Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 38

Nursing Wounds

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



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    • Opening
      Narrator: Last time, on Dragon Ball Z! Mr. Popo led Bulma into the barren reaches of Yunzabit Heights, in search of an ancient spacecraft that had once belonged to Kami.
      Mr. Popo: "When their hope planet was in danger, Kami's parents must have put him on board this ship and sent him hear to save his life."
      Bulma: "It must run by voice command... But that means all the commands are in Namekian! Let's try it... See if you can tell it to fly us to Jupiter."
      Mr. Popo: "Topurukuppa Jupe."
      Computer: "Topurukuppa Jupe."
      Bulma: "Look, we're here! We're already at Jupiter! All right! Now we can fly this thing to Namek!"
      Narrator: The adventure continues... today!