Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 6

Suicidal Course

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM May 13, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Decent, kind of.

    Piccolo tells Garlic Jr. that him acting like a mindless zombie was all an act in order to deceive him to free Mr. Popo and Kami. Krillin was also in it when Piccolo was able to grab hold of him before. Garlic Jr. tells them it's too late to save the planet anyways, but Mr. Popo proposes a plan; to unleash the sacred water within the seven air currents of the world, which are connected to the lookout. Garlic Jr. tries stopping them, but Piccolo picks a fight, as well as Gohan and Krillin. The three appeared to have won, until the Makio star appears above the three, enhancing their power tenfold.

    Step up from the lackluster and craptacular servings of the previous episodes in this filler arc. Though that's only because we don't get to see more dragged out fighting between evil Piccolo and Gohan defending himself against him. The fighting in this episode still felt dragged out and didn't feel engaging at all. Only good parts were the beginning and the end, and also Vegeta owning all those squid like warriors on that comet.

    Garlic is shocked as Piccolo explains that he wouldn't fall under his control that easily. He heals the wounds from where he was bitten and explains how he told Kuririn his plan to steal the orb containing Kami-sama by attempting to kill Gohan. Since Garlic wanted the finishing blow, he would stop Piccolo, but his guard would be lowered. So, with Kami-sama and Popo restored, they take the Ultra Holy Water and attempt to use it. Garlic says that he has already won, because it would take too long for the Ultra Holy Water to spread over the Earth. Suddenly, Popo says that they can save the Earth by pouring the Ultra Holy Water into the seven air currents that would cover the whole world in a short amount of time. The only problem is that the hole to the air currents is located in Shinsenkai, the grave of all of the previous Kami-sama's. It is possible for his spirit to be stolen if he goes there. Risking everything, Kami-sama and Popo head off on Popo's carpet. The Demons try to stop them, but Gohan and Kuririn are able to take them down before they cause any harm. Garlic also tries to stop them by firing a Ki wave at them, but Piccolo blocks it and allows Kami-sama and Popo to escape. Piccolo and Garlic begin their brawl, with Piccolo saying that Garlic will regret having immortality. Garlic flies off, but Piccolo extends his arm to grab him. Garlic dodges, and Piccolo retracts his arm.