Dragon Ball Z - Season 6

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • The Unleashing (Uncut Version): Awakening
    Just after Android 16 tells him to follow his instincts and not to suppress his feelings anymore Cell crushes the Android. This is the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak. This pushes Gohan to the limit and finally Gohan shows his true self..... And with it the unleashing begins! This is where you really find out why Goku in previous episodes acted so calm because he was the only person to know the true ability of his son. Cell tells him to let go so he can see Gohan’s true power and in the process underestimating how powerful he can become! Cell is holding a bag of senzu beans which Gohan snatches in the blink of an eye which leaves Cell guessing on how he did it. Gohan then goes on to defeat all of the Cell Juniors single handedly!moreless
  • Saving the World
    Saving the World
    Episode 26
    Gohan and Cell are about to start the final battle of the cell games. Gohan can only use one hand, but that's all he needs. The two fighters unleash huge Kamehamehas and start the showdown. Goku helps his son, even though he is dead. He communicates to Gohan with King Kai's help. He knows that Gohan is holding back some of his power. "If you're still worried about the Earth, whatever damage you do to it can be repaired by the dragon balls!" Goku tells his son. Gohan unleashes more power. Cell, who is in his best health and stronger than ever (since he regenerated his whole body, which gave him more power), starts to gain the upper hand. Piccolo, who is nearby, wants to help Gohan. He separates from Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin and attacks Cell, but, it has no effect. Cell attacks Piccolo and he is knocked over and hurt badly. The others join Piccolo. Even with all of their attacks combined, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien cannot help out Gohan, and have been defeated. Gohan, who is worried about his friends, starts to slip even more. Goku tells him that they will be fine and to concentrate. Gohan evens out the match. But, he is still not strong enough in his weakened state. But then, a powerful blast hit's Cell. But who attacked? Everyone looks up, including Cell, and they see Vegeta. Cell, distracted and injured, loses his control. Gohan takes this opportunity to unleash everything he can. Cell is destroyed, right down to the last cell. Everyone celebrates. Now, to Kame's tower, so they can make their wishes.moreless
  • No More Rules
    Episode 14
    Cell is really fast. The place is rumbling. Vegeta’s mad. Goku starts losing. Goku hits Cell. He gets hurt really bad. The camera’s slow. Dende senses trouble. They put up a good fight. Cell blows up the ring. Now the whole desert is the ring. If Goku dies, he loses. They put so much power into the fight that big rocks break. King Kai acts silly. Goku powers up a huge Kamehameha. At first Krillin doesn’t think Goku would be that crazy but once he notices its power he thinks Goku is crazy. Goku uses his Instant Transmission to get right in front of Cell. He makes a direct hit. Cell is lying on the ground without a head and arms.moreless
  • Cell Returns!
    Episode 24
    Trunks is on the brink of death, and it seems it is to late to save the valiant, young warrior. Gohan challenges Cell once again, but due to the Saiyan blood in Cell, his power has increased since their last battle. Vegeta has had enough, he may have let Cell get away with everything thus far, but taking the life of his son is just too much for the Saiyan prince to handle, he attacks Cell with everything he has, but Cell proves he is far too powerful to be stopped now. Just as Cell is about to finish Vegeta off, Gohan launches himself in front of the attack, saving Vegeta, but rendering his left arm useless. The final round has now come about, Gohan and Cell are ready to fire their Kamehameha waves and finish the war between good and evil.moreless
  • Cell's Mighty Break Down

    Cell uses every one of his stolen moves against Gohan, but none of them work, Gohan catches his Destructo Discs and deflects his special beam cannon as if it was a beach ball. Cell then uses his ultimate move, the Kamehameha wave, but Gohan sends a second wave straight back at him, causing a great deal of his body to disintegrate, but Cell quickly regenerates. Unable to beat Gohan at his present state, Cell bulks up his muscles, increasing his strength, but he has forgotten that this is the same mistake Trunks made, and though he may have the power to beat Gohan, he can't catch him. Gohan punches Cell, and he is violently sick, he coughs up the source of his power, Android 18.

  • 11/23/00
    General Tao, a Dragon Ball nemesis, has returned once again as a hired thief. This time in parts rather than a whole. It seems that the grenade didn't kill him but damaged some parts of his body. Basically his hands and eyes are now robotic. Goku is challenged to solve a puzzle before sun up to retrieve all the Dragon balls but if he doesn't they belong to Tao and some gangster. Goku solves it and uses Instant Transmission to transport himself to where the bad guys escaped, collects his prize and leaves.moreless
  • Children of Cell Attack
    The Cell Jr's ferociously attack the Z-fighters, while Gohan looks on helplessly as his friends and family are beaten and battered. Gohan is too afraid to handle Cell on his own, and won't let his anger control him. Cell orders his miniature blue warriors to kill Gohan's friends, which just sends Gohan's power spiraling upwards, but it's still not enough. Meanwhile, Android 16 seeks the help of Hercule so that he can have one final word with Gohan. Hercule grants his wish and throws android 16's head towards Gohan. Gohan, stunned that he is still alive, listens to his final words, "Drop your restraints, protect the life I loved." Afterwards, Cell crushes Android 16's head and it's too much for the young super Saiyan to bare, Gohan begins to power up, and even Cell looks worried.moreless
  • A Hero's Farewell
    Episode 23

    After losing Android 18, Cell's body violently changes, into his previous, and less powerful form. Enraged at Gohan, Cell attacks him with all his might, but to his dismay, he can't land a finger on him. Gohan becomes incredibly overconfident, thinking there is no way the weakened tyrant can win, but, to Gohan's surprise Cell uses his last resort, self destruction. It seems there is no way out for the Z-fighters, but at the last moment Goku nobly sacrifices himself to save his friends, and the Earth, from certain destruction. Transporting himself and Cell to King Kai's planet using his instant transmission technique, Goku foils Cells plan to blow up the Earth. It appears that once again the universe is safe, but no, Cell has survived, and the first man on his hit list, Trunks.

  • Memories of Gohan
    Episode 6

    Goku and Gohan are in serious trouble when they break loads of cups and plates, just by picking them up, Chi Chi sends Goku and Krillin out of the house, and eventually allows Gohan to leave too. While searching around, Chi Chi comes across a photo album, both she and Goku have flashbacks of when Gohan was a child, and later on, the gang celebrate Gohan's eleventh birthday, but the Cell Games are approaching, and the last few peaceful days won't last long. Goku still seems confident about the upcoming battle, but, does he have a good reason to be.

  • Free the Future
    Episode 29

    Trunks returns to the destroyed future to confront the two menacing androids. Once there he learns they are still destroying the unprotected towns and cities. Knowing he can defeat the ruthless pair after traveling through time and raising his power level significantly, Trunks sets off and arrives without a moment to spare. He quickly distracts Android 17, disabling him from destroying an old man who's son was another victim of the merciless machines. The androids appear confident, but Trunks quickly puts them in their place, and gains vengeance for his master Gohan by giving Android 18 a taste of her own medicine. Android 17 begins to realize his fate will soon reach the same outcome, and he too is destroyed. Trunks knows that despite the androids death, the threat is not over, there is another, Cell. Sure enough, Cell reveals himself and plans to take control of Trunks' time machine, but the young Super Saiyan is not about to stand by and let it happen. Trunks promises he will not let Goku down, and true to his word he annihilates every last cell of Cell. Meanwhile, up in the other world, Goku and King Kai prepare to take a trip to the Grand Kai's planet.

  • The Fight Is Over
    Episode 15
    Yamcha and Tien think that Cell is dead and Goku won but Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin are still worried. The reporter also thinks that he won, so does Goku himself. But they soon find out Cell can regenerate himself. Goku and Cell's energy levels become lower, but they still continue to fight. They are almost equal as both continue to fight. Then, Goku starts being overpowered by Cell. They stop to rest and both realize their energy is running out, but Goku's is running out faster. Goku admits there needs to be a new hero and forfeits the fight.moreless
  • A Girl Named Lime
    Episode 5
    Chi Chi sends Gohan to a nearby village to pick up some groceries, once there he meets a girl named Lime who's parents were victims of Cell. Gohan promises her grandfather, that he will destroy Cell. Thieves break into the old man's shop demanding food for a nearby shelter, built to protect the townspeople from Cell. The old man confronts their boss, who calls General Tao to his aid. Realizing the old man cannot win the fight, Gohan steps in and Tao (having faced Gohan's father before) runs. Gohan is rewarded with his groceries and returns home to think about the more serious task ahead. Defeating Cell.moreless
  • The Games Begin
    Episode 10
    Cell waits for his opponents to gather for his Cell Games. But the first to arrive is the world martial arts champion, Hercule Satan! As he verbally hypes up his greatness, Cell remains unaffected, hoping to see Goku and more worthy opponents soon. And sure enough, Goku and the other Z fighters arrive.moreless
  • A New Guardian
    Episode 7
    With the day of the tournament drawing near, Goku seems oddly relaxed, that is until someone decides it's time to take the bull by the horns, rather than wait for the commencement of the Cell games, the military try one last ditch effort to destroy the destroyer, but unfortunately for them a swift upper hand has them all missing in action. The loss is too much to bare for Goku, but bringing them back would require, new dragon balls.moreless
  • Dende's Dragon
    Episode 8
    After returning to the lookout, Dende prepares to remodel the dragon balls, once the new set of magical spheres has been made, Dende reveals that the dragon balls can now grant two wishes instead of one. Goku descends upon the doom awaiting Earth, ready to gather the dragon balls once again.moreless
  • Unstoppable Gohan
    Unstoppable Gohan
    Episode 21
    After defeating the amazingly powerful Cell Jr's, Gohan moves on to a more terrifying opponent, Cell. Despite being in control of the fight before, Cell struggles to keep up with Gohan after his awakening of power. It soon becomes obvious to the Z-fighters that Gohan is in a league of his own, and that Cell is going to lose. The perfected Cell won't accept that Gohan is stronger, but his every attack has no effect on Gohan. Gohan punches Cell twice, significantly damaging him. Gohan seems to be in full control of the battle, but has he won the war?moreless
  • 11/14/00
    The world has heard what Cell had to say and the reaction is a given. As the people fear for their survival, the Z Fighters try to plan out the next move. They know that they need some extra muscle, and they're about to get it. Goku and Gohan's training is finally complete. Everyone is surprised to see them both as Super Saiyans and can tell that they are more powerful than ever. Goku has a meeting with Cell to confirm what he already knows about the coming battle. Meanwhile, at Capsule Corp., Bulma and Dr. Briefs work to repair the damaged Android 16.moreless
  • Goku's Noble Decision
    Gohan has just defeated Cell, and he, Yamcha, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 18, Trunks, and Tien return to Kame's Tower. Dende is there with all of the dragon balls, and the group is ready to make their wishes (because Dende recreated the Dragon balls and the Eternal dragon, it could now grant two wishes instead of one). They first wish for all of Cell's victims to be revived. But, Goku did not come back. It would take a whole wish to revive him. But, they heard him from snake way. He said he wanted to stay at snake way. He told every one that every time they were fighting somebody, like Cell or Frieza, they were always after Goku. He knew that the earth was much safer without him there, and that they could handle anything because of Gohan's new strength. They said goodbye to Goku, and remembered what they like the most about him, and then tried to decide what to do with their last wish.moreless
  • 11/30/00
    If anyone thought that the fight couldn't get any fiercer, then a big surprise awaits. Piccolo and then others learned firsthand that their own techniques were essentially programmed into Cell. Now, a very big headache awaits Goku, as he suddenly faces his and the other Z Fighters' best techniques. Goku, however, rises to the challenge. Victory against Cell and outright survival depend on both quick thinking and action.moreless
  • Gohan's Desperate Plea
    The fight between Gohan and Cell starts but Cell tries to end the fight early by sending Gohan flying into a pile of rocks. All the witnesses think he is dead, except for Goku. People start blaming Goku for letting it happen, but he can still feel his energy and has no worries. Then, in a burst of energy and light, Gohan appears, without a scratch on him. He tells Cell of his secret power and if he were to unleash it, he could destroy him. But, Cell is not worried when he Gohan tells him this, because he wants to unleash Gohan's power and have a real fight. Cell begins attacking Gohan again but he fails to get him to show his power, as he is afraid of destroying Cell.moreless
  • Losers Fight First
    Episode 11
    Before Goku can fight Cell, Mr. Satan's students Caroni and Piroshike take upon themselves the task of defeating Cell, both are defeated with incredible ease, but Mr. Satan puts the blame of their defeat upon trickery, Mr. Satan is next to join the fray, but he too is tossed aside as if he were nothing, now Goku and Cell can begin their climactic battle to determine the fate of the world.moreless
  • Android Explosion
    Episode 18
    Android 16 watched as Gohan was slowly being defeated. Cell suddenly put the "squeeze" on Gohan. Gohan struggled but could not get out. He was going to be destroyed. He didn't want to kill anyone, even Cell, so he wouldn't power up. Cell let go of Gohan. At that moment, Android 16 came up behind Cell and gave him a taste of his own medicine. Now it was Cell that was being squeezed. Android 16 said he was going to detonate the explosive that was inside him. It was strong enough to destroy Cell, and everything around him. He tried to detonate the bomb, but nothing happened. Krillin said that Bulma and Dr. Briefs had taken it out, and told the story of it. When he was done, Cell destroyed 16. Gohan was angry, but his power was still not showing itself. Then, before he began to fight, Cell counted the Z Warriors and made that many mini duplicates of himself, that were just as strong. Gohan and Cell began to fight.moreless
  • 11/13/00
    Regularly scheduled programming is suddenly interrupted by Cell. The Z Fighters and company already know the situation and about the upcoming tournament, but those watching TV soon follow. As Cell explains, the new tournament will be open to everyone and held in several days. Also, if Cell wins, Earth is doomed. Obviously, a lot of TV viewers probably would've preferred not hearing that. The Z Fighters have much to do now.moreless
  • Faith in a Boy
    Episode 16
    Goku just ended the fight between him and Cell. Cell asks why he did it, and he says that he cannot win, but there is someone who can. Everyone wants to know who it is. Goku tells Gohan to come and fight Cell. Gohan does not want to fight. He thinks that Goku is stronger than him, and strong enough to beat Cell. Goku reminds his son about Gohan's hidden power. Gohan agrees to fight, but is still worried. Everyone watching thinks that Goku is crazy. They did not think about Gohan's hidden power, even Piccolo, who worked on releasing it ever since the fight with Raditz. Gohan began to fight Cell, and lost badly.moreless
  • No Worries Here
    Episode 4
    Goku takes a trip to see Korin to find out the wise cat's opinion on how he will fare against his battle with Cell. Despite the fact that Goku is told he suffer defeat, Goku does not seem at all bothered and claims that he discovered a secret while training in the hyperbolic time chamber. After returning home, Goku and Gohan begin to relax, instead of preparing for the upcoming tournament, Krillin joins the Super Saiyan duo, and all three take a look back at years ago. They all vow not to let anything change, while Cell begins tormenting the petrified people of Earth.moreless
  • Goku vs. Cell
    Episode 12
    Hercule is up. Goku and Cell start fighting. Hercule gets surprised because Goku actually damaged Cell. Cell almost loses.Hercule can’t follow them. Krillin and Gohan’s eyes are moving fast. Krillin laughs. Goku and Cell are moving fast. Goku kicks Cell into the air and fires a Kamehameha at him. All that fighting was only a warm-up. Goku powers up.moreless
  • One More Wish
    Episode 28

    Krillin uses the Z-fighters final wish to take the bomb out of Android 18, purely because that he has fallen in love with her. Gohan and the others descend from Kami's lookout, preparing to celebrate the newly restored peace, while Chi Chi tries to cope with the loss of her husband, Goku. Trunks says a final farewell to his parents and heads downstream through the mystical river of time. He then begins to concentrate on the serious tasks that await him upon arrival in the dreaded future that almost was. Meanwhile, Hercule begins to take all the undeserved glory for Cell's defeat, and it appears that only Gohan's family and friends know the actual truth, but Gohan doesn't seem at all bothered, he and the Ox-King are too busy sneaking away from Chi Chi. Along Snake Way, Goku and King Kai decide it's time for them to settle down and find a suitable place to live, so King Kai begins constructing their new home.

  • 11/9/00

    Cell announces a World Martial Arts Tournament, called the "Cell Games," and if he wins he will destroy the Earth. The future of the Earth is at stake, but fortunately the Z Fighters have been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but do they stand a chance against Cell in his perfect form?

  • 12/21/00
    After Cell's amazing, yet shocking return, he begins the fight with Gohan again. He is much stronger now, because of the Saiyan ability to gain power when recovered from a serious attack, and beats up Gohan. Cell gets very angry and says he will finish off everyone. He begins a Kamehameha attack, and tells the Z-fighters of how he is now complete without any flaws, he has achieved ultimate perfection. Gohan, only able to use his right arm, does nothing as he can not defend himself against Cell anymore. Goku telepathically talks to Gohan, and talks him into using a Kamehameha attack with only his right arm. Gohan agrees, then begins to use all of his energy in a huge attack.moreless