Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 10

Krillin's Proposal

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 01, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Awesome! Can't put it any other way.

    Maron and Krillin's relationship seems to be getting more serious now, that Maron somewhat hinted towards being interested in getting married! When they get back home, they find a message from Master Roshi. It seems it's tortoise's 1000th year birthday! Everyone is at Roshi's house to celebrate. Krillin ponders to himself about Maron. Tortoise gives him some advice about the mermaid's pearl that lies deep within the ocean, and that maybe he could spark interest by giving that to Maron. Gohan goes with him, and when the two find the pearl, they are attacked by an eel. The damage from their fighting caused rubble to collapse on the pearl, but the fish and creatures there protect it. Krillin and Gohan decide to leave what is theirs. Krillin brings Maron alone with her, saying how he'll be unable to please her anymore. Though she thought the opposite, and ran away with a rich guy on a car. Krillin delivers the news to his friends, laughing it off, but crying underneath his glasses.

    A pretty good and dramatic episode. This episode did so many things right, and it's simply great watching an excellent episode after the horrendous Garlic Jr. arc. The last episode that was as great as this was the Nameks chilling on earth, and like this one, both of them are slice of life servings rather than fighting, which is what Dragonball Z is advertised for. The scene with Master Roshi getting scolded by Chi Chi and Bulma for calling them up about tortoise's milleniumth birthday built up well to the scene when tortoise actually came in and started crying by the surprise visit. The moment with the animals protecting the mermaid's pearl from the falling boulders, as well as from Krillin and Gohan's past, was also great to watch. It conveyed a lot of simple messages in just a matter of seconds.

    The final scene, with Krillin dumping Maron, felt a little unconvincing, but it was executed greatly, and the drama was jut excellent afterwards. You can tell that Krillin is no ladies man with the way he easily let Maron go, but his acting was on another level. How he left her like that was just so sad, and how Maron said she wouldn't have said no with the soft voice she used in that sequence just put a tiny little arrow through your heart. The part with Krillin turning around, only to find nothing but Maron's footprint embedded within the sand, added great overall effect. The next scene was kind of meh, with Maron running away with that guy. It did an even greater job of concluding it well when Krillin confronted his friends to make the announcement, and put on Maron's very own sunglasses to hide his tears. The build up of everyone trash talking behind Maron's back, and then revealing behind the lens of the glasses is Krillin's tears, was just flat out awe inspiring. This deserves an Oscar!
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