Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 10

Krillin's Proposal

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 01, 2000 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The episode starts off as Krillin and Maron anre shopping. Krillin finds out that Maron has plans for an engagement on her mind. Then suddenly Master Roshi calls everyonr to his house saying thats its an emergency. When everyone reaches they find out that they were called to celebrate the turtles 1000 birthday. Then Krillin and Maron enter and Krillin confesses that he and Maron might get engaged. Master Roshi objects saying krillin can't marry anyone without his permission and then he sets a condition that he should be the first one to 'kiss the bride' and then Bulma hit Master Roshi on the head calling him a sick old man. Later on Krillin thinks that he's not worthy for Maron and thinks that he should forget about marrying her when the turtle arrives and tells him that maybe he should go and get the Mermaids Tear for Maron and further tells him that it is the largest pearl in the world. Soon Krillin and Gohan se off on there journey and they find the Mermaids Tear but the creatures around the pearl are ready to defend it with there life so Krillin and Gohan leave the pearl alone. Then Krillin goes with Maron and is taking a walk on the beach Krillin then tells Maron that he is letting Maron go free. Then Krillin hears Maron say that she would have said yes. Krillin realizes that what he did was foolish he shouts out her name when a car comes by Maron. maron leaves with the man. Then Krillin goes to Master Roshi's and tell's everyone that he left Maron and is seen hiding his tears behind sunglasses.

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