Dragon Ball Z

Season 9 Episode 33

Spirit Bomb Triumphant

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Mar 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this exciting ep, kid is revelaed the strognest buu.I knew it was true, but god the evidence is overwhelming in this exciting ep. Spirit bomb triumphant exhiliratingly takes you on the ride of a life time.

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  • MAJOR suspense!!

    I read the review of the episode; in fact, I read everything posted about the episode before I even watched it. However, I was still glued to the edge of my seat the whole episode! I sat in anguish in the beginning, when Goku couldn't throw the Spirit Bomb because Kid Buu had Vegeta pinned! I knew that Big Buu would come and help him (aided by Hercule), but I was nearly shouting at the screen for them to hurry! Then, I painfully watched in uncontrollable anticipation waiting for Vegeta to make the wish! I kept thinking, "They're gonna be too late!" hahaha! It was a GREAT episode, and totally worth seeing again!
  • The best episode...

    This episode is so cool, Goku finally manages to kill Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, but what makes this episode so incredible is all what Goku is late for doing, and how is possible that only Goku,Vegeta, Satan and Buu were able all by themselves to kill Kid Buu and that is one of the best greatest things that I have ever seen. Buu is the first one that Goku kills in the entire series, and I think that this episode should be the series finale, because later on the battles turn really, really boring and also the storylines, so lets just say this is the series finale and is such a great episode!
  • Best

    This was the very best episode of Dragonballz I ever seen and that it wish the saga would have been longer but it was still great and possiliy the best and the entire series and my opinon anyway. Buu is the best villian because he was always cooming back for and giving more it's just too bad that he died wish he would have lived on. Anyway this episode is about Vegeta and Goku's last stand asgaint Buu and it all most didn't work so if the dragonballs didn't goku sheght basck to normal the world would have been destoryed.