Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 5

Piccolo the Super-Namek

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Piccolo the Super-Namek

"Piccolo the Super-Namek", episode 80 of the anime series "Dragon Ball Z" from Cartoon Network, originally aired on February 28, 1995. Dende tends to Krillin and attempts to heal him. Frieza turns his cruel attention to Gohan. Though Gohan is strong he is no match for Frieza's power. Krillin recovers enough to save Gohan from a killing blow. Piccolo arrives challenging Frieza and giving the others hope.


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  • The Frieza saga just keeps on getting better.

    In the beginning of the episode Gohan is seriously hurt after fighting Frieza. It seems that Frieza might be finishing of Gohan very shortly. Goku senses the trouble his son is in, but isn't fully healed yet, so he can't help. A newly healed Krillin launches an attack to get Frieza away from Gohan. Krillin then tries to keep Frieza occupied for even longer by flying off and keeping away from him. However Frieza is able to keep up with Krillin and won't let him get away. Krillin then uses the solar flare attack and blinds Frieza so he can get back to Gohan and Vegeta. Meanwhile Dende has been able to heal Gohan now that Frieza is temporarily occupied. When Frieza gets back Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta all launch an attack together to try and injure Frieza. However, Frieza remains unharmed. Piccolo then arrives on the scene and wants to take Frieza on all by himself. The episode ends with Frieza and Piccolo confronting each other and ready to start the fight.

    I liked this episode since there was a good amount of fighting. The action was kept fresh since we had more than one fighter facing Frieza in this episode. I also liked how they ended this episode with the anticipation that Frieza and Piccolo would start to fight.moreless
  • too much standing and staring

    Gohan goes all out seeing Krillen sinking! the mighty warrior deeply wounds the mighty freeza! But teh tables turn and Freeza is again winning. But a renewed Krillen cuts Freeza's tail (nice one Krillen) then he runs away and distracts freeza for some time. Then Piccolo arrives can he defeat frieza (not in this episode it has to much staring)
  • Krillin has a long tongue.

    Gohan, enraged that Frieza has taken care of his friend Krillin, quickly unleashes a huge offensive assault against the monster. Even Vegeta was impressed. Frieza though, with his brute strength, was hardly damaged. He quickly knocked the mighty midget out. He was on the verge of dying, but Krillin's destructo disc cuts off a piece of Frieza's tail, and the other mighty midget leads Frieza away from where Gohan is. Frieza didn't know it was a diversion for Dende to heal Gohan. When he returned, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan, all attacked Frieza at the same time. When the smoke cleared out, he remained unscratched. Then, Piccolo comes, and tells his comrades he'll be facing this off alone.

    If only I had access to the uncut versions, this would have been more emotional. Oh well, this episode was still pretty good. What I like about Dragonball Z is that during its arcs, it's not only pure fighting; some sidestuff occurs during the process to help make the story more interesting, such as Dende's healing abilities, Piccolo's fusion with Nail, etc. All of these little things contribute to the overall entertainment of the anime. Plus, as a Piccolo fan, this is one awesome episode. You just can't wait for the moment to see Vegeta in extreme disbelief after he finds out Piccolo is stronger than him, when a couple weeks before, he was so much weaker.moreless
  • With Goku in the hospital case, Krillin and the tohers try their best to stall for time.

    A gruesome peisode with a very sickened audience. Luckily,for me, we never got to see this episode. The details: Krillin from last episode, gets impaled by one of Frieza\'s horns. While being thrown around, Frieza eventually drops him when all of his organs are proabaly totally trashed. The dub saved this epsidoe, but the uncut version is as gory as the uncut version of Saving Private Ryan.
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Teryl Rothery

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    • Freiza: (to Piccolo) As of yet I haven't decided to kill you, but I'm real close. Now go before it's too late, please, it would ease my conscience knowing that I spared one of you.

    • Dende: They never said Piccolo was a Namek! Go green!

    • [In Episode "Gohan Attacks"(65.5)]Vegeta: (after firing a blast at Freiza) One tip, to keep in mind, never turn your back when you're up against Vegeta. Got it? Because you never know what tricks I may have up my sleeve! Feel my wrath! (fires two blasts at Freiza)

    • Frieza: (while standing on Gohan's head) Sometimes you just have to put your foot down when it comes to kids.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Japanese Airdate: February 20th, 1991

    • Japanese Title: Is This the End? Terrifying Power Attacks Gohan.

    • FUNi dubbed this episode with the title "Gohan Attacks" but then changed it to "Piccolo the Super-Namek".

    • This episode aired uncut on Telemundo and the infamous scene between Krillin and Frieza was a lot longer. Here is what many of the fans on Cartoon Network did not see.:

      After Frieza's horn went through Krillin's chest, his blood began dripping down to Frieza's mouth and he began drinking Krillin's blood! Gohan and Vegeta tried to save Krillin, but Frieza kept punching them. Krillin tried to free himself from Frieza by kicking him in the face and neck, but Frieza wouldn't stop. When Frieza was done, he through Krillin into the body of water. As all of this was happening, King Kai and the others were freaking out and screaming and Goku (in the chamber) was trying to get out of the chamber.

      This episode will never air on Cartoon Network for obvious reasons.

    • Due to its violent content, Episode 65, Gohan Attacks, was not aired. Piccolo the Super-Nameck, Episode 66, is credited as 65, and contains some footage from Gohan Attacks. On the uncut tapes, Gohan Attacks is "Episode 65.5".