Dragon Ball Z - Season 4

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)



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Episode Guide

  • Black Fog of Terror
    Black Fog of Terror
    Episode 109
    With the help of the Spice Boys, Garlic Junior releases the Black Water Mist upon an unsuspecting world. As the dreaded fog spreads, so does Garlic Junior's control over the Earth!
  • The Heavens Tremble
    The Heavens Tremble
    Episode 108
    Gohan's going fishing, Krillin's found a girlfriend, and it looks as though peace has once again returned to the Earth. But a terrible evil lurks beneath this tranquil surface: Garlic Junior has escaped from the Dead Zone!
  • Goku's Alive
    Goku's Alive
    Episode 32
    With the battle on Namek over, it is time to wish people back. Bulma and the others figure out a strategy to bring back Krillin and Goku. The Namekians and Vegeta stay at Bulma's residence (the Briefs compound) while the Namekian dragon balls regenerate. The first wish is to bring Krillin and Goku to the Earth check-in station, but Porunga says Goku cannot be brought back because he is alive. The second wish restores Krillin. The third was for Goku, but Goku has refused, so they end up bringing back Yamcha. On the next set of wishes, Chiaotzu and Tien are brought back, and the final wish takes the Namekians to their new home.moreless
  • Namek's Explosion.... Goku's End?

    Takes place after the fight with Frieza. Now that the fight is over, Goku must escape from the planet of Namek as it's about the explode. He decides to fly Frieza's spaceship to get away. However, it appears the ship doesn't work and Goku is stuck on the planet when it explodes. Is this the end of the legendary warrior Goku?

  • Mighty Blast of Rage
    After being cut down by his own deadly attack, Frieza begs Goku to help him. Reluctantly, Goku gives him some energy to escape Namek, but Frieza is unwilling to accept defeat and uses Goku's energy to fire a blast at Goku. Goku turns around and redirects the beam at Frieza, defeating the evil tyrant once and for all.moreless
  • Frieza Defeated!!
    Frieza Defeated!!
    Episode 29
    Frieza has unleashed several fast and deadly energy discs. Goku is quickly on the move trying to evade them, but he might not be able to. Frieza thinks that he has finally won, but Goku ends up turning his own discs against him. One disc does massive damage to Frieza and renders him unable to continue fighting. Unfortunately, this victory may've come too late. Goku is still on the dying Namek, and he may not have a way off.moreless
  • Pathos of Frieza
    Pathos of Frieza
    Episode 28
    Bulma, the surviving Z Fighters and Nameks take a chance to rest. With everything they've been through, they certainly deserve to. Still, some can't help but think of the raging battle on Namek. Goku and Frieza keep pounding each, but the edge is slowly going to the Saiyan warrior. Frieza struggles to turn the tables – making for more challenging, deadly moves. Goku had better keep his guard up or else.moreless
  • Duel on a Vanishing Planet
    What came before is nothing compared to the latest action. To Goku and Frieza, total victory takes total precedence over Namek's impending destruction. Goku wants to show Frieza that even at his strongest, he can still be defeated. However, Frieza remains quite persistent and has the strength to back that up. Back on Earth, the surviving Z Fighters and Nameks can sense the ensuing battle. There is only one question on their minds, though – who will finally win?moreless
  • The Last Wish
    The Last Wish
    Episode 26
    Porunga is waiting for someone to wish for something. King Kai has relayed the details of his plan to the only one capable of reaching the Namekian Dragon in time – Dende. Unfortunately, Frieza has spied Porunga and doesn't intend to miss out on a wish this time. Despite Goku's best efforts, he nearly succeeds – only to be knocked away by Vegeta. The wish is soon made and everyone on Namek – except for Frieza and a volunteering Goku – is sent to Earth. Now, Goku is free to cut loose, but Frieza isn't finished yet, either.moreless
  • Gohan Returns
    Gohan Returns
    Episode 25

    A cruel twist of fate leaves Goku missing and Gohan forced back into action. This is very bad, as the odds favored Frieza the last time they fought, and he wasn't using as much power then. Meanwhile, Kami has summoned Shenron to undo much of what Frieza has done. Everyone possible is alive again, but those on Namek know their planet is doomed. Even worse, without Goku around and Porunga back, Frieza threatens to make King Kai's risky plan backfire in the worst possible way. All that stands in his way is Gohan, but where is Goku?

  • Approaching Destruction
    Goku and Frieza are fighting to a virtual standstill. King Kai is monitoring the situation, but he is suddenly interrupted by Kami. It turns out that Mr. Popo has located Earth's Dragon Balls and Kami wants to know how to proceed next. King Kai believes they should use Shenron to wish back everyone killed by Frieza. To save those on Namek, they will then use Porunga's last wish to send everyone but Frieza to Earth. It's a complicated plan with some definite risks, but it's all they've got at the moment.moreless
  • A Final Attack
    A Final Attack
    Episode 23
    Namek has been dealt a serious blow and could explode any minute now. Goku has a lot on his mind, especially with Frieza still standing. He tells Gohan to get the wounded Piccolo to his ship and then do the same for the missing Bulma. He doesn't want to risk any of them dying with everything going on. Goku also gets a nasty surprise from Frieza. Amazingly, Frieza is still holding back. He intends to show Goku everything he's got, and the Saiyan warrior intends to do the same.moreless
  • Namek's Destruction?
    The shoe is definitely on the other foot now. However, despite giving Frieza a beating, Goku shows no signs of taking the final step to end his reign of terror for good. Said reluctance ends up being a mistake and leading to a major disaster. Frieza has saved his most powerful blast of all for last, but not for Goku. Instead, Namek is the target. If the planet is destroyed, it will take everyone but Frieza with it.moreless
  • Explosion of Anger
    Explosion of Anger
    Episode 21
    Goku's new Super Saiyan status looks impressive, but is it enough against Frieza? Either way, both warriors intend to find out. The battle begins anew and things are clearly different now. Frieza faces his worst nightmare – an opponent that can completely fight back. Some are surprised by this whole development, while others – like King Kai – are downright amused. But with Frieza too stubborn to surrender, is he truly finished?moreless
  • Transformed at Last
    Transformed at Last
    Episode 20
    With all the heroes on Namek together again, the gang plans their departure back to Earth. However, it turns out that their job on Namek has yet to be over. Frieza has survived Goku's Spirit Bomb and is taking no prisoners this time! With all the fighters completely exhausted, will Goku have the strength to finish off Frieza once and for all?moreless
  • Power of the Spirit
    Power of the Spirit
    Episode 19
    Goku's massive Spirit Bomb gets a boost from the other Z Fighters and the Namekian star system itself. Frieza realizes what is going on, however, and intends to put a stop to it. Piccolo uses the last of his energy to keep Frieza at bay, but he can only do so much. Fortunately, Goku finishes up and brings his most powerful attack ever down on Frieza. Meanwhile, Recoome, Jeice, Burter and Guldo wreak havoc on King Kai's planet. Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu put their recent training to use – defeating and trapping the Ginyu Force in the Home For Infinite Losers. King Kai expected as much, as he actually setup the whole fight.moreless
  • Keep the Chance Alive
    Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu have to put what they learned from King Kai to use when the dead members of the ruthless Ginyu Force show up on King Kai's planet. Frieza is still unable to figure out what Goku is up to, that is until he knocks Goku into a lake, and notices the reflection of the Spirit Bomb. Realizing that the Spirit Bomb could already have the power to destroy him Frieza attempts to finish off Goku, but a brave kick from Piccolo saves Goku, but now that Frieza knows about Goku's attack, it seems he will stop at nothing to stop the Spirit Bomb from achieving full power.moreless
  • Trump Card
    Trump Card
    Episode 17
    Goku is yet again saved from the depths of despair by another vision, but this time it is his old Saiyan rival Vegeta, he tells the battle weary Goku that he is the last hope of a race of brave warriors. After the vision fades, Goku uses all the precious energy he has left to attack Frieza, but Frieza tosses him aside as if he were nothing. This causes Goku to use his last and most powerful technique, the Spirit Bomb, but can he keep Frieza occupied long enough to gather the energy needed, yes, Frieza has no idea of the incoming assault, thinking the weakened Goku is merely throwing his arms up in defeat. But can he stall Frieza for long enough.moreless
  • Embodiment of Fire
    Embodiment of Fire
    Episode 16
    Even Goku's powerful Kaio-Ken Attack is no match for the giant of evil, Frieza. Meanwhile Captain Ginyu, in Bulma's body, plots to switch yet again, and with Piccolo, but his attempts are cut short when Gohan throws Bulma, (in a frogs body) in the way of Ginyu's body switching beam, resulting in Bulma being returned to her original body, and Ginyu being returned to the body of a frog. Goku is thrown underwater, and Frieza tries to drown him, but a vision of his close friends and family being violently murdered, and his planet destroyed, gives Goku the encouragement he needs to raise his Kaioken attack to twenty times normal power. Goku fires a Kamehameha at Frieza, and for a moment it looks like Goku has claimed victory, but no, Frieza is alive. What can Goku do now.moreless
  • Bold and Fearless
    Bold and Fearless
    Episode 15
    Captain Ginyu runs into the Z-fighters, but as Bulma. Frieza claims he has only been using 1% of his incredible power. He then proves he's not bluffing by powering up to 50% of his maximum, and Goku cannot even land a punch against the invincible giant of evil. Piccolo realizes the horrific truth that Goku won't win, just as Captain Ginyu's identity is revealed.moreless
  • Frieza's Boast
    Frieza's Boast
    Episode 14
    Frieza is indeed quite strong, but he is also quite arrogant. He gets so bold, he intends to only use his feet and tail against Goku. Major mistake, as this gives Goku an opening to give back some deserved punishment. Unfortunately, Frieza learns quickly and reverses himself. Meanwhile, Bulma is alone, far from the battlefield and completely out of the loop on current events. She finds a Namekian frog and takes kindly to him. He seems to want to say something and Bulma has a device that can translate for him. It turns out that this is the frog that Captain Ginyu was sent into by Goku, but thanks to Bulma, he now has a way out.moreless
  • Clash of the Super Powers

    Clash of the Super Powers is an episode from season 3 of the anime series Dragonball Z in which Goku battles Frieza on the planet Namek. Meanwhile Chi-Chi plans to travel to Namek to help her friend Gohan. The team tries to keep Chi-Chi from going, but she refuses to listen.

  • The Ultimate Battle
    The Ultimate Battle
    Episode 12

    In The Ultimate Battle, Goku finally squares off against the evil Frieza, and Frieza is awed by Goku's power. King Kai predicts hopefully that Goku has a better chance of taking Frieza down than anyone else. Much to the horror of the Z-fighters, Goku is thrown into a pit of lava. It's a battle that will take everything Goku has.

  • The End of Vegeta
    The End of Vegeta
    Episode 11
    Vegeta is brutally beaten, while, powerless to stop Frieza, Gohan, Piccolo and Krillin watch in horror. Vegeta is thrown down to the ground, and Frieza prepares to deliver the final blow, but, Goku steps in, and Frieza diverts his attention to the renewed Saiyan. Vegeta then explains to Frieza that Goku must be a Super Saiyan, and that Frieza stood no chance against this new threat. Frieza fires a finishing ray through Vegeta's heart, rendering the proud Saiyan warrior helpless. Vegeta explains to Goku how Frieza was responsible for the man he had become, and he begged him to not let him exert the same catastrophic deed to anyone else. Vegeta cries his last tears, and dies. Goku promises he will carry out Vegeta's wish to the best of his abilities, he then buries Vegeta in a shallow grave. The fight between Goku and Frieza is about to begin.moreless
  • The Renewed Goku
    The Renewed Goku
    Episode 10
    Vegeta wows the other Z Fighters with his increased strength. Unfortunately, Frieza is unimpressed and – more importantly – in no danger. Vegeta finds his plan has seriously backfired. Frieza defeats the Saiyan Prince and then begins making him pay for his betrayal… very slowly. Even worse, Krillin, Gohan and Piccolo are surely next. Fortunately, after a little more time, Goku finally wakes up.moreless
  • Dende's Demise
    Dende's Demise
    Episode 9

    Dende's Demise is an episode of Dragonball Z in which Vegeta volunteers to fight Frieza without the team's help. Believing he has super powers, Vegeta attacks but soon realizes that his powers are not enough to defeat Frieza. Since they had no confidence in Vegeta to begin with, the team is not surprised.

  • Another Transformation?

    "Another Transformation" is episode 83 of the ongoing anime series from Cartoon Network. This episode originally aired on March, 21 1995. Hating to watch Piccolo beaten and in pain, Gohan places himself in harm's way and fights back with a passion. For a moment Frieza is the one suffering a beating. Vegeta teams up with Dende and Krillin. Frieza transforms again meaning big trouble for them all.

  • Frieza's Second Transformation
    Frieza continues to increase his power level. Nevertheless, Piccolo refuses to surrender. Too bad that valiant attitude doesn't move Frieza in the slightest. Krillin and Gohan soon join in, but accomplish nothing of merit. Everything may now depend on the sidelined Vegeta. Problem is, he may not get the chance to implement his plan.moreless
  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu
    Episode 6
    It's now Piccolo's turn to fight. Amazingly, he is the one with the edge – thanks largely to King Kai's training and Nail's fusion. The other Z Fighters, meanwhile, become spectators now. Fireza later turns the tables on Piccolo, however, with another transformation. With Piccolo taking a beating, the other Z Fighters are divided about what to do. Krillin and Gohan want to join in the fight, but Vegeta has another idea – one that could save the day and make himself more powerful. Meanwhile, the recuperating Goku can sense the raging battle going on outside.moreless
  • Piccolo the Super-Namek

    "Piccolo the Super-Namek", episode 80 of the anime series "Dragon Ball Z" from Cartoon Network, originally aired on February 28, 1995. Dende tends to Krillin and attempts to heal him. Frieza turns his cruel attention to Gohan. Though Gohan is strong he is no match for Frieza's power. Krillin recovers enough to save Gohan from a killing blow. Piccolo arrives challenging Frieza and giving the others hope.

  • Fighting Power: One Million?
    As the new Piccolo races to the scene, the other Z Fighters could really use his help. Frieza is just too much for them. He also has stunning information – both about planet Vegeta and himself. Vegeta is enraged about the former, but he won't like the latter, either. Amazingly, Frieza has only displayed a fraction of his true power so far. Following a transformation, he displays even greater power. Even worse, he now has Krillin in his sights.moreless
  • The Fusion
    The Fusion
    Episode 3

    Episode 77 of Season 3 starts with Frieza arriving, and finding that he can't have his wish due to the death of Guru. He's furious and begins to fights with Gohan, Krillen, Dende, and Vegata. Meanwhile, Piccolo finds the wounded Nail. Nail asks Piccolo to fuse with him, believing that this way, they might have enough power to defeat Frieza. However Piccolo is reluctant to do so.

  • Piccolo's Return
    Piccolo's Return
    Episode 2
    Porunga comes with benefits, but also unexpected catches that threaten to leave Piccolo/Kami, Yamcha, Tien or Chiaotzu dead. Krillin and Gohan don't know what to do, but Piccolo gets an idea. He tells Krillin, Gohan and Dende via King Kai to wish him back and then to Namek. The first will also bring back Kami and the Earth Dragon Balls, while the second will give the Z Fighters some extra muscle. Unfortunately, a mix-up lands Piccolo far from Frieza's ship. Vegeta then realizes what is going on and tries to claim his wish for immortality. However, Guru dies before anyone can use the third wish. Even worse, Frieza has returned.moreless
  • Password Is Porunga
    Goku is put into a healing chamber and undergoing treatment. Vegeta also intends to relax – leaving Krillin and Gohan with an opportunity. Dende arrives and with the password to the Namekian Dragon Balls. The three then secretly proceed to get three wishes from Porunga, but if Vegeta finds out, they're dead. Meanwhile, Frieza is done fighting Nail and gets a big surprise. Their whole fight was a diversion to benefit the Z Fighters. Leaving Nail for dead, Frieza races back to his ship.moreless
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