Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 36

Grandaughter Pan

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

This episode starts off by Trunks flying in a capsule crop plane. He's heading over to see if Goten is home. When he gets their trunks knocks on the door but no one answers at first. Then an aged Chi Chi answer trunks and tells him that he might be over at Gohan's house.. Trunks goes to see Gohan and finds the door open. Trunks walks in and takes a look around and he was amazed to see all the books that Gohan has. Gohan ask Trunks to help him with the books that he was carrying. Then comes's Videl and she said hi. Trunks ask Gohan if he knows were Goten is. Gohan said he's out trying with Goku and that his parents were heading up go see Goku.

Next we see that Goten & Goku are fighting then they take a brake after they see that Vegeta & a really aged Bulma has come to see them. Bulma's mad at Goku because it's been 5 years since anyone has seen Goku. And all Goku could say was that he's been training. So then Vegeta ask goku if it's true that he's entering the tournament this year and Goku said yes. Vegeta asked why Goku said because he saw this really strong guy their that singed up and that Goku wants to fight him.

Then Pan shows up one second after Trunks. And everyone said hi to her. Then Goku said that Pan's gonna fight too and so is Goten . Goten said yeah only because you made me call off my date. Vegeta decide he's wants to fight this guy that Goku's talking about and he's going to join too along with Trunks. Trunks wasn't happy about this because he if didn't fight Vegta would cut his allowance in half.

So the next day everyone is walking to the stadium to find some seats. Pan wants to go play so her and Goku go play some games. Pan wins a huge teddy bear that is bigger then pan is and she can carry it all by her self. Then Goku buys Pan some ice cream. Then this kid knocks pan down along with her ice cream. Pan starts to cry but then Goku gives her his ice cream. So Then Goku takes Pan to see her other grandpa Hercule. When Goku joined the others he ran into Krillun and his wife along with the rest of the z fighters but they weren't going to fight they were just their to watch. Any way they were all mad at Goku just like Bulma because no one's heard from Goku in the last 5 years. Goku said sorry.

Videl ends up having to go talk to her father because the only seats that they could get was at the top of the stadium where no one could see anything and because Bulma was getting really mad. After that they end up in a much better place where they can see everything.