Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 18

Goku's Ordeal

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 13, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode is a total filler and adds nothing to the plot but dammit all, it's a jem!

    Sometimes just putting characters into a strange situation is enough to entertain us. Think about it two of the the most powerful people in the world who can move fast enough to break the sound barrier and can't focus longer than two minutes on anything that isn't fighting or training related are coerced into taking a drivers test. The jokes practically write themselves!

    I know that DBZ is famous for so much unnecessary filler but if more of the filler episodes were like this one, than that'd be just fine with me. I know that we watch the show for the action, but sometimes it's cool to just watch the characters be themselves and let them shoot the shit for a while. I think that's why people remember these kinds of episodes, like the sayaman episodes, and the season where krillin was just doing his best to keep his new girlfriend Marron entertained. We liked seeing these larger than life, powerful characters in situations that we would normally get into and see how they react to them.

    Like I said we are here to see the action, but I would have personally like to see at least a few more episodes like this. Totally deserves the 8.5 out of ten rating. Like I said before it's a real Jem to this show.
  • goku and piccolo try to get their licenses...

    Well... this episode was obviously a filler episode, but it kept me entertained.

    It really depends on what you like in dragon ball z. I personally love episodes based on story development or fun fillers, but lots of people love dragon ball z for the good old fashioned action. This episode was a fun episode that made me laugh. It showed a different side of piccolo, which I thought was pretty fun. Goku's driving was hilarious, the best part was when he pulled the steering wheel. Overall, it definitely wasn't the best dragon ball z episode, but it was just was plain old goofy.
  • For a filler episode it's not that bad.

    A: When I ask you a question you will reply with "Rubber Buns & Liquor"

    B: Ok

    A: What did you have for Breakfast?

    B: Rubber Buns & Liquor

    A: Sounds nasty. What did you have for Lunch?

    B: Rubber Buns & Liquor

    A: Wow, twice in one day. What did you have for Dinner?

    B: Rubber Buns & Liquor

    A: Don't you get tired of the same meal over and over?

    B: Rubber Buns & Liquor?

    A: Shut Up. Ok Final question. You see a very hot chick running down the street naked. What do you do?

    B: Rubber Buns & Liquor

    A: Hahaha, classic. I would have done the same thing.
  • Not too bad....for a filler episode

    Goku and Piccolo try to get a driving licence in town. Mean while Vegeta and the others are still training. This episode is surprisingly funny!
    Goku and Piccolo try to get a driving licence in town. Mean while Vegeta and the others are still training. This episode is surprisingly funny!
  • The famous driving episode lives up to its hype.

    Chi Chi gets chased by a bore while shopping for groceries in the city. She gets furious when Goku and Gohan, without any care in the world, bath themselves to relaxation, while she suffered a days worth of walking. She demands Piccolo and Goku to get their driver's license. Things are looking gloomy for the two, for they've failed the first couple tests, and even crashed into each other. The teachers decided to give them one more chance. Though during the test, a school bus full of little kids falls off course, and Piccolo and Goku had to abandon their vehicles and save them. They didn't pass the test though, and never got their driver's license.

    The infamous driving episode that a lot of people have claimed to be their favourite filler episode ever. Well, it hasn't really lived up to the hype with all the praise it was getting, but it's still better than a lot of Dragonball Z episodes out there. It was just hilarious. Something about Piccolo driving like a grandma made me crack up, and the part with Piccolo and Goku crashing into each other was hilarious. A charming episode that sets the example for what comic relief should be like. It did feel like Piccolo's and Goku's days were wasted because they never passed anyways, this is what's part of being comic relief. Just a great episode.
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