Dragon Ball Z

Season 17 Episode 15

The History Of Trunks

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Unknown on Cartoon Network

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  • If only DBZ was like this on a consistent basis.

    The History of Trunks is basically two episodes combined, but in core, it feels more like the value of ten episodes. It does so many things right, and excels in them, even including the fights. The story is basically what had happened when Trunks wouldn't have had traveled back in time. The earth's only special forces come in the form of a premature Trunks, and Gohan. The story isn't really anything deep, but this TV special is just so emotional and tear jerking.

    What I thought it did best was during the scene when Trunks turned into a super saiyan. Before that, Gohan was doing his best to try to get Trunks so angry that he'll turn into one, but he only turned into one after the death. It really made the whole sequence that much more emotional thanks to the ties of previous events.

    The musical theme of including rap and rock was a bit out of context on the other hand. It didn't really fit the entire scenery well, but it did a good job of pumping you up for the very impressive battles that have occurred in this special. The fights are also some of the best Dragonball Z fights I've seen. Overall, this TV special is a must watch, because it's by far one of the best Dragonball Z showings in the franchise.
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