Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 7

Super Android 13!

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • While Gokuh and the rest of the partners are on town awaiting for a meeting with a very important school for Son Gohan, 3 new androids arrive to eliminate Son Gokuh.

    This is one of the movies that I don't like to see. The first time I saw it, I thought was very very boring, and nowadays I think it is. They used 3 new androids to make a new movie: A13, A14 and A15 when it was supposed this models were unfunctionally models... so Dr. Gero fabricated 3 new more... that are A16, A17 and A18 (from the series). The way they have to destroy them in the movie is laughable... At the beginning they are hards like hell, and 20 minutes later, they are sooooo easy to destroy, that you can't believe it. The final attack... I think is very used on movies and series. They could change something...
  • This move was okay

    I enjoyed watching this movie because of the action basically. I like watching DBZ all for the action but this movie was okay. It got boring in the beginning but once the fight started with the androids, i enjoyed looking at it more. This movie still has Trunks(Mirai) in it so that made it even better. I love the parts in movies where Vegeta and Goku go siper saiyan. Then they beat their opponents in just a few moves. Thats the most interesting part of the movie. I like the look of Super Android 13 and all in all this movie was great.
  • Boring.

    I didn't like the plot or fighting. It was pretty much a boring movie and I did not really enjoy it. There were some parts I liked, and some parts I just hated. It was a very good movie, but couldv'e used better fighting skills. Overall, I hated this movie out of the plotholed movie series the most.
  • Loved this movie in Japanese. Hated it like hell in English.

    The "10/10" is for the original version from Akira Toriyama. Funimation deserves a "-1/10" for their constant Americanising.

    The main plot is the fact that Dr. Gero created 3 cyborgs deep in the bowels of his lab with only one purpose for their creation: kill Goku. This is the only DBZ movie I think I can remember that in a long time where everyone gets owned by the enemies.

    Avoid the Funimation version of it, cause it sucks like hell with its usual lame lines, uneccesary dialogue, voices, etc. If you can find the original, it would be better.
  • Tofu on a stick!

    Tofu on a stick! Hey, where am I? I wanted to bobobo episode 24's quotes for funny. I'm with an androi who got beaten by Goku, that means he's weak! Oh wait, where am I? Oh. Goku won again blah. Now where's my grilled tofu on a stick? Well, I like the movie!
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