Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 7

Super Android 13!

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • This movie couldn't happen because in the Android Saga #17 says to Dr. Gero [#20] that he destroyed all the other Androids up to #15.

  • Quotes

    • Master Roshi: Boy, I'm tired.
      Oolong: Yeah, well, my feet hurt. Maybe this wasn't such a brilliant idea. I don't think I can last 3 more hours. We might as well just go home!
      Master Roshi: Take it easy there, big guy. You're in a front position. You can't give in now. Be strong. No wimp is going to get front row seats at this pageant. This is the best in the world. Rare beauties from every corner of the globe. Heh heh. Miss Spain. Miss Russia. Miss France. Walking in their underpants!
      Oolong: Australia won't fail ya!
      Master Roshi: Ehe he! Now you got it! Aha ha ha ha!
      (Master Roshi and Oolong run around happily)

    • Krillin: We martial artists are like chick magnets. We just stand in one place and let the hotties come to us!
      Master Roshi: Oh, well stand here then! We are going to go peek in the dressing rooms!
      Oolong: Don't lose our place in line, Krillin!
      Krillin: Hey, no way! Get your own seats!

    • Krillin: Hey, will you guys save my place? I gotta go to the bathroom.
      Oolong: No, forget it. You leave, you go to the back of the line.

    • Goku: Um, Gohan? Why do women like shopping so much?
      Gohan: In mom's case, it's to relieve a lot of stress.
      Goku: You may have a point.

    • Japanese Version

      *Gohan has already flown away to help his father, leaving a shocked Chi Chi on the ground*
      Krillin: Chi Chi-San, you know. I understand how Gohan feels.
      Chi Chi: KRILLIN. (suddenly gets up and waffles Krillin in the back of his head with a shopping bag) You lazy dog, WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?
      Krillin: Aiee. No way. No way. No way.
      Chi Chi: ( while chasing Krillin) Get going. MOVE IT.
      *Chi Chi kicks Krillin right in the backside. Poor Krillin yelps in mind, but still flies off anyways*
      Krillin: I'll never get a woman.

    • (To Trunks)
      Android #13: Hah! Do you seriously think you can last more than a minute against either of these two (14 & 15)?

    • Trunks: You're just a slave, a pawn with no free will.
      Android 13: Freedom? War, segregation, hatred. Is that what you done with your freedom?! Don't lecture me with your $30 haircut. Goku dies.
      Trunks: We'll see you red ribbon redneck.
      Android 13: Yes. We will, we sure will. Get up boys!!!

    • Super Android 13: SON GOKU!!!

    • (#14 and #15 have both been killed and #13 is surrounded)
      Vegeta: And then there was one!

    • Piccolo: Is it over?
      Vegeta: Not until the fish jumps.
      (fish jumps out of water.)
      Vegeta: It's over.
      (end credits roll.)

  • Notes

    • This is the first movie that Future Trunks is in.

    • This is the first time Trunks, Vegeta and Goku fight together as Super Saiyans.

    • In the FUNImation dub of the movie, during the scenes at the shopping mall and the restaurant early on, the song "Pachelbel's Canon" can be heard in the background.

    • While the movie is not canon, the anime and the manga refer to the death of Android 15.

    • This is the first movie where there is a fight in a city with civilians in it, instead of the usual fight in an empty and desolate place.

    • The 3 Androids are the top American stereotypes: Android 15 is a "cool" black man, Android 14 is a strong, silent native American, and finally Android 13 is a red-neck.

    • When Android 13 transformed into a blue skinned and red hair man, he resembles Akuma from the Street Fighter Alpha Series.

    • This was the first time in DBZ dub history, since FUNi took full control, that a curse has been uttered. Android 13 says "ass" twice.

    • Japanese title: "Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Super Saiyajin"

    • Released February 15, 2003.

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