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Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 1

Password Is Porunga

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Password Is Porunga
Goku is put into a healing chamber and undergoing treatment. Vegeta also intends to relax – leaving Krillin and Gohan with an opportunity. Dende arrives and with the password to the Namekian Dragon Balls. The three then secretly proceed to get three wishes from Porunga, but if Vegeta finds out, they're dead. Meanwhile, Frieza is done fighting Nail and gets a big surprise. Their whole fight was a diversion to benefit the Z Fighters. Leaving Nail for dead, Frieza races back to his ship.moreless

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  • Murmaider?

    There are no fingerprints

    Deep under water

    Nothing to tie one to a crime

    And if you seek vengeance

    All you need are instruments of pain

    You need your

    Knives? Check.

    Rope? Check.

    Dagger? Check.

    Chains? Check.

    Locks? Check.

    Laser Beams? Check.

    Acid? Check.

    Body Bag? Check.

    Murmaider [x16]

    But beware

    For when you quench your blood thirst

    Others will seek their vengeance on you

    And they won't rest

    Until you're dead

    They'll have their:

    Shiv? Check.

    Pipe? Check.

    Hammer? Check.

    Axe? Check.

    Subject? Check.

    Location? Check.

    Desire? Check.

    Vengeance? Check.

    Hold your breath, swim and strain

    The smell of death, can't escape

    Blood will could and drift away

    Attract the murders of Murmaids

    It's so cold they all know

    What you've done, you can't run

    Vengeance is the law for thee

    A thousand leagues below the sea

    You've been tracked, you've been seen

    Murdering the next kin

    Ate their hearts drank their blood

    Washed your fins in blackened mud

    Now you swim try to hide

    Heart beats faster from inside

    Thought it was a big charade

    Your life was ended by Murmaids.

    Murmaider [x16]

    Swords? Check.

    Saws? Check.

    Clubs? Check.

    Claws? Check.

    Hatred? Check.

    Anger? Check.

    Mermaid? Check.

    Murder? Check.


    Your life was ended by mermaids.moreless
  • Starting of an awsome saga!!

    THinking that dende must have arrived by now. Nail finally gives in his lengthy struggle with freeza but hes still near death! Freeza is now coming but dende has told Gohan and Krillen that the password is porunga and the dragon is summoned. much to Freeaza and Vegeta's dis pleasure!
  • Tons of filler, but oh well.

    Vegeta left Gohan with the responsibility of watching over the dragon balls. Meanwhile, Freiza was busy taking care of Nail. When he couldn't even move anymore, Nail finally revelaed their diversion, and Frieza rushed off back to his spaceship. Krillin encountered Dende, and they headed back to the spaceship to summon the dragon. Thanks to Vegeta's nap time, they're able to grant their wishes first, and hopefully dupe him of his immortality. Dende finally summoned the dragon, and he asks them for their wishes.

    While most of this episode was filler, it was pretty humourous seeing Captain Ginyu again in frog form, trynig to fool Gohan into thinking that he isn't him. It was pretty amusing seeing him get chased around by that girl frog. The battle with Nail and him telling Freiza about the plan does question his character. You'd think he would sacrifice his body in order to stall Freiza a little bit longer, but that wasn't the case. Other than that, I guess it's cool that they finally summoned the dragon? It was surprisingly how bigger and different he was compared to Shenron of Earth.moreless
Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat


Guest Star

Kenji Utsumi

Kenji Utsumi

Porunga (Japanese)

Guest Star

Junpei Takiguchi

Junpei Takiguchi

Grand Elder (Japanese)

Guest Star

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel

Nail/King Kai

Recurring Role

Mayumi Tanaka

Mayumi Tanaka

Krillin (Japanese)

Recurring Role

Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat


Recurring Role

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