Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 36

Grandaughter Pan

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Apr 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This is the first time Goku is seen paying for food with cash throughout the entire Dragonball series.

    • According to Vegeta, we find out that Saiyans retain there youthful appearance so that they could fight longer.

    • Look Closely at 1:46 seconds Chi-Chi is holding up a shirt that says Goten Son. This is the first time throughout the entire Dragonball series that we see Goku's family's name in the American version of the series.

    • Despite Vegeta's last ordeal at the Tournament, no one seems to be scared of him.

    • Reply to that last one, they wished no one would remember the Majin Buu ordeal and Vegeta became a Majin during that time so it could be possible no one would remember that.

    • When Pan and Goku were eating hotdogs, Goku seemed pretty surprised the way Pan ate that hotdog (I guess he thought she'd have Videl's personality but was astonished that she also haves her grandfather's personality too).

    • One manipulated scene that I know of is that when the guy that Pan bumped into says, "You know sign language?". The Japanese version has him holding up his middle finger. But in the American version, he's holding up his fist.

    • In translating the episode from Japanese to English, the name of Vegeta and Bulma's daughter was changed to Bulla from Bra. Originally, Bulma's family members were all meant to have names of clothing or underwear (Bulma is a modified version of "bloomers" or girls' gym shorts, her father is Dr. Briefs [briefs as in underwear], and the kids' names are Trunks [as in shorts] and Bra [duh...]).

  • Quotes

    • Goku: You do have phones don't you?
      Piccolo: Actually no. I can't figure mine out.

    • Trunks: Hey!
      Bulma: Now Trunks, hay is for horse!
      Trunks: Yeah mom, grass too...

    • Goku: Can't beat those stadium hotdogs!
      Vegeta: Hotdogs?! Tell me the real reason you are entering.
      Goku: All right, but I'd really rather talk about hotdogs.

    • Vegeta: I'll enter too. And guess what, Trunks is entering. Right son?
      Trunks: Uhhh...
      Vegeta: If you don't I'll cut your allowance in half!
      Trunks: Awww..
      Goten: Yeah!! Trunks is going to fight!!

  • Notes

    • Japanese Airdate: January 17th, 1996

    • Japanese Title: Grandpa Goku! I'm Pan!!!

    • First appearances of Uub, Pan (Goku's granddaughter) and Bulla (although her name isn't mentioned until Dragonball GT.

    • Aside from Goku and Chi-Chi now being grandparents, we see Ox-King for the first time with gray hair and being a great-grandfather.

    • From left to right, we have the Ox King, Dende, Piccolo, #18, teenage Marron, Krillin, Roshi, Gohan, Videl, Chi Chi, Bulma, her daughter Bulla, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar.

    • In the Japanese episode, Trunks is listening to *"Ore ga Yaranakya Dare ga Yaru" (If I cant do this who will?). *The theme from movie 13: Dragonfist - "If Goku can't do it who can?"; karaoke version (without the lyrics) on the stereo.

    • 10 years passed. Pan is 4. Bulla's age is 7. Gohan is 28, Goku and Chichi are 47, Krillin is 48, Bulma and Yamcha are 51, Vegeta is 52, Marron is 14, Videl is 28, Oolong is 46, Trunks is 18 and Goten is 17.

    • The kid knocking Pan's ice cream scene was left in in the Ocean Group UK dub.

    • Goku, Chi-Chi, and Hercule are grandparents. Goten is an uncle, Gohan is a father, and Videl is a mother of their new-born daughter, Pan.

    • This episode introduces Pan. Trunks looks like his future counterpart and Goten no longer has his dad's hairdo.

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