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  • Need more time

    We are just a big fan of dragon ballz...

    It telecasted for a hour till a month now it reduced to 30 minutes...

    It's very disgusting to the fans....

    Please retelecast to 60 minutes..
  • historical series

    It was part of the childhood of many people
  • Super

    Best Japanese/chinese anime and manga ever.
  • dragonball series I have notice a lot

    there fighting scene are bit boring all they do is take each other hit we cant even tell who winning

    punch punch kick kick no dodging no tricks

    the energy blast seem 2 be pointless no effect

  • Grew up loving this show... thank you Akira Toriyama

    honestly this is the best anime ever !
  • The most overrated show ever

    Honestly, I hate this series. I find it to be really boring and repetitive. Usually when there is a popular show or movie that I don't like, I can understand why people like it and why I don't like it. For Dragon Ball Z, I can't see why anyone would find it entertaining. I used to think it was because of nostalgia, but even nostalgia can't blind people this much, can it? I still think nostalgia plays a big role in why people love it, but there has to be something else. Another reason maybe because Dragon Ball Z influenced future anime like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach (I find all 3 of those shows to be vastly superior to DBZ by the way). That's true, DBZ was influential. But Astro Boy influenced DBZ. The Flintstones influenced The Simpsons. But no one thinks Astro Boy is the best anime ever nor does anyone think the Flintstones is better than The Simpsons. Maybe it's because both of those shows are older? So maybe years from now people will look back at DBZ and not like it as much? Putting that aside, I guess I should get into why I don't this series. As said earlier, I think DBZ is very repetitive and boring. I'll start with the best aspect of DBZ which are the fights. For a show that's so driven by action, Dragon Ball Z's fight choreography isn't very good. It's a lot of characters dodging flurries of punches that only inflict damage when the screenwriter needs them to. None of the fight choreography is clever. In addition to that, once you've seen one DBZ fight, you've seen them all. Every fight is pretty much the same, just different "power levels" each time. You can compare DBZ to a show like Naruto in which a lot of the fight choreography is precise because the characters' movements have value, stakes, and wit assigned to them in the service of winning a battle. All the fights in Naruto are different. Everyone has their own fighting style. DBZ is the same shit over and over again. I don't see the need of me continuing to say why I don't like DBZ seeing how I just explained why the BEST part of it is boring. And this review would get too lengthy.
  • The best anime ever made

    Ah.. the good old days racing home after school to watch this on Toonami will forever be some of my best memories growing up as a child. This masterpiece completely revolutionized anime in Japan as well as America for a reason. I'm 22 now and this show is still a part of my life. 10/10
  • Greatest. Action. Animated Show. EVER!!

    Alright, breaking tradition here. Usually I just review animated shows from North America and not Japanese animes. Mainly because, I don't watch many of them anymore. But a few of the ones I do watch, are among my favorite shows of all time. And the best one is without a doubt, Dragon Ball Z. This may just be my favorite animated show off all time, even more than the Looney Tunes or Avatar. I never missed an opportunity to watch it as a kid, and today, I have all nine seasons on DVD. That's how much I love DBZ.

    The characters are awesome. Goku is one of the most likable characters ever put into animation, he's kind, naive, competitive, and he's always trying to see the good in people, even if the people are the most evil villains you could ever meet. His son Gohan, is just as likable. I loved how he developed from a spoiled brat in the beginning to a complete badass in the Cell Games. Other Z Warriors like Piccolo, Krillin and Tien are cool in their own different ways. Future Trunks was awesome, one of my personal favs. Vegeta, while he's an egotistic bastard for most of the series, his development during the Buu saga was awesome, actually learning some humility while still retaining that tough, proud, princely attitude.

    The show itself was incredible. I have to admit though, I didn't like it in Japanese. I grew up with the Funimation dub on Toonami, and personally, it was much better than the Japanese version. I love the voice acting better, and the music by Bruce Faulcner was freakin' EPIC! The fighting, in both dubs of course, is spectacular, and I really loved the story. While I do think the Frieza saga dragged on a little too long, it was still great, and I loved the Androids/Cell and Buu stroy arcs. Also, I didn't mind DBZ's filler at all. They all fit in the canon storyline pretty well and they didn't drag on for a long time like they do in Naruto and Bleach.

    Honestly, I have no real problems with this show, it's just one of those perfect shows in my opinion. Dragon Ball Z had awesome characters, storylines, action, music, and it's hilarious in many situations. It's the action show that inspired some of the greatest animes to ever come out of Japan for a reason, and it just might be the greatest animated show (American or Japanese) to ever exist.
  • Great anime

    IT's a great anime with great plot and characters.

    My favorite 10 moments are:

    Everything featuring Goten and Trunks (and Gotenks) in the Buu Saga!

    Two simple words; Garlic Jr.

    Goku and Piccolo getting their drivers license (God, was that stupid!)

    Gohan going to highschool and fighting crime as the Great Saiyaman

    The announcer guy and Hercule's team at the Cell Games

    The Androids who take a frickin' van to search for Goku

    Everyone just turning Super Saiyan after they learned how to walk. Wow, what a legend ...

    The unspectacular way both keycharacters Vegeta and Gohan turn Super Saiyan for the first time

    All the stuff where Gohan trains and becomes friends (with dinosaurs or poor girls or whatever)

    How both Frieza and Cell were legends in DBZ and sad pushovers in DBGT. So much for your legend.

    And by the way if there are any lithuanians then please help expand dragon ball Wiki:

    *lt dragonball wikia com * (dots between spaces)

    Help is much needed here!

    This anime is really good!
  • Probably one of the best Animes of all time

    The rating I give is for Dragon Ball Z as a whole. It was made 24 years ago and it has not aged a bit. Even today, there are video games and forums and fansites on the series. It is so popular, that it has even been released as Dragon Ball Z Kai, digitally remastering it. It has been dubbed several times in North America. I will review each dub down below.

    Toonami dub 1998/ 9 out of 10 This is what introduced me to the series and I was blown away as a kid. Sure, a lot of scenes were altered but it was to make it appropriate to children, which I could forgive, plus I was a kid myself. This was also the first anime to be dubbed by FUNimation, my favorite dubbing company. By today, they are much more faithful to their properties, they were able cut down on most of the content on this series at the time and still make it awesome. That takes a lot of talent and only FUNimation could pull it off.

    DBZ Uncut/ 7 out of 10 Though it was considered uncut, I don't really have any memories of this version, severely lowering the score. I don't think it lasted very long so it's hard for me to remember this well.

    Dragon Ball Z Kai Nicktoons dub/ N/A I haven't seen this dub so I can't give a review for it. Sorry!

    Dragon Ball Z Kai 4Kids/Vortex dub/ 1 out of 10. Yes, this dub was a complete insult. Many more scenes were removed from this version than the Cartoon Network version. At first I thought I missed them but no, they cut out the episode with Princess Snake and instead of just altering Hell like Cartoon Network did, they skipped it all out entirely. I still kept watching despite my outrage and finally gave up on this after hearing "Ginyu Force Rules" theme when the Ginyu Force introduced themselves. It was so horrible I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. I haven't even watched the show after Vortex took over when 4Kids went bankrupt. This actually made me see how terrible 4Kids was as I grew up with Cartoon Network's dub of Dragon Ball Z.

    Dragon Ball Z Kai Adult Swim dub 10 out of 10: Funimation along with Adult Swim made Dragon Ball gave the series a perfect dub. Rather than say blasted to another dimension or "went away," the character finally cut the crap and say die or death or kill. The blood is now in and almost nothing is edited. This is Dragon Ball Z finally getting respect. Out of all the dubs, this is hands down the best.
  • Dragon ball z

    Dragon ball z is the best animated show ever love this animated show , and its unbeatable show . it is the father of manga. And its hero is also the best in the cartoon history,and its goku. He is awesome! . I am disappointed by the rating of this show , that people don't understand just awesome is this cartoon show. I have lost words for this show.
  • sucks

    DBZ is too violent,it should be banned from playing the games and tv series,the games are unbeatable and the gameplay sucks on battle of z.
  • just pure epicness

    who ever hates this show is just jealous that they aren't saiyans.
  • Dragonball Z

    Always loved it as a KID and I still will as a MAN :)
  • Dragon ball

    Dragon ball 100% PURE CONCENTRATE, excelent!!!
  • How much do I love this!

  • The Greatest Anime Series of all time.

    Dragonball Z is the best anime series to ever make it onto television. It was the first one I fell instantly in love with, the first one that gave us the epic scale of insanely massive animated science fiction from Japan, and of course, the greatest Super Saiyan of all time: Son Goku.

    This show was one of the most significant parts of my childhood. He was the Japanese equivalent of Superman for me, and he was just as, if not even more badass than The Last Son of Krypton.

    This show is what I consider to be in the Epic Television genre. It is up there with the greatest cartoons ever made for TV. It wasn't just a show about epic fights and overcoming your enemies; it was also a journey of character development. That's what so many people seem to overlook when it comes to Dragonball Z. Goku is one of the most loveable characters in the show; he is a loving father, loyal to his friends, must overcome his own limits so he can defeat his enemies and is an overall badass. That's why I loved the show so much.

    The characters are loveable, so much more than what can be said for the characters in Pokemon. That show was all about trying to 'catch 'em all'. Here, there is a reason the story is told. You have so much internal potential and power that you don't yet realise. Goku has all these traits that we as normal humans without superpowers, strive to accomplish.

    Aside from the subtext of the show, it is just great stuff and is also incredibly funny sometimes. It still feels fresh despite the somewhat dated animation, yet the animation is still incredible. They just don't put this much detail into anime TV shows anymore. Mainly, it's the feeling you get from watching the show that stays with you. It's ultra satisfaction that's near impossible to get from today's television shows. You'll keep wishing that you were best friends with Goku and all the other timeless characters ranging from, Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Trunks, Tien, Yamcha, and to a degree Bulma (she always crossed the fine line between funny and annoying, but that's just me personally). Still, even the annoying characters can be fun to watch because they add to the comical side of the show.

    If you haven't watched Dragonball Z or any other anime, then you haven't truly seen what animation is capable of. Don't restrict yourself to only-Disney stuff. Go beyond that stuff, and Dreamworks stuff also. Animation is more than a kids-only pleasing medium. It's for everyone, just like this gem of a show.

    I give Dragonball Z 10/10 dragonballs.
  • Watch Team Four Star on Youtube

    The animations are great and so are the characters. It made up alot of my childhood and I still watch it time from time. I don't know what channel this show started on, but it's brilliant.

    If it isnt considered the best anime series it should be considered the anime series that brought anime into mainstream. If you watch it now it may seem outdated and the grahpics old BUT IT WAS MADE MORE THAN 20 YEARS AGO. Unlike Naruto each episode is packed with action, comedy and drama. A beautiful blend of all the things that make anime great. Definitely the most influential Anime Series.

    please launched the dragon ball g and gt on cartooonnetwork india please launched tha dargon ball z ang gt please................................ i'm BIg fan of dbg g and gt
  • An Anime of doom.

    Another bad show that should have not been made. The only good part is their powers and the designs. 5/100 Horrible.
  • nice ever forever anime

    nice for me like love story about gohan and videl some anime like naruto is base some idea on dbz so i never forget this epic anime ever in my life

  • plz come back dragon ball z

    my name is samyak and i want to see dragon ball z on cartoon network plz open dragon ball z on it . this is my favourite programm
  • DragonBall Z is about the experiences of a saiyin(Goku) living and protecting planet earth from incredibly vengeful and powerful enemies. Originally he was sent to conquer Earth but accidentally fell on his head and had a change of heart.

    What more can you say about DragonBall Z; it's just plain awesome. Dragon Ball Z was the first Japanese Anime that I took interest in and from then on I became hooked. Not only is Dragon Ball Z loaded with tons of action, it also has an excellent storyline. The mouth dropping action will make you an instant fan and you'll be hooked waiting for each episode like a pack of cigarettes loaded with nicotine. This show became an instant classic in my heart and in the hearts of all true anime fans the moment it aired. Dragon Ball Z made me what I am today A die hard anime Fan.
  • DBZ Rocks

    Best show ever!
  • Its over 9000!!

    Watched a few episodes and loved it
  • The best cartoon there will be in past, present and future

    there is no cartoons that will match with dragon ball z.............

    these cartoon is the best..........

  • A shonen that started it all!

    Dragon Ball Z is an amazing anime and is very well written and the battles are great and I really do think that this series really redefined shonen manga in general. The animation is still quite good considering that it came out in 1989, and the characters are very well done. Well to say the very least this is a great show and it redefine what shonens are, so with that said one must wonder what shonens would be like if Dragon Ball Z never came out....
  • It began with the Dragon balls, and it ended with them.

    Words cannot describe the awesome elements smashed together to make this ultimate series that had the whole world shaken, and that was the universe of Dragonball. I was young myself when I saw this wonderful series being premiered on air for the first time and the developments throughout my youth with dragonball was just amazing. I never expected Dragonball to have such a good ending and how they fought each and different very unique characters. Now I could write a review about this all day but I will just say it, My review for 2012: This is just amazing in words not even founded.
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