Dragon Ball Z

Season 8 Episode 14

The Losses Begin

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Nov 06, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The show starts out with Majin Buu in the previous episode and Supreme Kaio and Gohan in complete fear. Then we switch to the Goku and Majin Vegeta fight. Vegeta is about to slam Goku square in the face, but Goku tells him to stop and Vegeta listens. They talk about Majin Buu and his ki and Vegeta says Goku is stalling. We go back to Majin Buu. Babidi is telling Buu that he'd still be locked up if it weren't for him. Buu turns around and says nothing. After a minute, he turns around and makes a funny face at Babidi while shouting "BUU!" Babidi falls down and is gasping for air. Buu is laughing. Dabura is angry at Buu and calls him a bloated idiot.Gohan and Supreme Kaio wonder what Buu is doing. Then, Dabura tells Babidi that the original Buu should have been stronger, but this one is weak. Then, Buu releases steam and punches Dabura right in the eye. Dabura swings at Buu but misses. Buu kicks him and sends him bouncing and crashing into a mountain. Babidi praises Buu. Gohan speaks about Buu's plays around and Babidi threatens to put Buu in the ball and Buu obeys so he can stay out. Gohan says to kill Babidi but Kaio says only Babidi can reseal Buu and when he does, then they should kill him. Kaio speaks about a different method and says its too late. Buu is told to kill S. K. and Gohan and Gohan grabs SK and flys off and Buu chases them. After a cloud of smoke, Buu is flying right behind Gohan. He turns around sees nobody. Then when he looks forward again, Buu is blocking the way. Buu screams YOU DROP DEAD! and smashes Gohan on the head. Gohan falls down unconscious and SK is right in Buu's path. The episode ends.