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Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 6

Return of Cooler

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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  • Cooler's back!

    Cooler's been reborn by the Big Gete Star, a strong force that'll revive any villain as Meta, short for Metal. Anyways, Mea Cooler invites Goku and Crew to the Big Gete planet, A planet full of Meta Humans! This was a great movie, great plot, and great action! I didn't really like the ending, though.
  • New Namek is besieged by an enormous evil entity - the Big Gete Star - a 'living planet' of metal that sustains itself by devouring entire worlds

    Fearing for the existence of his people, Dende, the new guardian of Earth, turns to Goku and his friends for help. The Z-Fighters spring into action in an effort to save the new Namekian home world from this invading menace, but their fight won't be easy! The Big Gete Star has an army of powerful Cyclopean Guards at its disposal, and what's more, at the heart of this metal giant lurks an old enemy... Cooler!
  • Return Of Cooler.

    As the Z fighters travel to new Namek, they have no idea that Cooler's new and improved ship is damaging the planet and his robots are taking the entire namek race to prison.When son-Goku and the others arrive, they see the devestating view that's on namek.When they fight the robots and manage to destroy a few of them, Cooler comes out of a ship with two elite drones.A fight between Cooler and Goku started.Vegeta arrived with his own travel craft, and joins the fight.They take flight to the new Geti Star and Defeated Cooler in it, without knowing that the ship's core was inside of Cooler's body, so it seperated from the planet and exploded.Everyone thought that Goku was lost, but he flew down and everyone greeded him.But Vegeta was nowhere to be seen.
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