Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 4

Lord Slug

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • good but not the best

    Not worth watching imo save your hour for another movie, the fight was pathetic against slug's henchman, beating up on gohan and piccollo with a frozen planet but still livable, I'm just gonna break it to ya i have high expectation for this movie b/c i heard it wasnt 1 of those spirit bombo movies but i guess fake super saiyan was a good taste, lord slug was a silly character to wish for youth imo, and he was just another normal namek "called" super namek when kmai and piccollo was far stronger should we just call them super duper namek? anyway the movie couldve been done better.
  • Dragonball Z.

    Lord Slug is an old Namek with a corrupted heart which comes to earth to use the dragon balls to restore his youth.Slug is a super namek which can increase his size.Goku and his friends have to fight him, but the foolish humans don't listen and they get killed.It became a well known fact that nameks can't stand whistles, and when Slug became a super namek and grabbed Piccolo, Piccolo cut off his ears, knowing that he can regenerate them, and at the same moment Gohan flies in front of Lord Slug and starts to whistle thus leaving him defenseless and they defeat him.
  • People say its bad. But i think its very good

    I dont know why people say that this movie is bad. I dont see nothing thats wrong with it. From the beggining to the end its very exciting and awesome. The fight scenes were good and the soundtrack was awesome. The villain "Lord slug" was a cool villain. I enjoyed this movie i even bought it. But DO NOT buy the edited version because its cuts alot of scenes. back to the topic the ending was great. It was ALOT better then movie 3. In movie 3 we saw goku throw a spirit bomb at turles and 1 second later he dies. Here we actually see goku getting energy for the spirit bomb and then attacking "Lord Slug" and he dies atleast in 30 seconds or somthing. If your a DBZ fan you should get this movie
  • The story is similar to the "Three of Might" movie but we get a different villain this time...

    This movie starts with a giant comet heading for Earth. Goku prepares to destroy the meteor with the help of Krillin (why the other fighters weren't there also to assist with their own techniques to blow up the comet is beyong me), unfortunately they fail to destroy the meteor. We then find out that a spaceship lands on a unknown city and an army of aliens comes out of the spaceship proclaming that the Earth now belongs to Lord Slug (notice that the aliens are very similar to one of the members of Dodoria elite in "Bardock the Father of Goku" movie).

    Gohan fights and defeats a few of these aliens until Lord Slug (who is a namekian) appears and steals the Dragon Ball that Gohan had.

    Lord Slug who is getting very old wants to gather the legendary dragon balls so that he can regain his youth, basically it's the same thing King Piccolo wanted (boy the evil namekians sure are unoriginal with their wishes. Anyway Lord Slug uses a device that will lower the Earth temperature so that the earthlings die of cold, he sends his elite soldiers to look for the remaining Dragon Balls, which they find easily, Lord Slug then calls for the Dragon and regains his youth.

    Gohan then leaves his house and goes to confront Lord Slug,he fights some soldiers and beats them without much trouble until Piccolo appears to give him a hand or two. That's when the top 3 fighters of Lord Slug army appear and confront the namekian and his young friend and a battle starts...Picollo quickly eliminates Doradabo (a fat orange monster) by blasting his head off, while Gohan fights a small green alien with giant eyes called Metamoncha, who defeats Gohan by creating four small creatures similar to himself who drain Gohans energy. As usual Piccolo comes out to safe Gohan but he receives several blast shots from both Metamoncha and Angira ( a blue skinned alien with blonde hair) while trying to protect Gohan.

    Finally Goku appears to safe the day, he defeats Angira and Metamoncha with ease until Lord Slug appears to fight him. Krillin then, for some odd reason, decides to attack Lord Slug and gets easily defeated with a single slap to the face (poor Krillin). Goku starts fighting with Slug but he ends up being dominated since Slug blocks Goku attacks without much trouble (it's a good fight.

    All of the sudden we see Goku blocking a punch from Slung, his eyes are all white and a yellow/orange aura surrounds him, at this moment it seems he will turn into a Super Sayan but instead it appears he enters a false super sayan state (that's the best definition i can come up with). He beats Slug for a while until Slug decides to remove his helmet revealing that he is a namekian (but you have to be blind if you had not understand that he was a namekian until this point). He then turns into a giant (like Piccolo did in the 23rd World Tournament)and beats up Goku until Piccolo recovers and assists Goku in the fight, he orders Gohan to whistle which affects the Namekians sensible audition, Piccolo then delivers the remains of his energy to Goku who goes into "Kaioken" state and pierces the Giant Lord Slug across the stomach he then creates a Spirit Bomb which destroys Lord Slug.

    So the earth is safe again and everyone is happy...except the viewers:S

    Thanks for reading.
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