to clean up the mess. And finally, he not only allowed Babidi to empower him and kill people, but he was the key instrument in bringing about Majin Buu's resurrection. He again allowed his pride to get the better of him all so that he could fight against Goku. But when Majin Buu was released, it was Vegeta who decided it was his responsibility to take care of him…not out of pride, but rather because he was the one who released him (a clear sign of an unselfish act). Well, the fight thus far hadn't gone all to well for Vegeta, even with all his new power, Majin Vegeta couldn't beat Buu for the simple reason of self-regeneration on Buu's part. So he now has decided on a final attack, one that would make it so Buu couldn't regenerate…..his ultimate sacrifice. By releasing all the power in his body in a massive array of light, he engulfed himself and Buu in a giant explosion. However, the attack required all his power, so it would reduce him to nothing more than dust…but Vegeta was willing to die for the ones he cared about and respected. As Piccolo put it, "For the first time, Vegeta is fighting for someone other than himself." But was it enough to beat him? I wont say….that's for the next ep to say:P
  • A amazing episode that shows a side a vegeta people never knew he had!!!

    This is such a great episode! it shows that Vegeta really does care about people. It shows him hugging Trunks and telling his son that he is proud of him (he tells him this before knocking him and Goten out). This episode made me cry the first time i saw it because Vegeta finally stops being a ignorant and selfish proud sayian prince and then he sacrafices himself to save the people he cares about the most. That is why this has to be one of my favorite episodes ever!!!!!
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