Dragon Ball Z

Season 4 Episode 12

The Mysterious Youth

Aired Weekdays 10:30 PM Sep 05, 2000 on Cartoon Network

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  • Kind of a good episode

    It is a good episode. How amusing, Krillin knows what Frieza smells like without having a nose. That is quite strange. How could he know? And how on earth did Frieza survive? Part of his HEAD was missing!! Impossible! A really cool feature of this episode was the end of it. The first appearance of one of my favorite characters, Future Trunks! He's pretty cool. Obviously, Frieza never should have messed with Goku. It lead to him having to have a cybernetic body. He's lucky King Cold came along to grab him. I wonder what Cooler would have done... Probably would have just left him for dead.
  • Summary

    Frieza and his British (accented) father King Cold are rapidly closing in on Earth. It starts out with Gohan flying towards the area where he can feel Frieza's power the most concentrated. On the way Krillin meets up with him and together they fly towards their dire destination. On the way Krillin recalls how he was killed by Frieza and although it obviously brings back frightening memories, he still manages to keep his will and go on (What a guy!). Yamcha and Vegeta are the first to reach the spot where Frieza is going to arrive. Tien and Chouzu show up as well. Tien was surprised to see that Vegeta had come back, and didn't like the idea of Vegeta being around(even though he is obviously the best fighter there). Bulma came with Puar so she could at least see Frieza before the world was to be destroyed. And Piccolo appeared to have come out of no where, just standing on a ledge waiting for Frieza's arrival(very mysterious person/namek that Piccolo is). After Gohan and Krillin soon arrive they all wait with fear for that evil tyrant to approach. And within a matter of seconds they all can see Frieza's ship descending from the sky. Spectating with silence from ground, they watch as the ship passes over them in an eerie "This is the End!" kind of mood. Frieza's ship soon lands. Upon arrival on Earth Frieza and his father come out of the ship and onto the soil. Frieza appears to be a little paranoid and troubled from his last battle, because he sees and illusion of Super Saiyan Goku standing on a ledge watching him. Frieza then has the flashback which shows us back to when Goku delivered the finishing blast to Frieza right before the planet exploded. After that it shows how he was alive floating in space, literally in pieces, and after being recovered by his father, had his robotic attachments put on (Wish my parents spoiled me with robotic body parts -_-). The Z warriors are slowly approaching Frieza but without flying because they don't want him to pick them up on the scouters. At this time Frieza gives the order to his men to disperse and find Goku's friends and destroy them. But just as they depart, his men are stopped in their tracks. (They are cut up) The men that departed fall back to the ground in pieces(uncut version)! Out of no where a mysterious boy with lavender hair and the Capsule Corporation logo on his jacket appears. Who is he(Hint:Elephant and car part in plural form -_-)? How strong is he? And where did he come from? Of course those answers are meant to come to those of you who don't know on the next episodes and next reviews! Well this episode surely had a few strong parts. The part of Frieza's flashback was a good part. The music seemed to fit the space atmosphere and dead planet Namek well. Looking at some floating pieces of the planet with those namek houses and trees made it a bit eerie and sad knowing that that was once the beautiful planet Namek. The flaws in this episode would have to be that near the end when Frieza sent out his men, why did we just see a few sword slashes and then all the sudden Trunks(heh the obvious dead giveaway) lands down. That would have to be one problem with the editing. And a little minor part that probably confused some people was probably the part where blood came out of Frieza's clenched robotic fist? Geez sticking your own fingers into the palm of your metal hand Frieza? And so the rating for this episode would be 9.1
  • How on earth did Freeza survive!

    I think this episode wasn`t very well plotted i wanted to see king cold and Mech. Freeza. i think this episode was boring and had no action. Badly designed and a waste of a good character (king cold). THe only good part was the end. Introducing the coolest character, Trunks!
  • one of the greatest dragonball z episodes ever made!

    In this episode it reveals how frieza survived the explosion of planet namek. It was cool to see goku kill frieza again in the flashback sequence,and hear the cool music when goku`s energy bomb went hurling into frieza. It was cool to see trunks for the 1st time too,and bulma was weird but funny in this episode. I mean even though frieza was going to blow up the planet earth,she still wanted to see him,after she missed him on namek,and it was weird that she thought he was cute,but humorous none the less. a great episode!
  • Dragged out and badass!

    All the Z fighters come to a single location to brace themselves for Frieza's attack. When he lands, Frieza gets a flashback of when he was being repaired and the time his father found him floating in space. Now, he comes back for revenge. Though when Frieza tells some of his men to go scouting, they are quickly chopped up by a mysterious teenager with purple hair wielding a sword.

    Final five minutes, nothing but pure awesomeness. Everything before it, ugh! Filled with nonsensical gibbering, which ironically Piccolo and Vegeta point out, along with unnecessary flashbacks of Frieza. I bet if you cut out the fillers in this and the next episode, all the canon content would add up to only ten minutes. Just so much filler.
  • Finally!!! Trunks has arrived!!

    He finally appeared! the long awaited arrival of Trunks! this episode will always be a classic for me because Trunks is my fave character and i have been waiting for a long time for him to make his first apperance. Freeza doesnt stand a chance against the amazing son of the sayain prince vegeta and bluma!!!
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