Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 38

Goku's Next Journey

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 07, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • I don't know

    I wanna wach it again

  • All Good Things Must Come To An End!

    The final episode of DragonBall Z! The tenkaichi Budokai tournament is still going on and there is a showdown between Goku and Uub (who is Buu reincarnated). Uub, growing stronger as the battle rages, is able to learn to fight during his match with Goku, soon becoming the Saiyan's equal! Neither warrior gives an inch in this fast paced, destructive battle. But before the match is decided, Goku makes a startling offer to Uub, come train with me to become the world's next guardian. With his plan revealed, Goku must say bye to his loved ones, leaving Chi-Chi hysterical. Goku and Uub depart the arena leaving a stunned crowd in their wake. Not only did Goku say bye to his loved ones on the show but also to all who follow his journey from the beginning and feel in love with the Z Fighters
  • a great ending for a good show

    This episode was so good and made be think back to the whole dragonball z series. Goku and Uub kept fighting and Uub was strong but not strong enough so before the fight was finished goku made a decision to leave his friends and family to train Uub which I thought was very cool but it showed how bad goku wanted to fight him because he was the reincarnation of Buu.

    This episode was really sad because it was the end of the show one of my favorite shows. I haven't seen dragon ball GT but I hope its as good as dragonball z.
  • The End of the best anime ever.

    We'll, the series is over. Goku and his gang have been through a lot, but now there journey's end in this episode. I remember when Dragonball started it all, when Goku was a young boy who was training and one day his Grandpa died. Then, Dragonball Z started when Goku was a full-grown man, and was much stronger then he was. There was the Saiyan Saga, where Vegeta; Goku's rival was introduced and Nappa came and killed Tien and Krillin along with Chiaotzu. Then, the Frieza saga where Goku turned Super Saiyan for the first time and beat up Frieza. Next, the Cell Saga where Gohan beat Cell and turned Super Saiyan 2 and achieved it before Goku, his own father. Finally, the Final Saga in the anime/manga series Dragonball Z where Goku and his gang by Beating Buu and saving the earth. This was definatley one of the best anime ever, if not the best anime of all time.
  • Goku and Uub continue to fight exchanging blow after blow. Uub is growing more powerful each second, and Goku might be over the edge on this one. Laters, Goku makes an offer to Uub--to make him stronger for his village. Together...Goku and Uub fly out of

    A good way to end the second Dragon Ball series. The next one is Dragon Ball GT (Grand Tour). The fight between Goku and Uub was really tough, and intense. I loved the ending, and the funny scene had Master Roshi looking at girls... (Edited out in the english version.)...!
  • Great Way to Finish!

    This was such a good episode! Of course Akira would have Goku's Dragonball journeys end with Goku off again to train! I'd really rather they hadn't done GT at all. It ruined this perfect ending! Besides, GT would have been a lot beter of Bruce Faulconer had done its music instead of lamo Mark Menza. Goku went off to train Uub so HE could look after Earth! The last few episodes of DBZ, Goku siad things like that he wouldn't be around forever and that heroes shouldn't drop from the sky. Vegeta also said to Goku, "How many times have you saved the Earth?" Goku said "Well, about six I guess." Vegeta: "Well I think its time the Earth fended for itself for once." He then explains about the Spirit Bomb with Goku in doubt. Vegeta: "Do not underestimate the combined power of the human race."
    Basically, all of that added up to the idea with Uub that humans should be able to save themselves. But of course, the producers had tio make "more money". So they slapped together some cheap story and once more put Goku in the drivers seat, made him kill three times as many people as he actually did in DBZ mercilessly, had him use the Kamehameha for practically everything, Uub was forgotten and cast aside, Vegeta became a background character, and they ended te stupid thing with Goku once more using the friggin Spirit Bomb! Total lack of imagination and total waste of time.

    Anyway, this was an awesome episode. So eleoquent, and Bruce Faulconer did a masterful job at producing the music for the end of the Finale. I don't care about GT, THIS was the true ending of the story of the Dragonballs!

    Narrator: "Youn Uub has been taken in by the greatest martial arts master in the Universe: Goku...the orphan who fell from the stars to become the savior of mankind...as the two set off on a new adventure, one thing is for certain:

    As long as Goku lives, peace and prosperity, shall reign..."
  • This was the sad final episode of Dragonball Z.For a show that ran for 5 year's in Japan,it ran for 7 years in America. Through dubbing changes, and lots of editing this final Dragon Ball Z episode is great, especially if you watch on DVD.It ties up the s

    Great Finale! I love Dragon Ball Z and have been a hardcore addict since it came out in America in 1996. I remember that the series originally was dubbed by Pioneer but then I remember that by 1998 it got cancelled right through the Ginyu Saga. Then Cartoon Network picked it up and showed the repeats during 1998, and during this time a new company Funimation took the project on it's back. Hiring a new team of voice actors to take the roles of Goku and the others. It worked brilliantly and Funimation did a great job on the dubbing, however due to lots of edit's it was hard to watch this series on cartoon network. So I bought the dvd's and saw the violence and raw material. However the Finale was great because after Goku and his friends killed Kid Buu, it's 10 year's later and Goku has an adorable granddaughter named Pan (who appears in GT). Goku plans on entering the Martial arts competition and so does Vegeta, Goten, and Trunks and Goku the reluctant grandfather tells Pan to enter. Goku tells everyone that he wished for Buu to be reincarnated so they could fight. So while going to the tournament we see Piccolo and a bunch of characters who were the main characters in the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and their families. When Goku steps into the ring against Uub (Buu's reincarnation) the two square off, and Goku tick's Buu off much to speculation of the crowd. When Goku finally pisses Buu off so bad, he burst and gives Goku a competitive fight. However at the end Buu is about to fall out of bounds after a Goku Kame-hame-ha, but Goku helps him up and offers to train him. The next scene is sad, when Goku says goodbye to all his family and friends watching the fight and telling them that he'll be back in the future. Also Goku telling Goten, and Trunks they are the future, and telling Pan he will be back. Probably the coolest scene was Goku and Vegeta talking for the last time in Dragon Ball Z. It was funny seeing them become friends, and talking about the next time they fight they might need a whole planet. After their share of Violent fights Goku and Vegeta learn to become friends, and Vegeta's last line as Goku leaves. "Goodbye Old Friend", almost makes you want to cry because it's so sad that this is the end. So Goku and Uub fly off, and that's the end. I think this should have been the end of the Dragon Ball series because Dragonball GT was lame. However this episode was great especially Goku and Uub flying off, the Perfect ending to a great series.
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