Dragon Ball Z - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)



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Episode Guide

  • A Legend Revealed
    A Legend Revealed
    Episode 67
    As Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan look on, Goku easily deflects the attacks of Jeice and Burter, two of the Force's fiercest warriors. Could Goku have become what Vegeta thought was only a legend: a Super Saiyan?
  • Goku's New Power
    Goku's New Power
    Episode 66
    Goku has arrived on Planet Namek, and without a second to lose! Gohan and Krillin are hanging by a thread, held at the mercy of the Ginyu Force! Has Goku's training in 100-times gravity prepared him to face these powerful foes?
  • Let the Battle Begin
    With Krillin and Vegeta both out of commission, only Gohan remains to carry on the fight against Recoome! The young Saiyan must summon every ounce of his strength and courage in order to face this powerful foe.
  • Recoome Unleashed
    Recoome Unleashed
    Episode 64
    The battle with Guldo may be over, but the real nightmare is just beginning! Recoome, the most massive member of the Ginyu Force, is ready to fight, and even the mighty Vegeta's attacks have no effect on this monstrous foe!
  • Guldo's Mind Binds
    Guldo's Mind Binds
    Episode 63
    The battle with the Ginyu Force begins, as Gohan and Krillin launch a barrage of explosive energy blasts at Guldo! The Heroes are rendered helpless by Guldo's Mind Blind technique, and this time, there is no one to save them!
  • New Ally, New Problem
    The Ginyu Force has arrived on Planet Namek! Now, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan must form an uneasy alliance as they stand face to face with five of the fiercest warriors in the universe!
  • Hidden Power
    Hidden Power
    Episode 61
    Krillin and Gohan complete their journey to Guru's house, but little do they know, Vegeta is hot on their trail! Can Guru unlock Gohan's hidden powers in time to hold off the rampaging Saiyan's wrath?
  • Bulma's Big Day
    Bulma's Big Day
    Episode 60
    Bulma is taken hostage by Frieza's evil henchmen, who force her to lead them on an underwater quest for the Dragon Balls. Without Gohan and Krillin to save her, she'll have to outsmart her captors - or wind up sleeping with the fishes!
  • Destination: Guru
    Destination: Guru
    Episode 59
    While Krillin and Gohan visit the Eldest Namekian, they leave the seventh Dragon Ball their hidden camp. When the Dragon Ball mysteriously disappears, Bulma must embark on a daring underwater adventure to get it back!
  • Unknown Enemies
    Unknown Enemies
    Episode 58
    The Ginyu Force has been dispatched to Planet Namek to help search for the Dragon Balls. Unaware of this new threat, Krillin and Gohan struggle to keep the seventh Dragon Ball from falling into Vegeta's evil hands.
  • Gohan, the Hunted
    Gohan, the Hunted
    Episode 57
    Krillin returns from his meeting with the Eldest Namekian only to be greeted by a pair of unwelcome visitors: Vegeta and Zarbon! Meanwhile, Gohan discovers the seventh and final Dragon Ball!
  • Zarbon's Mission
    Zarbon's Mission
    Episode 56
    Vegeta escapes from the clutches of Frieza, and steals the Dragon Balls in the process! Elsewhere, Goku's journey through space grows perilous as his ship is caught in a powerful magnetic storm!
  • Piccolo vs. Everyone
    Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu continue training, but their workout gets intense when Piccolo challenges them all to a three-on-one bout! Back on Namek, Frieza's henchmen try to revive Vegeta in order to obtain the missing Dragon Ball.
  • Guru's Gift
    Guru's Gift
    Episode 54
    When Krillin speaks to the Eldest Namekian, he gets a double surprise! Not only does he receive a Dragon Ball, but the sleeping powers within him are awoken! Will Krillin's incredible new strength be enough to save his friends?
  • The Past and Future
    The Past and Future
    Episode 52
    King Kai becomes concerned after learning that Goku is on a collision course with the ruthless Frieza. Meanwhile, back on Planet Namek, the battle between Vegeta and Zarbon has begun!
  • Goku... Super Saiyan?
    Goku begins to fight with Recoome after he gives Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta Ginsu Beans. Recoome powers up for a "Recoome Kaboom," after the scouter reads that Goku's power level is only 5,000. He thinks he can beat Goku easily. But, Goku is concealing his power, and only Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin know it. Recoome starts to attack, but then stops dead because Goku elbowed him in the stomach, taking Recoome down. Jeice and Burter are surprised, but not worried...Vegeta begins to wonder if Goku is a legendary Super Saiyan. The last Super Saiyan (who lived hundreds of years ago) could only maintain his power in the transformed state, and he could not control it. Goku, however, was in complete control, and had lost his tail permanently as a boy, so he could not transform. Jeice and Burter start to attack. Goku just stands there. Or is he moving? Vegeta sees foot prints in different spots, so he must be moving. But, how could even a saiyans eyes not even sense the movement? Goku begins to fight back, and makes a fool of Burter and Jeice. He defeats Burter, and tells Jeice that he can leave, unscathed, as long as he leaves the planet. Jeice flies away, but he does not leave Namek.moreless
  • Enter Goku
    Enter Goku
    Episode 26

    Chi Chi is having a nightmare about Gohan's well-being. Dr. Briefs then tells Chi Chi that his space capsule is finally ready. Chi Chi then rushes inside and starts the space pod only for it to fall after going around 100 feet in the sky. Meanwhile, Gohan continues to battle the radically powerful member of the Ginyu Force, Recoome. Gohan slightly gains the upper hand against Recoome, but Recoome quickly turns the tables once again, but Goku enters the scene, giving his friends Senzu beans, and preparing himself for battle.

  • No Refuge from Recoome

    Vegeta faces off against the ruthless Recoome, and it seems that Vegeta's got it in the bag after beating Recoome senseless. Unfortunately Recoome is not defeated, and Vegeta's energy begins to run low. Krillin and Gohan are forced to intervene, Krillin knocks down Recoome, while Gohan recovers Vegeta to safety. Recoome still won't go down, he defeats Krillin, and Gohan is forced to take on the mighty warrior by himself.

  • Time Tricks and Body Binds
    The Ginyu Force had reached planet Namek and Captain Ginyu had already taken the Dragonballs to Frieza. The rest of the members were thinking on what to do with Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan. After a few games it was decided that Guldo will take on the two earthlings and Recoome will take on Vegeta. At first Krillin and Gohan have the upper hand but soon Guldo uses some of his own tricks to immobilize Gohan and Krillin. Now he rips of a tree and throws it towards Gohan but a blow from Vegeta finishes Guldo and Krillin are saved. Now its Recoome's turn. Where is Goku in the time of need?moreless
  • Elite Fighters of the Universe...The Ginyu Force
    Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta decide that their only chance is to work together. They pool their Namekian Dragon Balls and resources in the hopes of fending off the recently arrived Ginyu Force. However, the five foes find them and take the seven Namekian Dragon Balls with zero effort. Captain Ginyu leaves to personally deliver them to Frieza. What's worse is that Recoome, Jeice, Burter and Guldo stay put – intending to finish the three warriors. Has Frieza truly won now?moreless
  • Arrival of the Ginyu Force
    Gohan finally meets the Eldest Namek and has his potential unlocked. Meanwhile, outside, Krillin has a stand-off with the recently arrived Vegeta. The Saiyan Prince wants the remaining Namekian Dragon Ball now. When Gohan steps outside, it looks like a major fight will break out. However, the detection of a great power in space grinds everything to a halt. The three warriors mistakenly believe it to be Goku arriving early, but they are wrong. Instead, the biggest threat yet is about to fall into their laps – the Ginyu Force.moreless
  • Scramble for the Dragon Balls!
    Frieza grows tired of the repeated failures of her forces on Namek. He decides that he must up the ante to settle this – call in the Ginyu Force, his most powerful servants. A more immediate problem awaits Krillin, Gohan and others, however. Vegeta has figured out that Gohan stole the hidden Namekian Dragon Ball earlier – ruining his chances at a wish. Vegeta is now on the move to hunt down the young half-Saiyan, which means that he will soon be at the Eldest Namek's doorstep.moreless
  • Big Trouble for Bulma
    Gohan returns with a Namekian Dragon Ball. Krillin then decides to take him to meet the Eldest Namek – leaving Bulma alone with the prize. She thinks she'll be free to relax, but that opportunity proves short-lived. Her own mishandling of the Namekian Dragon Ball sends it deep into a nearby lake. With a capsule submarine, Bulma must trade relaxation with a search mission. Unfortunately, it's won't be easy as dangerous underwater life doesn't want to give up the Namekian Dragon Ball without a fight. Perhaps Krillin and Gohan should've just stayed put.moreless
  • Immortality Denied
    Immortality Denied
    Episode 19
    Vegeta finds Krillin and Bulma, which in turn brings Zarbon to them. It's now round two between the two fighters and the two Earthlings get front row seats. Vegeta is unwilling to tell Zarbon anything, which suits him just fine. They fight and things already have a different feel to it. Even Zarbon's transformation doesn't pack the same punch. Vegeta reveals that Saiyans do more than just learn defeat – they become stronger. Vegeta promptly finishes Zarbon before turning his attention to Krillin and Bulma. He takes their Namekian Dragon Ball and flies off. Meanwhile, Gohan finds the one that Vegeta had hidden earlier.moreless
  • A Heavy Burden
    A Heavy Burden
    Episode 18
    With such a long trip to Namek, Goku works to find ways to keep himself busy. However, the ship's gravity system suddenly malfunctions – rapidly changing the levels at random. Dr. Briefs believes that resetting systems should fix the problem, but the gravity level becomes fixed at one hundred times Earth's just as Goku is hanging upside-down during training. Since this is a temporary problem, Dr. Briefs suggests that Goku should just wait it out, but idly hanging around isn't his style. Enduring great pain and struggle, Goku manages to reset shipwide systems is.moreless
  • Vegeta Revived
    Vegeta Revived
    Episode 17
    Frieza has Vegeta in his ship and his clutches – intending to interrogate him on the hidden Namekian Dragon Ball once he is finished healing. However, Vegeta finishes healing faster than expected and breaks loose. As he makes his escape, he also finds Frieza's five Namekian Dragon Balls. He steals them – dealing Frieza a major setback. Frieza orders Zarbon to get them back and finish Vegeta once and for all.moreless
  • Get Vegeta!
    Get Vegeta!
    Episode 16
    Zarbon is pleased that he took care of Vegeta, but Frieza isn't. He knows that Vegeta found one of the Namekian Dragon Balls and hid it. Unable to find it on their own, they need Vegeta alive. Frieza demands that Zarbon find him and bring him back for treatment at once. If Vegeta does die, Frieza threatens to make Zarbon join him. Zarbon heads out and brings the beaten Vegeta back to the ship just in time.moreless
  • The Eldest Namek
    The Eldest Namek
    Episode 15
    Krillin and Dende complete their journey across Namek. They are soon standing before Namek's leader, the Eldest Namek. He grants Krillin two very important gifts. The first is unlocking his potential – making him stronger than ever. The second, surprisingly, is a Namekian Dragon Ball. Krillin races back with the prize to inform the others, as problems loom.moreless
  • Zarbon Transformed
    Zarbon Transformed
    Episode 14
    Vegeta is pummeling Zarbon, so he is naturally enjoying himself. However, Zarbon has an ace up his sleeve – a transformation. Transforming into a monstrous form, he quickly turns the tables on the Saiyan Prince and then leaves him for dead. Meanwhile, on King Kai's planet, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Piccolo get a taste of the training that Goku experienced. Naturally, chasing Bubbles and Gregory don't seem normal to them.moreless
  • Stay Away from Frieza

    Vegeta encounters Zarbon and decides to pick a fight. Meanwhile, Dende believes his friends should meet the Eldest Namek. Krillin accompanies him, but it is a long and dangerous journey across the planet. Meanwhile, while continuing his training in space, Goku receives good news from King Kai. It turns out that he, Bubbles and Gregory have new guests on their planet – Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Piccolo, who are looking for some training.

  • A Collision Course
    A Collision Course
    Episode 12
    Vegeta finds a village containing a Namekian Dragon Ball. He only needs the one to derail Frieza's plans, so he is quite thrilled about this development. The villagers unsurprisingly aren't, however. When they resist, Vegeta makes them regret it. Meanwhile, Goku's ship is about to enter a deadly part of space. Goku's survival depends on Dr. Briefs' instructions to the letter and as quickly as possible.moreless
  • Secrets Revealed
    Secrets Revealed
    Episode 11

    Bulma gets word that Goku has left Earth in a ship. Though it will take time, he will eventually arrive on Namek. Meanwhile, Dodoria is still chasing Krillin, Gohan and their new Namekian friend. They are only saved by some unlikely help from Vegeta. The two old foes battle, but Dodoria is out of his league. To save himself, he reveals the real reason why the Saiyan race is nearly extinct – Frieza. Vegeta hears him out and then kills him.

  • Escape from Dodoria
    Escape from Dodoria
    Episode 10
    With things in the Namekian village getting out of hand, Krillin and Gohan race into action. They save the Namekian child and then quickly fly off. The downside is that these actions will definitely make Frieza aware of their presence on Namek. A more pressing problem looms, however, and is known as Dodoria. The powerful warrior gives chase and won't stop for any reason.moreless
  • The Nameks versus Frieza
    Frieza's forces attack a village that is key to another Namekian Dragon Ball. The residents' peaceful existence is quickly shattered. They refuse to tell them anything and pay a hard price for that. Krillin and Gohan are secretly watching nearby, but resist interfering because they can't defeat such odds. When Frieza's forces start harassing a Namekian child, they decide to take action.moreless
  • The Ruthless Frieza
    Frieza is making considerable gains on Namek and punishing its poor people in the process. Meanwhile, Yajirobe visits the bedridden Goku in the hospital and brings a vital gift – a bag of Senzu Beans. Upon eating one, the Saiyan hero's health is completely restored – thus amazing the hospital staff. Goku has much to do and catch up on – specifically, getting to Namek. He heads on over to Capsule Corp. in the hopes that Dr. Briefs can help. Fortunately, the oddball scientist has been working on a ship.moreless
  • Face-Off on Namek
    Face-Off on Namek
    Episode 7
    Major fights are in the works across Namek. Vegeta encounters his old foe Cui and is ready to settle their issues permanently. Cui is certain that he can easily take him, but Vegeta is more powerful now and easily kills him. Meanwhile, Krillin, Gohan and Bulma face other servants of Frieza. Though Krillin and Gohan defeat them, their ship is damaged in the process. Now, the three Earthlings are stranded on Namek.moreless
  • Touchdown on Namek
    Touchdown on Namek
    Episode 6
    Krillin, Gohan and Bulma gladly put some distance between themselves and those nasty aliens. Further good fortune awaits, as they finally arrive on Namek. They are ready to begin the Namekian Dragon Ball search, but there's a big problem. Namek is becoming infested with great evils. Vegeta is bad enough, but the other evils may also be too much for Krillin and Gohan to defeat on their own.moreless
  • Who's Who?!
    Who's Who?!
    Episode 5
    With their new Namek friends at their sides, Krillin, Gohan and Bulma begin searching for the Namekian Dragon Balls. They very well – too well, in fact. It turns out they aren't on Namek at all and their 'friends' are really nasty aliens. They plan to steal their ship and claim the Namekian Dragon Balls for themselves. Krillin and Gohan, however, intend to make them regret this deception. Meanwhile, the recovered Vegeta learns of a far more severe problem. Frieza is after the Namekian Dragon Balls, but Vegeta intends to beat him to the punch.moreless
  • Hunt for a Dragonball
    Goku is still in the hospital. However, he believes that he has recovered enough and leaves to test his battle readiness. Unfortunately, he is still in dire medical shape and has to be rushed back to the hospital. That's too bad, especially when Krillin, Gohan and Bulma find themselves in a nasty situation. They blackout and are surprised to wake-up to find two aliens telling them they are on another Namek.moreless
  • Friends or Foes?
    Friends or Foes?
    Episode 3
    Krillin, Gohan and Bulma are trapped aboard a much larger ship. It turns out to be full of refugees wronged by a powerful being known as Frieza. That is bad enough, but the trio is accused of working for him. This misunderstanding threatens their quest and their very lives. A sudden danger, however, allows them to prove to their captors that they are good. They parts ways amicably, and the trio resumes course for Namek as quickly as possible.moreless
  • Journey to Namek
    Journey to Namek
    Episode 2
    All of the supplies are acquired and Kami's ship is ready for departure. Krillin, Gohan and Bulma bid the others farewell and blastoff for Namek. The Namekian Dragon Balls can decide the fates of friends and fellow heroes, so – despite the obvious difficulty – anything less than success isn't an option. Great danger does indeed loom out there, and it comes much sooner than expected.moreless
  • A New Goal... Namek!

    Following the battle with the Saiyans, it is now time to deal with the aftershocks. Goku has taken a severe beating and is rushed to the hospital. Vegeta isn't much better, either – arriving at an alien base for treatment. Even worse, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Kami are dead. Without the Dragon Balls, it seems like they are indeed gone forever. However, Krillin remembers something from the battle and realizes that one last hope remains – Namekian Dragon Balls. With King Kai providing Namek's location and Mr. Popo providing Kami's old ship, a new adventure is about to begin for Krillin, Gohan and Bulma.

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