Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 16

Goku's Special Technique

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 11, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Nice technique!!

    Goku explains to the others how he survived Namek's destruction, saying he managed to get to a Ginyu Force space pod and crashed on another planet. There, the inhabitants nursed Goku back to health and taught him a new technique: the Instant Transmission. As for Trunks warning about the future, Piccolo (having heard everything because of his good ears) says everyone must decide whether they're going to fight or not now. They all agree to fight and begin training.
  • Trunks goes back to the future, and Goku returns to the others. Piccolo has overheard the entire conversation, and explains to the others about the threat of the androids. Everyone agrees to train for the next 3 years for the upcoming battle.

    This is the first excellent episode in a while. We not only get to find out what Goku has been up to, but we get to see the Z Fighters training. In my opinion, some of the most exciting parts of this series happen during training.

    Gohan is training with the 2 strongest members of the earth's special forces, so that should make for some exciting scenes in upcoming episodes. What we got in this episode was nice: Piccolo and Goku both attack him at once. Piccolo and Gohan together were nice, but with his dad there, that should add a little something different to their training.

    There were a few funny scenes in here, including Krillin wearing Master Roshi's glasses, Goku accidentally sending Chi-Chi through the window, and Yamcha at the gym. Good comic relief in any anime is always a plus, and while DBZ's humor occasionally misses its mark, it's a welcome addition in this episode.
  • Training! YES!

    Trunks takes his leave, but everyone is still loaded with questions about Goku, like how he survived the explosion of Namek. After hopping onto one of the Ginyu Force's pods, he inserted random coordinates, for time was against him. On a planet very far from Namek, he was greeted by an alien race who taught him a special move Instant Transmission. Now, the Z-Fighters prepare themselves to battle against the ruthless androids.

    Even after all of that information being unloaded, Goku himself had more to tell. Just the fact that even after a lot of the story was told, there was still more, made these past two episodes like a great package filled with awesome suspense and hotbloodedness. Training sequences for me are always entertaining. Just seeing everyone work out their bodies was rewarding in a unique way. Even Yamcha lifting weights at the gym was pretty charming to watch.