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Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 6

Return of Cooler

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Cooler shouldn't be able to use Instant Transmission, since he cannot sense Ki.

    • During one of the final scenes, just before Goku turns Super Saiyan and shoots the finishing stroke at Cooler (Big Gete Star), we can see Vegeta stretched out on the ground, with black hair. Soon after, while Goku is charging a ki sphere in right hand, we note Vegeta, still unconscious on the ground, as a Super Saiyan with blond hair.

    • When the Big Gete Star lost its grip on New Namak, the latter planet's gravity should have held the Star to the surface. Instead, it floats off into space.

    • If Dende is the new guardian of the Earth, Piccolo should already be fused with Kami. Therefore, he should be the most powerful of the warriors present. He would have been more than powerful enough to defeat the single Meta-Cooler in the Bg Gete Star passageway.

    • During when Goku is fighting Cooler, he does his Kaio Ken technique. After his red flame goes down, Goku's body is still lit red.

  • Quotes

    • Goku: Hey, can you still fight?
      Vegeta: What, what kind of question is that!?
      Goku: Listen, at this rate we're not gonna make it much longer, there's only one way for us to win, we have to combine our powers and attack him at the same time!
      Goku: I thought you'd say that!

    • (Millions of Coolers are running at Vegeta and Goku)
      Goku: Well, it was nice knowing you, Vegeta...
      Vegeta: Ohh... shut up!

    • (Goku has just dodged a Death Bomb)
      Cooler: Very nice, I didn't think there was time to dodge... that was quite a clever trick!
      Goku: You like that one huh? It's called Instant Transmission!
      Cooler: I know.... it's one of my favourite techniques!

    • Cooler: You can't win!
      Goku: I'll just have to try harder!
      Cooler: ....By all means try....

    • Meta Cooler: Perhaps I forgot to mention - my body is monitored constantly by the main computer. Any injury I might suffer is instantly detected and repaired!

    • Robot: (to prisoners) Excuse me, your attention, please. If you'll all be so kind as to follow me, we'll begin chopping you up.

    • Vegeta: I can't feel my legs.

    • Cooler: I would bother to explain but you wouldn't live long enough to care, Namek filth.

    • Goku: It's been nice knowing you Vegeta.
      Vegeta: Oh, shut up!

  • Notes

    • Frieza and Cooler were both recreated as machines.

    • At the start, in the spaceship, everyone except Piccolo has a personalised space suit, that is, their names are on each of their own suits.

    • Cooler uses his fourth form to model Meta Cooler since Goku was the only one to have seen his Ultimate Form. Movie #5: "You should feel'll be the first to witness this new form!"

    • Meta Cooler knows the Instant Transmission technique, an attack similar to the Kiaiho and an invisible attack that makes a huge explosion.

    • Japanese title: "Fight!! 10 Billion Power Warriors"

    • This movie also takes place during the 3 Years of training, Very Late in the training. When the Nameks Left Goku went with them to check out there planet

    • Vegeta's first movie appearence.

  • Allusions

    • The idea of a single computer absorbing other metals, computers, and even life forms is taken from the other anime called Akira. Although, the Big Ghette Star is like Unicron from Transformers the Movie (1986), as he is also planet sized and devours worlds too.

    • 2001:Space Odyssey
      When Piccolo first enters the Big Ghetti Star, it looks the same as when the astronaut goes through at Jupiter in 2001:Space Odyssey.

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