Dragon Ball Z

Season 1 Episode 14

The Legend of the Saiyans

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Jan 17, 1997 on Cartoon Network
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The Legend of the Saiyans
Another animal leads Goku on another planet-wide chase. Having to lug a heavy hammer around to hit him with doesn't make it any easier, but given the Saiyan threat, he can't let Gregory the fast grasshopper win out. Soon enough, Goku flings his hammer at Gregory to get him. Also, during a break, King Kai reveals the details of Goku's Saiyan heritage. Unsurprisingly, it is full of death and destruction of countless innocents, but there is something he never expected – Goku is among the very last of his kind.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show dragonball z goku catches bubbles but after catching him he final told to catch a grasshopper name gregory but he is superfast this time and goku must also move in gravity with a big hammer but its tough for him but he final hits gregory and is final told about his heratage wich king kai says that he hertage is filled with people dieing and lots of death and destruction on other planets and he was told that he was one of the last sayins in the world. and that hit home to goku to final learn thatmoreless
  • Now catch a new thing..

    In this episode, we hear the story of the Saiyans and their violent nature and what happened to the planet they lived on and the people they lived with. Also, Goku is chasing a bug now. Some sort of bug. Also, Gohan's training is tougher, but he seems to be getting the hand of it. Also, Goku learns a new weapon.. The spirit bomb? What exactly is this Spirit bomb? Also, the Saiyans have passed.. Jupiter I think!

    This was a great episode. Made me less eager for the Saiyans since they are getting closer. Well, I have waited a few episodes, but finally I will get to see the people fight.moreless
  • Goku's next task is to catch a speedy grasshopper named Gregory and hit him with a hammer. Gohan continues training with Piccolo. Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chaozu complete their training at Kami's.moreless

    Goku managed to catch Bubbles and his next task is to hit a speedy grasshopper Gregory with a hammer. This proves to be difficult as Goku is having a hard time catching up with Gregory.

    They get a lunch break and King Kai tells Goku a bit about the history of the saiyans and what happened to them. He explains that Goku is one of the four remaining saiyans left. Goku is determined to catch Gregory and eventually does so.

    Gohan and Piccolo continue their training, while the fighters have completed their training at Kami's lookout and decide to train down below until the saiyans arrive. Goku manages to catch Gregory and King Kai decides to teach Goku the Kaioken technique and the Spirit Bomb.

    The saiyans have entered the Earth's Solar System and are already passing by Jupiter..only one day remains until they reach Earth.moreless
  • We find out he story.

    This episode is half funny ( the part wear goku tries to hit gregory with a hammer ha ha ha ha) The other part goku finds out about his race the saiyans. This is a very important episode to the story. Meanwhile on earth the fighters prepare for battle oh yeah..!
  • Grass hoppers are NOT as cool as small apes.

    Goku now moves onto his next training; hitting a grasshopper man named Gregory with a hammer. Gregory however, is much faster compared to Bubbles, is smaller, and can fly, making it easier to manuever and dodge. And the hammer Goku has to use is extremely heavy. King Kai is getting tired of seeing his planet getting hammered by Goku, so he calls a break, and tells Goku of his origins. A war was waged between the Saiyans and another race very similar to earthlings, but an event rose that caused all Saiyans to turn into large ape beasts. They acquired special technology by making a pact with another race, and were able to conquer the universe. But the ruler of the planet Vegeta was fed up with the Saiyans, and destroyed it. Through this, Goku was pumped up more than ever, and finally gets Gregory. Speed things up like sixty days later, and King Kai has successfully taught Goku the Keio Ken attack, as well as the spirit bomb. Meanwhile, the other warriors in earth are hard at work with their training.

    Instead of getting an unfunny and unadorable grasshopper man, they should have gotten another ape. That would have been better, and it would have been better if it was a girl ape just to see the potential scenes between her and Bubbles. What I kind of didn't like about this episode is how they zoomed through Goku's training with King Kai, not even showing a lick of how King Kai trained Goku. I mean, they showed us him training with Bubbles--which is not bad by any means--and even Gregory--which is not as cool as Bubbles--they don't even show us the training with King Kai? Dragonball Z is the king for dragging things out, but an overlooked part of this legendary anime is how it skips a lot of things as well. Oh well, knowing Goku's origins was pretty cool.moreless
Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Additional Voices

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

King Kai (1996-1998)

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Additional Voices (1996)

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow


Maggie Blue O'Hara

Maggie Blue O'Hara


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Piccolo/Nappa/Jeice (1996-1998)

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson


Recurring Role

Stephanie Nadolny

Stephanie Nadolny

Young Gohan (1999-2000)/Additional Voices (2001-)

Recurring Role

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey

Kid Trunks (2001-)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • We find out that Scouters are original a Tuffle invention. As seen through King Kai's flashback of the Great War For Planet Vegeta.

    • When Goku is eating, and King Kai walks past him watering the plants, Goku's halo appears smaller than usual.

    • King Kai's story about the Saiyans is actually the same false story which Frieza told about the planet being destroyed by a meteor collision. This suggests that Frieza's story about the Saiyans is pretty widespread, if even a Kai blindly believed it.

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  • NOTES (6)

    • English Uncut Episode: Goku's Ancestors

    • Japanese Airdate: September 20th, 1989

    • Japanese Title: The Legend of the Saiya-jin ... Son Goku's Roots

    • We know that alone there are four survivors of the Saiyan race Kakarot (Goku), Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz. In Movie 3 The Tree of Might we learn that Turles also survived. In Movie 8 Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan we find that two more Saiyans survived: Broly and Paragus.

    • The Kaio-ken is a power up technique where Goku can exponentially double or triple his power at the expense of his health. The attack's name roughly translates to "Kai Fist." For the DBZ: Budokai game, the Kaio-ken is referred to as "King Kai Fist."

    • The Spirit Bomb (Genki-dama) is Goku's most powerful attack, but it has a few drawbacks. The most obvious one is it takes time to charge up, drawing on the ki of all living things. Second, only those with pure and good hearts can use it. Goku cannot create a "Genki-dama" when he's a Super Saiyan, but he can use it if it is already created. (See Movie #7 for all the gory details)


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