Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 4


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  • A solid movie, and all thanks to rock msuic?

    It seems like the world is about to end with a gigantic meteor about to hit the planet earth. Goku and Krillin attempt to stop it, but they weren't strong enough. The meteor however, didn't hit earth, and blew it. It was seemed to be the battle cruiser for a man named Lord Slug. They were planning to use earth to make another battleship of theirs! Lord Slug, realizing that there are also dragon balls on earth, uses his soldiers to gather them all. He granted his wish to become young and attain eternal youth. Earth was frozen just a couple minutes after the wish was granted, and life seemed hopeless. Gohan wanted to battle, and Piccolo joined him. They were both taken out by the elite warriors of the army, but Goku and Krillin came, taking them out. Lord Slug then challenges Goku, and easily pushes him around. Goku then turned into a legendary Super Saiyan, now pushing Lord Slug around. Slug was forced to turn into his true form; a large Super Namek. He came from a tribe of exiled Nameks who only cared about their immense power. Though Goku was able to summon enough power to summon the Spirit Bomb, and defeat Slug.

    This movie was a lot more interesting than the Tree of Might, and it's a lot more unique than the other two. The most notable new feature is its heavy use on rock music. There's rarely a time when you don't hear heavy beats playing with screaming in the background, even when it was just Bulma's father checking up on the meteor that's about to end Earth's life. Some might see this as a drawback, but it actually gave this movie a nice change of pace, giving it a more, how do I say it, more fighting atmosphere. Not to say that rock music automatically makes any fight entertaining, but it does a good job of making you moodful for fights, kind of pumping you up for some. To be honest, the fights in this movie aren't really different from The Tree of Might, The World's Strongest, and Dead Zone; featuring the same production values and pure action. Though like I said before, the rock music did a pretty good job of making this a very watchable movie, even though it's 40 minutes short of a normal featured length movie. At least it isn't like Yu Yu Hakusho's first movie, which was like twenty minutes.

    Honestly, if it weren't for the rock music playing most of the time during the course of the movie, this movie would have been worse than Tree of Might, which I found pretty boring to sit through. Plus, it was pretty neat how a Namek is finally the antagonist of the story, save for Piccolo from Dragon Ball. I thought the story could have been a lot more constructive than it was with the whole Super Namek thing. The story could have been solid if they added a little more depth to it, making this a more entertaining watch. Oh well, it would have just cut on the fighting, which I think many Dragonball Z fans don't like. I know it's hard to believe that rock music could increase the quality of an anime, but it really did pull through for Lord Slug.

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