Dragon Ball Z - Season 7

Cartoon Network (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Energy Drain
    Episode 25
    Just as the fight between Kibito and Gohan begins, Spopovitch and Yamu interrupt the match and absorb Gohan's energy. The plot thickens as the Supreme Kai finally explains his situation to Goku and the others: a situation that has been in the making for millions of years.
  • Identities Revealed
    Episode 24
    Gohan races Videl to the hospital while Goku goes for senzu beans. He gets back and gives one to Videl. Gohan and Kibito go to the ring. Gohan begins to transform into a Super Saiyan.
  • Videl is Crushed
    Episode 23

    Spoppovitch is still fighting Videl. Videl is still doing ok but Spoppovitch starts getting the upper hand. blow after blow after blow Videl can't take anymore and starts to fly out of the ring. Just before she lands, Spoppovitch saves her! Just to beat her up. Gohan gets extremely mad and transforma to SSJ from anger instead of control and Goku has to hold him back. At last as Gohan brakes free, Yamu, Spoppovitch's partner tells Spoppovitch to stop and that they have more important business to attend to. Spoppovitch throws her out of the ring. Gohan picks her up and rushes her to the hospital and Goku goes to Korin's Tower to get senzu beans. Gohan delivers Videl to the hospital and Mr. Satan rushes to her side. Goku gets the senzu beans but there is only three.

  • 10/9/01
    Following the disappointing forfeit in the previous match is Videl's fight against the mysterious Spopovich. The entire crowd is on Videl's side and she seems to have the upper hand once the match begins. However, as Spopovich gets up after what looks like Videl's finishing move time after time, it becomes clear that this fighter is more than he seems.moreless
  • Forfeit of Piccolo
    Episode 21

    The tournament begins. Krillins beats Pintar, then PIccolo and Shin take the stage. Before even a punch is thrown, Piccolo gives up! Videl and Spopovitch enter the ring.

  • Who Will Fight Who?
    Episode 20

    The tournament brackets are decided. It goes like this:
    Krillin vs Pintar,
    Shin vs Piccolo,
    Videl vs Spopovitch,
    Gohan vs Kibito,
    Hercule vs Android 18,
    Goku vs Vegeta,
    Mighty Mask vs Killa,
    Jewel vs Yamu,

  • 10/4/01

    Hercule has his fight with Chibi Trunks, and Trunks beats him in one punch. Hercule makes up another lie, saying that he went easy on Trunks

  • Best of the Boys
    Episode 18
    Trunks wins the battle between him and Goten, Trunks only wins because he decides to cheat the rules the Z fighters set up for the tournament.
  • Trunks .vs. Goten
    Episode 17

    While The great saiyaman and Videl are in line waiting for the new punching machine the be fixed, a new challenger enters the ring 7 year old Goten. Almost as an amazing as trunks he quickly knocks the 14 year old kid out cold. Trunks and Goten easily battle their way to finals and sure enough we are going to have a half Saiyan champion of the junior division. As the championship begins between Goten and Trunks the punching machine finally is fixed but now they have to wait in line. The crowd chooses sides and you find out Hercule will have a "exhibition" match with the winner of the Junior champ. (What a great battle huh) Trunks and Goten bow and put in their two senses and the battle begins. Hercule recognizes the resemblance between Goten and Goku. The crowd is speech less as the two finalists seem stronger then most people in the Adult division. Gohan and Videl make it in time tomiss no less then ten seconds. As the battle heats up the Z warriors are the only ones not able to speak. Trunks quickly shows an upper hand but any relative of Goku won't give up.

  • 9/28/01
    In this episode, the world tournament finally begins. But since Vegeta broke the punching machine, they had brought out another one. Then Goten and Trunks are in the exercise room where all junior contestants are. After they talked a little bit, this other boy with blonde hair comes up to Trunx and tells him that he was bragging, "hey wimp, you're going to be my first victim, this is going to be one of the quickest matches". Then Trunks answers back, "you better watch your mouth" ad then everybody looks at him. Then HERCULE comes and everybody starts cheering because he saved the world, NOT. Then the announcer tells everyone that they finally did a re-enactment about the fight, and Hercule gets worried because he thought it was the actual fight, but it wasn't. It was just a few guys in costume and they did the story WAY wrong. But before the junior tournament, Gohan gets a little worried about missing the tournament because he didn't get to try the punch measurer yet, but Videl tells him that they could watch both of them at the final. Finally, Trunks is up with that bully while that guys mom who sits next to Bulma and Chi Chi and says out loud,"why did my camera have to break at my son's time of glory. But then that gets Bulma gets angry so she screams out to Trunks to kick that guys but. After the feud with the mothers, they start the fight and Trunks beats his weak opponent like nothing.moreless
  • Camera Shy
    Episode 15
    Sharpner tries to get a picture of Saiyaman unmasked so Videl will go out with him.
  • 9/26/01

    The Z Fighters – barring the retired Yamcha, and the absent Tien and Chiaotzu – have trained hard, but the time for training is over. It is time to head out to the tournament. While the assembled Z Fighters quickly find each other, they notice that Goku is nowhere to be found. They can't even sense his presence. However, this proves to be a temporary problem. Goku is thrilled to see Chi-Chi, Gohan and old friends again, as well as meet Goten. Meanwhile, overall anticipation for the tournament builds.

  • Take Flight, Videl
    Episode 13

    With The World's Martial Arts Tournament fast approaching, Videl and Goten must learn to fly, and fast! Gohan reveals the secret to flying, and struggles to coach his two students into the air! Miles away, Vegeta is holding a training session of his own, and gets a big surprise from his young son, Trunks!

  • 9/24/01
    Every tournament contender is training hard, especially the Z Fighters. Gohan takes it upon himself to train Goten, but some surprises await. For one, Goten suddenly transforms into a Super Saiyan, and he says it isn't for the first time. He says it just happened one day while training with Chi-Chi. On the other hand, Goten is lacking one very important skill – he doesn't know how to fly. All of this gives Gohan quite a headache. It only gets worse when Chi-Chi and Videl come face-to-face.moreless
  • I'll Fight Too!
    I'll Fight Too!
    Episode 11
    Goku communicates with Gohan on earth. He tells him he gained a one day pass to earth for his heroic efforts against Cell, so he will use it to participate in the Tournament. Vegeta, Krillin, Android 18, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks also choose to fight. Gohan is excited, but had doubts his mother will allow his entry. Upon returning home, Gohan thinks he is helping save a young woman from being robbed, not realizing it is a movie about his alter ego, the Great Saiyaman.moreless
  • Blackmail
    Episode 10
    Gohan rescues a baby dino very a circus, but Videl thinks he's stealing it, and confronts him! Gohan wants to avoid fighting her, and then the dino's parents come! Gohan gets cut, before beating the dad dino, then sending the pair home with the mother. Videl sees that Gohan has a cut in the same place, and puts 2 and 2 together to figure out that Gohan is Saiyaman. She says she will not tell if Gohan competes in the World Martial Arts Tournament. Her other condition was that he teach her to fly.moreless
  • Rescue Videl
    Episode 9
    The city mayor is suddenly at the mercy of the Red Shark gang. They're after Hercule, but they'll have to settle for Videl instead. She is easily able to leave school because of the situation, but Gohan fears for her safety. Helping as Saiyaman isn't likely anytime soon, though, what with his teacher proving unwilling to grant him permission to leave. On the plus side, however, it turns out that the daughter of Hercule may do just fine without him.moreless
  • Gohan's First Date
    Gohan's First Date
    Episode 8

    Saiyaman makes quite an impression on the city, and Gohan makes quite an impression on Angela. She wants a date and with claims that she knows his big secret, a date with what she gets. Gohan's inexperience and other problems make this a very hectic date, but then a nearby disaster occurs. A building is on fire and Saiyaman must leap into action to save Videl. The date is effectively ruined and Angela is very displeased, but Gohan actually has very little reason to worry. It turns out that she didn't know the big secret after all – just something else.

  • I Am Saiyaman
    Episode 7
    Gohan seeks the help of Bulma so he can keep his identity a secret, she creates a costume for him and Gohan decides to call himself the great Saiyaman. Later on, a bus is hijacked by a group of thugs, and when it drives off a cliff, it seems not even Videl can save the hostages, but Saiyaman lifts them to safety and then flies off. Now Videl is determined to find out the identity of Saiyaman.moreless
  • 9/17/01
    Before Gohan gets to school Gohan stops some local thugs thus turning into a Super Saiyan thinking no one will recognize him. When walking away after defeating the thugs he runs into Videl Hercules (Satan)'s daughter. He manages to getaway while an old man tells Videl what happened. When finally getting to school he finds out how fast things can go around the city for everyone in school is making a legend of him and calling him the golden fighter. Gohan has a hard time keeping his identity secret for Videl think (and of coarse is right about that it is him.). Then comes baseball in Gohan fist day and he kinda shows his power. opps. Well then he finally gets though the day. Somehow.....moreless
  • Goku vs. Pikkon
    Episode 5

    The show starts off with Goku, who before this episode just transformed into a Super Saiyan, and Pikkon standing in the Other world tournament ring. Goku gets things started with his most famous attack the Kamehameha Wave which Pikkon dodges and starts a display of his speed. Then Pikkon traps Goku in his Hyper Tornado attack which takes Goku awhile to counter but he ends up escaping with a power display of energy. Then he revamps an old technique when he does the Super Kaioken which he then follows with another Kamehameha Wave! But don't underestimate Pikkon! He is a very powerful fighter. Pikkon goes head on with another one of Goku's energy beams, which Pikkon gets the better end of, kicking [*knocking?] Goku to the ground and almost out of the ring. Pikkon then says to Goku that he has "never fought someone as strong as Goku". Goku then replies, "That's because you are strong". He finds that "...tougher opponents always brings out the best in me." Pikkon then does his Thunder Flash attack 3x and by the third time Goku figures out the weakness in his attack. Goku then makes his move with the Instant Transmission and Kamehameha which knocks Pikkon out of the ring. Goku then wins the Otherworld Tournament... or does he? The Grand Kaio then tells Goku and Pikkon that they were both diqualified for touching the ceiling which means they were both out of the ring. The Grand Kai then says he will give both fighters a fighting lesson in about... 200 years! Then it comes that 4 years [*7 yrs? - according to DBFan] have past on the Earth and Gohan is going to high school.

  • Final Round
    Episode 4

    Goku defeats Marakioh, and it wasn't very easy to do. However, Pikkon is an even more powerful opponent. Both have known of the other's power since their first meeting – meaning neither expects a cakewalk in this final round. This situation naturally further inflames the prickly relationship between King Kai and West Kai, as well. They even make a bet – the stakes being King Kai's servitude and West Kai's planet. In the fight, Goku and Pikkon wow the audience. They progressively use more powerful techniques – culminating in the release of their true powers.

  • Water Fight
    Episode 3
    A host of unique warriors keep fighting it out in the ring. Now, the pupils of the North and East Kais – Goku and Arqua, respectively – square off in the ring. Water tactics, naturally, are Arqua's specialty, so he isn't much on dry land. Arqua decides to get into his element, though, so it's Goku that must either sink or swim. A Solar Flare move helps Goku out and brings him victory in the match. He also shows kindness to the defeated Arqua.moreless
  • Tournament Begins
    Episode 2

    A new tournament looms and in celebration of the death of North Kai (King Kai), no less. As a grand prize, the Grand Kai will – reluctantly, as it turns out – train whoever wins. Goku can't wait, but East Kai demands he beat her in a race to earn his spot. He succeeds and the Other World Tournament is soon on. Goku ends up in a match with Caterpy. A dreaded tickling attack almost defeats the Saiyan hero. Caterpy then begins a powerful transformation that will last 1,200 years, which leaves Goku declared the winner by default since no one wants to wait that long.

  • 9/10/01
    Goku and King Kai fly to the Grand Kai's palace. Goku is impressed and can't wait to meet him, but King Kai says that it is an absurd idea. Later trouble brews in HFIL and Goku takes it upon himself to quiet to rebellion. But upon a newly acquired friend's insistence, Goku is forced to take Pikkon along. But, well warning him of he's getting himself into. After all, Goku should know firsthand! He's fought them all to near brink of death [with the exclusion of Frieza's second return] and back [and sometimes dying]. Though, nevertheless, the strong fighter, Pikkon, accompanied by Goku, goes and beats up the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Cell in HFIL with almost very little ease! Goku is amazed.moreless
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