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    Not exacly sure if anyone will reply but... here goes nothing...
    OK create ur own dbz charcter anything u want and we will make a story to gether i guess i like dbz so if ur character in messed up i wont except srry but all u gota do is make sure his mom is not namik bc it impossible.
    Mynie is this!!

    Name: Dameon
    Race: Sayian
    Parents: Dad,King Vageta,and Mother is unkown
    LVL of SSJ:5
    Abilitys:Instant Transmission,super Kamahamaha,Galik Gun,Galatic halo,Distructo disk,and super ghoust kamikazi attack
    Tournaments Won: none never had the urge to enter

    Story:Was sent to earth as a baby. was suposed to destroy it but nvr did.he grew up alone.Now live in a cave near mount palace.He defeatedmeca freeza cell buu and omega shinron oh and baby. he lived for so long bc he has drunk out thefountain of youth and has wished for emortality vertual un beatalbe he now just whaches over earth. but being abel to be beatin the relized he has weakness and has nvr stoped training to fix them.(onlyway to kill him is to destroy ever cell in his body) well if u want u may stary yalls charcters the story will not beggin till there are atleast 6 other players

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