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Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 15

The History Of Trunks

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

Episode Fan Reviews (14)

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  • please tell me the title of the song.

    the part i want to know the title is after gohan's death... when trunks is carrying a food supply this song played... what is the title of this song... please tell me im dying to know
  • nice

  • I can't quite get myself to fully love it and praise it like so many other fans.

    Ah, the alternate future story, are there ever any happy stories associated with that? Downbeat and depressing is the order of the day here as well, but like in "Bardock The Father of Goku", you know there will be some sort of resolution in the series, so it's okay. These alternate future stories, I have a love/hate relationship to them, they're just steps above a dream or virtual reality sequence, you know, one of those "it didn't or won't really happen". Okay, that may be discrediting it a bit too much, but there's not a whole lot of point here, everybody dies, but that will be changed, of course. All it really does is develop the character of Trunks and show some great action scenes, oh yeah, and portraying the Androids as really, REALLY ruthless killers, though maybe a bit too much time is devoted to them going on a rampage.

    I may not be raving about it, but I did like it, it packs an emotional punch and the ending in partcular with Trunks saying farewell to Bulma. Again, the action scenes and fights are really top notch and Trunks gets some cool moments while fighting the Androids, though running desperately away from them is not one of those moments. This special is absolutely not a good starting point, or even for casual fans, I would say they check out this one after watching the Trunks and Android sagas from the series, or at least have some knowledge of them. The music in the english dub is not very good, in particular the music near the end I found to be a bit....I don't know, cheesy, I guess. Also, Android 18 is supposed to be transformed, or reformed or whatever you want to call it, she's supposed to become nice, a compelling character, but seeing her do all this brutal stuff, killing left and right undermines that somewhat, I mean, I do keep it in the back of the head even when she's nice. But then again, none of this will really come to pass so....Anyway, I did like the special, it's just not worth "going gaga over", I feel, and yes, I am fully aware that it is tremendously popular and you probably think I'm shortchanging it, well, sorry, but that's my opinion.
  • Clever writter

    so basicly what happens is goku does the z foghters die master roshi watches it happen gohan dies trunks goes super siayan gets beat up by andriod goes back in time goes through the cell saga when he comes back he destroys andriod 18 and 17 its good because they deserve it its the dramatic ine out of the dragonball movie,s i like it but it is a sad sory everyone dies it is only after watching this is why i liked seeing andriod 18 and andriod 17 die because its revenge for trunks he even says in killing them how they deseved it anyways good movie superb
  • My favorite DBZ special.

    It starts off with Gohan running home, where everyone is standing outside. Gohan walks into his house and sees that Goku had died of a rare heart virus, but this proves to lead up to something worse.

    6 months later, Androids 17 and 18 appear and kill Piccolo, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Krillin with ease.

    13 years later, the Androids are seen attacking a city and Android 17 is driving a car going on a killing spree. While this is happening Trunks flies to the city but finds he is too late. While at the city Trunks sees Gohan and askes him to train him, to Bulma's disapproval. Gohan starts training Trunks by trying to get him at Super Sayian level, Trunks gets close but always ran out of energy.

    One day they find the Androids at a fun park and they start battling. Gohan tells Trunks to leave the battle to him and goes Super Sayian and starts fighting Android 17. Gohan and 17 start the battle and just as Gohan starts to win 18 interferes. Trunks gets mad and gives chase to 18 up on top of a Ferris Wheel where 18 beats him up and is about to finish him off when Gohan saves him and hides in the wreckage. The Androids get annoyed because they think Gohan has escaped and decide to shoot a couple of random shots before leaving. Next we see a one armed Gohan crawling towards Trunks with the senzu beans bag, unfortunately there is only one left and Gohan gives it to Trunks who takes him to Bulma.

    Trunks is seen once again trying to become a Super Sayian with Gohan encouraging him to let out his anger. Trunks' is about to reach it when suddenly it stops. Trunks and Gohan are resting on a rock, Trunks is angry that he can't become a Super Sayian but Gohan encourages him telling him he's doing well. All of a sudden a huge explosion erupts from the city and Gohan becomes a Super Sayian and tells Trunks to leave it to him. Trunks says no and Gohan thinks it over before saying yes, but as Trunks stands beside him he knocks him out to keep him safe. As the Androids are destroying the city Gohan appears and the battle starts. Gohan fares all right during the battle but eventually the Android duo turn the tables and start chasing Gohan. While chasing him the Androids fire two ki blasts and it makes a smokescreen in front of Gohan and they knock him on to the ground and pummel him with multiple ki blasts.

    Trunks wakes up and finds out that Gohan had gone to the battle without him. As Trunks flies over the city he finds Gohan's dead body. As Trunks kneels next to Gohan he gets really angry and transforms into a Super Sayian.

    3 years later, we see Trunks at about 16 he finds Bulma working on a Time-Capsule and the radio warns the Androids have been sited. Bulma tells Trunks that he is not powerful enough to defeat the Androids and he should go back in time to give Goku the heart virus medicine, Trunks reclines turns Super Sayian and sets off to fight the androids.

    He finds the androids in a dead city and the battle starts. 18 is first to fight Trunks but gets mad when he cuts off her hair. 17 then attacks and catches Trunks' sword and throws it away. Trunks then fires a dozen ki blasts but the androids disappear and start a haunting chant. 17 appears from behind him and knocks him into a building where 18 is waiting. They eventually get board of toying with him and decide to kill him. 17 is about to fire when 18 decides she wants the pleasure and fires a huge blast.

    Trunks wakes up in his house, bandaged up and tells Bulma he wants to go in the Time-Capsule. Later Trunks is given the medicine and leaves in the capsule to get to the past.
  • Best DBZ movie/special......

    History of Trunks is a DBZ special about Trunk's life before coming to warn Goku of the Androids and the heart virus....

    The movie begins with Goku's death leading to the introduction of the Androids, who kill all the Z warriors except Gohan. Years later, A now dead Vegeta's son, Trunks is forced to live life with the androids constantly destroying cities and people. Gohan starts to train trunks, after much begging. They eventually confront the androids, but Trunks only seems to distract Gohan, as the fight becomes out of control. This leads to Gohan even losing his arm. Gohan confronts the androids alone the next time, and despite his great efforts, the androids destroy him. 3 Years later, Trunks finds that the androids are close, so now a Super Saiyan, he decides to confront the androids. It quickly becomes clear that trunks is grossly outmatched however, and a battle turns into a struggle to survive. Trunks somehow survives his fight with the androids, and after recovering follows his mother's plan to use the time machine....

    An amazingly well done DBZ special. The plot was well done, and the tone was nice and dark...

    I recomend this to anyone.
  • This Had To Have Been The Greatest Way To Introduce Trunks Character, And All The Pain That Was In His Heart. His Character Is Put Together So Well- The Fact That Trunks Grew Up To Save His Stubborn father and the world? That's a real Hero for you! A 10!

    Trunks is always going to be the Hero for me! But This is the best way to introduce his painful upbringing and tell the story of how he grew to be the Z Warriors Savior.
    I mean, Trunks was set on destroying the androids to get back at them for destroying all that he cared about, and they couldn't be defeated, So when he went back into the past to warn the Z warriors, and he saw his dad and mom, he felt even more compelled to protect his future and ensure the future for everyone was Safe. What A Hero!
  • Super saiyan trunks to the rescue!!

    this is an alternate timeline which is the future and in the future all the Z-fighters are killed but bulma(not a z-fighter),trunks(her son),adult gohan,chi chi(not a z-fighter ethier),and the ox king(hes a weakling of couse he is not a z-fighter)one day gohan and trunks go fight the andriods(17 and 18) and they do not beat them and gohan loses an arm( hehehe he kinda deserved that cuz of what he would be in the buu saga:A MAJOR GEEK! but when he unlocks his potential and he dates girls.)and then they go again only gohan goes by himself and gets killed and then trunks gets angry and turns super saiyan and fights them for like 1 year or so( i think he wins but i dosent show in the movie)
  • Best movie in all of DBZ

    History of trunks is possibly the most emotional movie of all of DBZ. It is very cleverly plotted. It show how the androids attack and destroy nearly all of the earths population and destroy the Z fighters. Later only Gohan AND trunks are left. Gohan tries to train trunks to be A super Saiyan so Goahn wouldn't be outnumbered be the androids. But Gohan continues to rush to battle he loses his arm. THen the androids team up on Gohan and kill him. The part when Trunks sees Gohan lying in the rain is the most saddest part. And trunks transformation is the best in DBZ. He becomes Super Saiyan but still has to go to the past because the Androids still beat him up badly.
  • Shweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!! ! Its da bomb!!!!!!!! ! !

    O M G !!!!!!! i absolutely love this movie it is one of the best Dragon Ball Z movie special things i have ever seen!!!!! I love how Gohan looks in this movie he looks so much cooler than he does in the series and i think hes even cooler when he only has one arm! And he could actually hold his ground with the androids with only one arm! I bet Goku couldnt do that! Trunks is awesome as well, even though he gets his but kicked every time! ha ha thats gotta suck! And Bulma looks like an old hag!
  • If only DBZ was like this on a consistent basis.

    The History of Trunks is basically two episodes combined, but in core, it feels more like the value of ten episodes. It does so many things right, and excels in them, even including the fights. The story is basically what had happened when Trunks wouldn't have had traveled back in time. The earth's only special forces come in the form of a premature Trunks, and Gohan. The story isn't really anything deep, but this TV special is just so emotional and tear jerking.

    What I thought it did best was during the scene when Trunks turned into a super saiyan. Before that, Gohan was doing his best to try to get Trunks so angry that he'll turn into one, but he only turned into one after the death. It really made the whole sequence that much more emotional thanks to the ties of previous events.

    The musical theme of including rap and rock was a bit out of context on the other hand. It didn't really fit the entire scenery well, but it did a good job of pumping you up for the very impressive battles that have occurred in this special. The fights are also some of the best Dragonball Z fights I've seen. Overall, this TV special is a must watch, because it's by far one of the best Dragonball Z showings in the franchise.
  • In this Special/episode it show the history of Future Trunks rught before he uses the time machine to go into the future to help the Z fighters Fight the Androids.

    I thought this episode was a excellently thought out and planned the way the episodes runs and shows the terrible state the world is in is reflected on Future Trunks' personality in the regular series. Also every other detail in this Special is a contrasting but reasonable result of the alternate timelines such as Gohan being more into fighting and defending the earth against the android, as opposed to him becoming a scholar and professor in the normal series. I have to admit, at first I wasn't really feeling the whole "Trunks" addition to the series when the Android saga first aired and I really didn't like him, but after seeing this episode, and then seeing the episode "Free The Future" I've changed my mind about Trunks and He's become one of my favorites. (Though he comes no where near Goku, Gohan, Yamcha or Krillin)
  • This is an exceptional tv special and the reason why I love Future Trunks…for his determination to never give up. He went to the past in order to make it a better place, so that he could save them from experiencing the pain that he went through.

    The hardships and misfortunes that befell him only made him stronger and in the end, he was able to save his time from the Androids, as well as the past.

    In Future Trunks’s timeline, goku dies from the heart disease and the Z-fighters (minus gohan) all die by the hands of Androids 17 and 18. Gohan, now an adult, resists the androids in an attempt to stop their rampaging horror. However, only being a Super Saiyan (since there was never cell, gohan was never pushed to SS2), he doesn’t have much luck. Trunks, determined not live in fear anymore and to help gohan rid the world of the androids, begs gohan to allow him to help and to be his mentor. Gohan agrees and together they combat the androids and train. Trunks realizes that he’s just hindering gohan and causing him to get hurt ( gohan lost part of his arm in one of their fights w/the androids), so he asks gohan to teach how to go SS. Upon agreeing, gohan instructs trunks that he must harness his anger and use it as a tool to transform. He also tells trunks that he needs to find the right motivation to transform….gohan says that for him it’s all that the androids have done. However, trunks tried as hard as he could and just couldn’t transform. He was so close, but was missing the right motivation (which would come soon enough). The androids attack again and gohan decides that would be best if trunks sits this one out. Trunks protests so gohan knocks him out and then goes to confront the two androids. After a while, they grow weary of these little fights and decide to end them once and for all. Androids 17 and 18 then rain down on gohan an endless amount of ki blasts, thus killing him. Later on, trunks wakes up and rushes to the battle field (a destroyed city). He is shocked to find gohan’s dead body and begins to cry out in pain and transforms into a SS (he had found his motivation at a high price). The story then jumps a few years ahead and we see that not much has changed. Trunks now confronts the androids and tries to protect people from them. During the last confrontation, the androids grow tired of him as well and try to kill him. They then pumble him and leave him for dead. But he didn’t die, instead he survived. Taking the advise of his mother, Bulma, trunks travels back in time w/the antidote (for the heart disease) to goku and the others.

    It is at this point that the series takes over….trunks gives goku the antidote, warns them of the pending doom, returns again to help fight the androids and then cell, transforms to USS and then SS2, and last but not least returns home to kill Android s 17, 18, and cell. This is the Saga of Future trunks. Let us all play his theme, <em> Episodic Trunks</em> in a salute for all that he has done.
  • I luv the history of Trunks i luved it the first time i saw it and i still love it after watching it, what feels like a million!!

    I luv the history of Trunks i luved it the first time i saw it and i still love it after watching it, what feels like a million!!
    I guess the fact that its about Trunks (Trunks being my favourite character) gives it qute a large array of appeal. But i just luv the fact that they showed us what hapened to Trunks in his time, and why he's turned out the way he has, so different to the Trunks of the present time.
    I just believe that this film sheads so much light on his character and that of Gohan, who's character in the film is very different to that of the one who grows up in the series and the qwe grow up with..
    So thankyou DBZ for doing this film!!
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